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GLAUKOM SYNOD - Covered in semen and slime. Out now!

GLAUKOM SYNOD - Covered in semen and slime. Out now!

Stream or download for free:

Electro industrial with extreme metal influences.
(Covers of Napalm death, Bolt thrower, Lez Zeppelin)


The new GLAUKOM SYNOD Ep is now
fully available on Youtube:


1. Corrosion (Short mix)
2. The iron tongue (Razors in your mouth mix)
3. Thrown Away (Napalm Death cover)
4. Variations on the theme of Dazed and confused (Led Zeppelin)
5. Dead (Remix of Napalm Death)
6. Ichor - Ogrish in Lilliputia
7. Scum (Napalm Death cover)
8. World eater (Bolt Thrower cover) *2006

Some copies from the CDr edition of "Covered in semen and slime"
are available or will be available soon from:

-Sephirotic recs (Usa)
-Reality impaired recs (Usa)
-Gunebakan distro (Turkey)
-Jigokuki recs (Uk)
-Pathogen (Philippines)
-Posthuman distro (Hungary)
-Abysmal sculptures zine (Singapore)

A good review was posted on CONTAMINATED TONES:
Glaukom Synod hack through covers of Napalm Death, Led Zeppelin and Bolt Thrower in 16-bit glory on Covered in Semen and Slime. Though a few originals are thrown in, the real treasures here are experiencing selections of Death Metal's roots worshiped in an extraordinarily heavy, and crusty and unique manner. Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused" performed by the machinery of a bottling factory and conducted by an army of garbage trucks is cool but gets lost among covers of "World Eater" and "Scum." The harshness and repetitiveness of the samples used across these renditions is enough to cause uncontrollable bleeding in the ear-sockets. The covers are all discernible, all pristinely executed, and take the extremes of the originals and emphasize the dystopian vibes flowing forth from within.  Frank Klepacki would be excited to hear this and if you're a fan of his soundtracks but felt "Mud" or "Hell March" just wasn't quite minimalist enough, get in contact with Nihilistic Holocaust for a copy. (Orion_M)