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CDs FOR SALE: Thrash Death Progressive Technical Grindcore Industrial Post Metal

And tonnes more....! 

Hi all

I am selling the whole of my personal CD collection.  It's quite a large collection of over 1,000 discs.  Loads of great metal in there, and all listed according to genre to make browsing easier....  You can find the up to date list here: 


I also have some Vinyl, DVDs, Videos, Concert Tickets, Mags, etc. for sale too, and they can be found here:


The spreadsheets can either be viewed directly on line, or else downloaded to your PC. 

If you would like to see the full list of ALL the music I have (including all of the above CDs, and CD-Rs/Mp3s), here is the link:


However, please note that the sheet is broken and does not show all of the pages.  It is however possible to download the complete file directly from that link. 

I am happy selling to anyone, anywhere.  Happy to sell a single CD or a job lot.  Just get in touch to discuss your needs, prices, condition, and so.....  I am also giving discounts to anyone who buys more than a couple of CDs.

If you would prefer to email me, you will find my address at the top of the list of CDs.

Many thanks


(Just wanted to add that most of my CDs have "Max LR" written on the top corner of the back of the booklet, in UV pen. So it's barely visible, but I wanted to mention it... Please ask if you'd like details.  Not all CDs have it...)

Bump....  Lists updated.  Some items sold and removed. 

New additions to sale list, the latest of which are mainly Black / Pagan Metal (but there are others too):

- Alcest – Les Voyages De L'ame.
- Aura Noir – Hades Rise
- Destrφyer 666 – Terror Abraxas.
- Dodheimsgard – Satanic Art.
- Forefather – Deep into Time.
- Hate Forest – Sorrow.
- Kroda – Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life.
- Primordial – Journeys End
- Primordial – To The Nameless Dead (2CD, Live at Rock Hard. Ltd Edition in Digibook)
- Taake - Taake
- Taake - Over Bjoergvin graater himmerik
- Temnozor – Sorcery of Fragments
- Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones
- Ulver - Kveldssanger