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Chuck Schuldiner died of AIDS

Re: Chuck Schuldiner died of AIDS
January 26, 2008, 05:29:39 AM
Something about reading through that thread made me wonder: Are forums such as those typically a "rite of passage" for the more serious and intelligent fans of metal music, until they find out about higher quality forums such as this one (the only one of its kind as far as I know)?

I think learning about forums is a rite of passage for anyone using the internet now. You have to first find the gigantic forums like that, which are huge because they have no standards, and then look for an audience that actually generates information on topics you're concerned about.

We try to keep a balance here, knowing this forum could be a lot more popular if we threw in the towel and let it become random mainstream stuff. We all owe a lot to our forum administration team, headed by kontinual.

If we ever had enough people committed to creating on a daily basis profound propaganda for what is right, good, beautiful, sane, innovative and clear-sighted in metal, we'd start a gigantic size forum as well.