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Supernal Productions: overcharging

Supernal Productions: overcharging
April 20, 2007, 01:15:49 PM

This isn't the first time that this distro has engaged in questionable practices, and if you're dumb enough to order a Drudkh EP you probably deserve it anyways, but apparently they're adding to their advertised prices, not showing this addition in the final total, but charging the credit card for it.


Back in my metal buying days my friends I had many bad experiences with this store.

1 - Large orders being delayed for four months with no word as to why and no response, or very delayed response, to emails.

2 - Single cd orders being delayed for up to six months due to out of stock items being listed in the online catalogue.

3 - Incorrect cds being sent (on one occasion a dance music cd was sent in the box of a Kataklysm album).

Out of perhaps 10 orders my friends and I submitted to Supernal, 5-6 were afflicted by delays, incorrect delivery or other issues. Judging by the above, it seems that things have not improved of late?

The problem with the distro model is that financially, it doesn't work.

One makes a tiny profit margin on tiny sales, and so to make money, must cut corners: 1 - by trading crap CDs for others and selling the CD of the week hard while ignoring quality stuff 2 - by skimping on packaging, postage, employee costs and insurance 3 - by spending as little time as possible on getting it right.

This problem isn't unique to Supernal. Most distros are not worth using, but they offer "great underground prices." And all the smart guys out there rush in, and barely notice when they get ripped off.

This is nothing new. If you look at the distros from the underground days, e.g. pre-Relapse, they were all run at higher costs ($15-17/CD) and still were done mostly for the love of the genre. No one took home profits except the metalcore profiteers (Relapse, CM, NB, etc).

When we started Evilmusic, our goal was to be the best distro possible, which meant keeping a full stock of quality items and shipping them professionally. Two things went wrong: 1, the underground didn't want to pay for it, and we lacked the will to go full-on into it with expensive advertising, and 2, the audience shifted under us such that the up and coming buyers no longer cared about quality but wanted the band of the week crap.

If you want to know why half of the metal community buys through amazon.com, that's why.

After reading this I have to wonder why hasn't he got out of the business yet? I mean, in a world with fast communication using it (mostly) for gossip & slandering people you don't like (or just for the kicks), and where you spend your free time thinking where to buy certain useless things so you can spare few $$ for buying (ofcourse) even more useless crap...