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Does Metal have to "Black" or "Death" to be considered Nihilistic?

Hello everyone! New user here, I came to this forum from the link on the American Nihilist Underground Society. I am a huge, huge metal fan and consider myself, at least in part, a Nihilist. However, I have a qualm with a view on metal that seems to have taken hold in these troubled times. That is to say, there is an internal bias in the metal community that anything "melodic metal" isn't real metal, or worse, cannot possibly be Nihilistic, cannot possibly advocate the soul of destruction because of its melodic contents. Though it has to be done right, melodic music can certainly, in my view, express the very pain of human existence. I have a story to tell, it is not necessarily about me.

There was a boy you and I once knew, a long time ago before the ailments of the world struck a knife through our frigid hearts, shattering them to bits. This boy was very close with his eldest brother, but that brother struggled with a lifelong depression; so when metal could not console him, he turned to drugs. One day, in the summer, the boy's father went to wake his eldest son up for school. There he found him, hanging from the tall bathroom mirror, and he cried the cry of wolf who howls to the moon because he does not know what he has lost and what he has found. The boy struggles now to cope with the fate of his kin. He wants to die but cannot, because he knows that others rely on him.


You don't have to tow the party line if you don't want to. I enjoy reading this site and have learned a lot of useful things that have helped me along my path in life over the last 15 years. I enjoy plenty of music this site would never cosign on.

All metal is nihilistic anyway. It's not "belief" music, it's "show me" music.

No, it does not.  There is black and death metal lacking nihilism in the fatalist and pessimist version of the word.  There are many forms of metal which set forth standards of bravery, romanticism, strength, honor.  The nihilism espoused by this site is to lead to a cultivation of lofty traits by recognizing the nature of the world around us.  Whether or not you have a preexisting, or conflicting, belief system or philosophy, you can respect such a worldview.

Bolt Thrower are a bunch of humanists and it shows in their lyrics once you realise it. What you get out of music is what you get. Some wish to convey truths, some wish to convey experience, some wish to convey meaning. Opinions abound, if you can support what you hold in high regard with well formed and tempered perspective, you're all right. You don't have to accept this websites interpretation to contribute to the search for quality.