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ANUS meetings worldwide disturb

ANUS meetings worldwide disturb
October 07, 2007, 05:04:28 PM
NEW YORK - Due to the recent success of the American Underground Nihilist Society's (ANUS) international events this past quarter--including last Friday's attendance to a performance of Mozart's K.626, Requiem in D minor, at the Lincoln Center--group members in the NY-NJ-CT area hope to provide further opportunities for successful interaction by planning an extensive "Events Calendar" for the upcoming month.

The August 24th visit to the annual Mostly Mozart Festival in New York marked the first offical ANUS meeting in the area. Two weeks prior the Australian faction, AUNUS, held a more intimate meeting in Melbourne. Local meetings throughout Europe are also being planned. Despite the disparate nature of the two August events, both groups agreed that while the celebration of ideals is something seldom witnessed in modern society, personal encounters with individuals who perscribe to some variant of the nihilist philosophy bolstered the confidence of those in attendance. A New Jerseyan explained: "If you look closely, the world around us is holding on by a single thread. We need but to continue doing what we are doing, lifting the veil from the eyes of those around us--whether through subtle means or more abrasive ones."


Re: ANUS meetings worldwide disturb
October 07, 2007, 06:04:19 PM
That news is a bit dated...::)

A review of the performance was featured here.

Incidentally, a later flyering run through NYC was not without effect.

I will be in contact with those of you who are attending "Die Schöpfung" regarding details.

Re: ANUS meetings worldwide disturb
October 14, 2007, 04:47:04 PM
Incidentally, a later flyering run through NYC was not without effect.

Whoops.  Now that you mention it, I did a fairly extensive flyering run in the very heart of Liberalism itself: the campus of UC Berkeley.  I did this in mid August but I forgot to bring a camera to document it, and forgot to post the incident on the board. Unfortunately, since ANUS/corrupt admin. haven't reported any incidents of angry UC Berkeley students flooding ANUS/corrupt mailboxes with angry emails, I can only assume that the flyers didn't receive very much attention ???. Unless Prozak and co. are still responding to the thousands of e-mails sent by thousands of self righteous Berkeley students...