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Pentatonic scales are for slackers

Re: Pentatonic scales are for slackers
October 03, 2007, 06:38:56 PM
Once more. Great music is very often optimized and pitch materials are no exception to this. It’s getting the mostest with leastest, to mangle my one General Forrest quote. A bad musician will have nothing with limited tools and an especially overpolished nothing with every resource at his command. Has fuck all to do with the limits of the musical parameters. If you can’t see that, you’re lacking in musicality or imagination - work at it or pick a different hobby.

Like all human discourses these days, this continues with "No, you don't understand..."

Each scale has parameters. They are not interchangeable. A scale designed for harmonic flexibility sacrifices other aspects of musical design.

You might as well say that music made of all drums is equal to music made with melody, because it's a different tool for a different task. But not all tasks are worth doing.

Re: Pentatonic scales are for slackers
October 03, 2007, 06:59:40 PM
But don't you think all scales are merely just vehicles for achieving a greater goal - quality music?

Give an ammature  some of the most exotic scales , all they'll come up with is a bunch of notes with no musical equivalence to it and give a good guitar player a pentatonic scale and they'll still be able to come up with a meaningful piece of music. Sure, pentatonic scales are easier and safer than other scales, that doesn't mean they're good or bad by default. It's the player's ability to mould that scale into something good or bad.


Re: Pentatonic scales are for slackers
October 04, 2007, 10:52:04 AM
i never thought of pentatonics as ways of eliminating the difference in similar minor and major modes. this is interesting but im still against pentatonic. not so much because its 'easier' but simply because it limits one to playing more creative melodies and such. what if i had an ionian based rhythm and wanted to play lydian lead, then transfer to mixolydian lead, then resolve both the rhythm and lead to aeolian. not to be arrogant, but im sure that would sound a hell of a lot better than pentatonics over the rhythms i just suggested in my example.