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Cryptopsy 2008 (expectations?)

Cryptopsy 2008 (expectations?)
October 01, 2007, 03:01:54 PM
After the masterpiece that is None So Vile and a flow of average recordings Cryptopsy seems to be lost like many of similar bands unfortunately.

The return of Lord Worm did not give good results. But will the still unknown new singer and keyboardist give the band another life?

Or perhaps the only thing still worthy in the band is Flo Mounier insane drumming skills... The only interesting aspect of "Once Was Not".



Re: Cryptopsy 2008 (expectations?)
October 02, 2007, 03:00:51 AM
It would be nice if Cryptopsy remembered that they once wrote music that was quite melodic at times and had structure while still being insanely fast and technical. I don't believe this is very probable, though. Nowadays, they just seem to focus on technicality.

I'm be more interested in what Levasseur will be doing now that he's out of Cryptopsy. I believe he said something about exploring other forms of music...