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Best of Black Metal

Best of Black Metal
November 30, 2014, 12:54:04 PM
Best of Black Metal

"Black metal took the lawless extremity of death metal and added a greater use of melody, creating swelling surges of sound that sweep the listener away with raw emotion and then arrive in a wasteland devoid of inherent value. Songs fashioned from primitive elements end up telling complex tales, embarking on a journey where the greatest human fears — meaninglessness, predation and violence — end up being salvation from the frustrating world of entropy-bound stagnation. Thematically black metal represents an assault on the pillars of modernity, namely egalitarianism, consumerism and tolerance."

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Best of Black Metal
Ancient - Svartalvheim
Ancient - Trolltaar
Averse Sefira - Homecoming's March
Avzhia - Dark Emperors
Bathory - Bathory
Bathory - The Return...
Bathory - Blood Fire Death
Behemoth - ...From the Pagan Vastlands
Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon
Beherit - Engram
Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom
Burzum - Burzum/Aske
Burzum - Det Som Engang Var
Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Burzum - Filosofem
Darkthrone - Under a Funeral Moon
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Demoncy - Joined in Darkness
Demoncy - Enthroned is the Night
Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst
Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse
Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi
Gorgoroth - Antichrist
Graveland - The Celtic Winter
Graveland - Thousand Swords
Graveland - Following the Voice of Blood
Havohej - Dethrone the Son of God
Ildjarn - Det Frysende Nordariket
Ildjarn - Ildjarn
Ildjarn - Strength & Anger
Ildjarn - Forest Poetry
Immortal - Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism
Immortal - Pure Holocaust
Impaled Nazarene - Ugra-Karma
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts
Mütiilation - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul
Profanatica - Profanatitas de Domonatia
Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Contract
Sacramentum - Finis Malorum
Sacramentum - Far Away From The Sun
Sacramentum - The Coming of Chaos
Samael - Worship Him
Sarcófago - I.N.R.I.
Sorcier des Glaces - Snowland
Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro-Metal
Summoning - Dol Guldur
Summoning - Nightshade Forests
Varathron - His Majesty at the Swamp
Xibalba - Ah Dzam Poop Ek

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