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Styles of Heavy Metal

Styles of Heavy Metal
April 04, 2005, 12:51:24 PM
Somewhat of an interesting critique:

IM(V)HO there're some flaws in that graph.
0. (design flaw) annoying background music that can't be turned off.
1. No connection between classical and prog? No separate entry for prog metal (or is it something to frown upon?)
2. No connection between speed and thrash?
3. Bands listed under "thrash" are more hardcore-thrash than pure thrash. Some bands commonly referred to as classic thrash (e.g. Testament) are listed under Speed.
4. So many sub-genres of Death and Black, as if that's what matters most.
But that's all highly subjective, are all those points could as well be deliberate "features" rather than "flaws"


Of course, the topic was rapidly locked by detractors, so I ended up writing back to the one gent who did provide meaningful feedback:


thanks for the critique on the styles of heavy metal site. when i have a chance, i'll create a more aesthetically pleasing control for the embed tag so sound can stop looping.

"thrash" as we used it back in the day refers to what some call thrash-hardcore now, but it seems to be a mistake, since during the period in question hardcore wouldn't have 'em and metal wouldn't either. they were crossover, hence the separation of the genre.

i'll meditate on the others. i confess a weakness in that i'm biased toward black/death metal, and don't listen to much heavy metal. it doesn't necessarily mean much.

these would be in the topic, but it's locked, so since you took the time to give an analysis, i send them on to you.



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Re: Styles of Heavy Metal
April 11, 2005, 09:20:14 PM
I think you should give a few examples under the "Rock" category. I understand "Rock" is an eclectic, all-encompassing genre that has had many faces through the ages, but I for one have trouble distinguishing between plain Heavy Metal and Rock, especially bands like Saxon. A lot of personal bias has made its way into this guide, which I guess accounts for the apparent exclusion of any post-1983 Heavy Metal (the briefly mentioned Power Metal and "Gothenburg" movements), as well as Metalcore; I'm not too big a fan of these subgenres (especially the latter two), don't know much about them and wouldn't find them worth wasting bandwidth over, but if a comprehensive, objective guide is written about Metal it should also include some of its most ubiguitous and popular facets.

Also, why does Heavy Metal appear in white, while all the other genres are outlined in red? Is that supposed to imply that Heavy Metal is the parent genre to the others, or that being the offspring of Rock, it is more detached from the rest?