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DEVILYN - "11"

DEVILYN - "11"
March 29, 2005, 04:26:55 AM
Devilyn comes back in colours Conquer Records from incredibly screwed off, technical, brutal, aggressive, diabolical, fine and expression 9 tracks death metal CDe entitled "11". This CD commits every sins, it shows new and very interesting face. Melodious extreme sound, fraternization from devil, which hisses moment subconsciously: Devilyn or perish!!! The destructive paces of drums, ill-boding vocal crawling out with precipice, the spicing about goosefleshes guitars and this ubiquitous angre which breaks the walls of churches. In name of perfection the Devilyn from CD "11" of storm the walls, column of bone.

1. The Counting of Quartered Heavens(intro)
2. The Eenemy Within (mp3)
3. Faith/11
4. The List
5. Degrade Flower
6. God Eater
7. Charming Maidens With No Skin
8. The Seven Virtues Of Divine
9. Searching For The Beaty