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December 04, 2007, 02:30:39 PM
In a world where insanity is sane, people will accept even the darkest lie even if drenched in boots of white. One of the ruling problems in the modern world today, is that of the absolute and definitive moral. It plagues, divides and destroys an otherwise natural view on life and its place in a larger scheme. To understand the inherent problems with an absolute moral, one needs to examine this phenomenon deeper.

In a famous Swedish piece of cinema directed by Ingmar Bergman, called "The Seventh Seal", a knight by the name of Antonius Block arrives at an Inn. During a conversation with one of the men sitting by a table, Antonius is given a very strange statement from the man: "Love is perfect in its imperfect form". What does he mean by this? What lies behind such a comment, in an otherwise joyous house of entertainment and laughs? To understand why an absolute perfection in actuality is imperfect, one needs to draw examples from the outside, as well as the inside world in which we're living by and in contemporary time. I was once asked this question: "Why should people separate races, and thereby preserving them, when no man in the whole world is 100% Norwegian, Dutch or Swedish by blood?"


An all or nothing expectation paralyzes us. Inaction is fertilizer for growing problems we must eventually confront.