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Mononc' Serge - Musique Barbare

Mononc' Serge - Musique Barbare
January 21, 2015, 07:57:09 AM
The metal scene was a center of attention to the French Canadians in the 90's.
Voivod, among other bands grabbed the attention of local medias to cover their exploits at some point.

In the later 90's, the metal music lost it's impact and was absorbed by the major disc labels who would prioritize profit over quality of musicianship and art as in all genres.
Metal lost it's apex when the major record companies managed to make the musical genre friendlier to everybody; alike what you hear on CHOM in Montreal and pop music.

By this time, the metal scene in Quebec vanished and the next generation of school kids would know Children of Bodom better than Sentenced. Clubs in the city would fill with punk metal hybrids and metal core then hordes of hipsters came from the generation of my younger siblings, while western civilization proved to be failed system.

In the french canadian culture, pop song writing has long been a tradition.
Speed metal band Anonymus collaborated with song composer Mononc' Serge to produce thrash.
Anonymus shows the ability to adapt the speed metal riff phrasing into entertaining music. The lyrics criticize society with humor, as it is tradition in Quebecois culture in general.

Alike the skateboarder thrash of the times of hardcore and metal of the 80's, Mononc' Serge and Anonymus have produced what was thrash in the US in the 80's. They criticized the failures of society, our views and attitudes towards people, governement and nature.

For those not acquainted with Mononc', there is much to learn and enjoy, avec dla biere pis un joint.