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Back it up

Back it up
November 18, 2007, 06:01:36 AM

Stop reading when you encounter any item that does not apply to you. Only the things above that line apply to you.

1. You enjoy being alive.

2. You recognize that, if not good/evil bad/good, things and people in life can be divided into those doing something beautiful/sacred or inspiring, and those who are just existing, processing air, producing humanure, etc.

3. Because you enjoy being alive, and you recognize that you have a choice between the inspiring and the mundane, you want to do more of the former and less of the latter.


1. Metal music was formed by musicians who perceived similar aspects of reality, and created a form of music to express those notions, including both compositional and aesthetic elements.

2. Metal music succeeds when it expresses those elements, and seems pointless, or an aesthetic disconnected from content and thus not "whole," when it does not have that unity.

3. For metal music to thrive, the inspiring must be separated from the mundane, and the inspiring articulated as the only resistance to the mundane. If we do not keep looking at the most inspired and aiming for that, we end up in the mundane and make uninspired stuff that while it may be musically excellent communicates nothing, and so is irrelevant.

The heavy metal perspective is that all of our efforts are useless until we get outside the individual perspective, and see the world from a historical, natural or philosophical view, which is what makes metal "heavy." In this viewpoint, we can clearly distinguish between the inspiring and the mundane, and for our appreciation of beauty found even in the darkened sounds of heavy metal, we can escape fear of "evil" in order to do what is inspiring. We call this principle vir, and recognize it as essential to the transcendental, Romanticist view inherent to metal music.


1. Our social group is in part chosen to filter in those who appreciate the inspiring in metal, because that means they have seen in the world what we have seen, and wish to make a similar response.

2. In these people who have realistic understanding and also a desire to create the inspiring is the best possible future for humanity.

3. If we work together as a community, we can be more effective in achieving these goals.

4. The first step to achieving community is supporting each other, online and offline, emotionally and logically, physically and in abstraction. This is the foundation of a new community.


1. When we have a philosophy, we can translate that into a desired alternate world existing in the future which we can create.

2. If we support each other, we can not only work directly for this new world, but indirectly, by supporting only those things which will bring about this type of reality.

3. A community which pools our knowledge about the world as it is, our philosophy, and what we desire can bring together people who understand this need and achieve more than solitary people.


1. Achieve community.

2. Induct new members by using the inspiring in metal.

3. Support each other as individuals.