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Demigod - Let Chaos Prevail

Demigod - Let Chaos Prevail
November 09, 2007, 04:13:25 AM
After careful consideration we have decided to release our third album "Let Chaos Prevail" self-financed in Scandinavia. From the beginning we have strongly believed in the material, so we recorded the album already last summer at Fantom Studios, and now finally after almost a year of pondering our options, it will finally be released. As the criteria for the release this time was proper promotion in Finland and Scandinavia combined with wide spread distribution over the world, we came to the conclusion of releasing the album self financed in Finland and getting a foreign partner to handle the distribution over the world. The right label for co-operation was found in Xtreem Music. With Xtreem Music handling the distribution through out the world and we ourselves taking care of the Scandinavian market, the album will surely reach everyone who is interested in hearing it. We hoped to have our album release coincide with our friend Pekka-Eric Auvinen shooting up his high school, but we could not coordinate release dates.