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Money Grabber: Emperor to release the largest vinyl box set in all of metal.

Start saving your money this minute. The box set will be a one-time only, limited edition pressing. There will be no copies of our records outside the box set this time. This will be a unique offering that will make a massive mark upon the history of metal and quickly vanish into thin air.

Oh, and it will be the largest metal vinyl box set of all-time (beating out our Moonsorrow set) and one of the largest vinyl box sets ever created in the history of music. So really ... if you want in on this. Start saving now.


The complete works consist of more than 14 LPs of a band with one great album and three failures?  Damn, Emperor is not Beethoven.

on a side note, they also released a 20th anniversary edition of Nightside Eclipse with a re-mastered version and alternate mix version.  has anybody around these parts heard the alternate mix by chance?

Funny enough, I bought a collection of 8 LP's of Beethovens music for about $6.50 ohhh maybe 2 years ago now.

Classical music is the best thing to get on vinyl.  Tons of it got printed back in the format's heyday and now nobody wants to buy it.  It makes it cheap and abundant.

That was my way of exploring classical music as well. This Emperor set will cost a LOT more than my collection of 300+ classical vinyls did in its entirety.