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A deep resonance

A deep resonance
June 06, 2014, 06:03:50 AM
Quote from: Mark Riva/Metaworld Media and Peter Wetherbee, 1994
A X I O M   A M B I E N T
man-i-fest-ta-tion: d : occult phenomenon
MATERIALIZATION (indication, meaning, sign)

translation a : a rendering from one language into another b : conversion
c : (1) a shift movement of a configuration to new coordinates parallel
with the old (interpretations, METAPHRASE)

When Einstein cracked the space-time riddle, he pulled the rug out from under an outmoded mindscape to reveal a new vision of reality, one which replaced linear time with a flowing field of perpetual transformation. Science was merely confirming what the sourceres of old had known for centuries through magickal, alchemical and shamanic techniques: that the consentual accepted way of viewing the physical world was false. Eastern and western mystics, spiritual transcendents and enlightened lay people have always been liberated by the understanding that time and space were an unquantifiable eternity with no solidarity, no limits, no inception and no conclusion.

From this timeless field a new realm of music and experience is emerging. It is the latest in a long tradition of trance music that includes Whirling Dervishes and dancing Wu Li masters alike: the meta-rhythms of Ambient, which combines the marvels of high technology with the whole-sounds of nature to take us into a new multilapetted dimension. In order to truly understand what Ambient signifies, one needs to forego the old Newtonian classical models and Upgrade to the language of Eisteinian physics, or better yet, its inherent Tao. The unbounded creative musical intelligence weaves the Ambient fabric, for like the true world itself - its entire atmospheric essence is just one incident springing forth out of a larger, limitless reality.

Ambient music works in soundscapes that manifest an actual force, a watercourse to the most natural kind of source, forecver stretching the collective ear to take its place in the eternal flow. This fusion provides the Ambient voyager the keys to active mystery of the whole of life, knitting body, mind and spirit into a unity.

Axiom.Ambient is music for the inner cinema. It presents a cornucopia of fresh musical territory to explore, including the management of myriad risks that must be uncovered and fused to satisfy the evolving tastes and needs of its listeners and experiences. Ambient contains hidden currents that ever urge our thoughts and emotions towards a higher reality. By showing the essential order of Chaos, Ambient tracks down meaningful patterns in the noise of everyday life and strips aways the apparent randomness of musical events. It is Axiom's duty, in a sense, to uphold this higher purpose, the spiritual ideal to which the collective is committed.

The new sonic musicians live in utter defiance of entropy, spinning their own evolution invisibly, with new edge mediums, new aeon rituals, and arcane cyber-psychick mythologies. Ambient boosts the most rarefied kind of psycho-spirit troopers, arming themselves with blunted textures and singing elegies at millennium's door to all who do not serve its cause. In the end, those poor unfortunate, lashed to the wretched rails of a soul-sucking existence, will then feel the sense-sharpening winds of change, blowing a fresh new worldview down a million neural pathways into cell chambers in slo-motion until ever bland canal is buzzing with a flurry of creative brainstorming and original thinking.

Ambient is an Oracle, a symbolic message of the spirit, and Axiom.Ambient is a musical message of symbols to seekers and healers everywhere. Ambient takes us into the sacred realm of the unconscious. Here, in the infinity void, Ambient quietly bursts through the phallus of ordinary music with a resounding ethos to wake us with devotional emphasis. It is an empowering experience enough to transform ourselves and the planet. Ambient is a window through which we can transcend our ego and our thinking mind and encounter a reality beyond time and form. By tapping into the intuitive and leaving the limitations of rationality and intellect far behind, Ambient becomes an outpouring of our natural-yet-forgotten state. Listen to its sound symbols - what do they represent? Contact with the source implants recognition of our universality firmly in our consciousess: Look into your mind's eye to how you experience, and you will discover yourself as a microcosm of the universe and be reminded of your inherent worth.

Our senses are forms locked within our tribal circle of reciprocity. Shape melts into color which emerges as vibration which assumes the form of sound which transmutes into smell which grows increasingly into taste which progresses toward being touched which metamorphosizes into shape. These sensory dimensions are an orbital dance, gesticulations of one pattern being transformed into intimations of another. These gestures are flowing through a space that still has other dimensions, expressions of emotional chroma, of sound and light meshed into the ultramedium of ecstasy or ignorance, jeweled elation of heavy metal melancholy. These too, form a tribal circle of interchangeability, a spherical spectrum so ionized that we can only describe each in terms of the others. The image of Ambient is not so much a dance of gestures as a woven composition, a continuous warp where the whole sensorial dimension is a single continuum. Crossing the warp is a woof representing the dimension of meaning - moral and aesthetic values, personal or individual uniqueness, logical significance and expressive form -  and the two dimensions interpenetrate so as to make distinguishable shapes in the waters of sensation. They stream together in a multi-directioned cross-flow of impulses, filling the whole volume of ambient space. In Axiom.Ambient, mind and sound are a warp of sense and woof of meaning that interpenetrate inseparably.

Re: A deep resonance
June 06, 2014, 06:38:22 AM
Closest I can come is to this, but images won't load for me:


Re: A deep resonance
June 06, 2014, 05:46:08 PM
Quote from: death metal black metal
Closest I can come is to this, but images won't load for me:


Yeah, the album is top notch deep ambient easily up there with Biosphere for anyone that's interested.
The liner notes are a valuable addition and are very much worth a read as regards the 'philosophy' behind this genre of music.