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Justin Broadrick interview on A.V. Club

Justin Broadrick interview on A.V. Club
April 07, 2007, 06:16:43 AM

AVC: Was it hard to break from the heavier music you were mostly known for?

JB: Yeah, it was a challenge relinquishing the past. I felt like I'd become a bit of a caricature, to some extent. Godflesh was always perceived as this industrial, metal, grinding, brutal thing. I'd really gotten tired of it; I'd backed myself into a corner. In hindsight, Godflesh lasted a few years too long, anyway. For me, the challenge was saying goodbye and moving on. I knew I'd lose a load of fans, but I was also quite confident that I'd gain people from other areas who weren't so single-minded about what they listened to. Not that Godflesh fans were that way, particularly. Jesu is kind of single-minded in a way, too, but I'm trying to use melodies that I've derived from the pop music I've listened to all my life. I could never sufficiently get it through my music before; it was always dominated by the aggression factor.

An excellent three-part interview with Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu) that mixes in a few clips from Jesu's recent tour with Isis.

Some revealing and honest responses related to why he does what he does, as a musician: