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Nordvargr / Drakh - Cold Void of Nothing

Nordvargr / Drakh - Cold Void of Nothing
May 04, 2005, 02:00:17 PM
Cold Void Of Nothing

NORDVARGR / DRAKH is an project hailing from the infamous MZ412 camp. The sound of NORDVARGR / DRAKH is darker and more ambient than the classic rhythmic sound of MZ. 412 - perfect for magic practices and sex rituals. You can expect a weird and strange journey which does NOT sound like anything you are used to... but it is music that "grows" on you!!!!!


1. Void Ad Infernum
2. Apostel Of Insanity
3. Serenaden Nocturnes
4. Into Darkness Forever
5. A Profusion Of Evil
6. N.D.S. v2

Contact: "Fluttering Dragon" <xak@serpent.com.pl>