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Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis
June 07, 2005, 11:31:14 AM
I just found out that Rigor Mortis (the all time best speed metal band of all time) will be reuniting for a single tour come October.

They have a fan page going...


Check em out, I know I am excited!!

Re: Rigor Mortis
June 07, 2005, 03:15:06 PM
From Bruce Corbitt to all Rigor Mortis fans:

It has been a while since I heard from anyone on this list.  So thought I would see if anyone is alive out there.  This list has been dead for a while… but, I thought I would give a few updates and see if all of you would just join the Rigor page and fan group on myspace to keep up with any band updates or info.

I saw Harden for the first time in 10 years 2 weeks ago.  He is now in a new band called Mitra.  You can check out the band and hear some of their songs here.  http://www.myspace.com/mitramusic

Casey just won the best bass player in Dallas for the Dallas Observer Music Awards for his work with the Burden Brothers.  He now has some free time from the Burden Brothers and he is going to do some shows with some of his former bands.  He is going to do some shows with his Punk band The Hellions.  Their first show will be supporting GBH on July 19th at The Galaxy in Deep Ellum (Dallas).

Mike has been working on the Ministry anthology in El Paso and just moved there from California.  He is also in a new relationship and expecting another kid in September.  I think he is also going to get married sometime in the future.  He also has been talking with some other well-known musicians about a future project that would kick ass.

I have been spending a lot of time with my 4 year old daughter Chyna.  I just got to meet her for the first time last September.  But, we are already pretty close and she seems to love her dad.  I also am working on getting a T-shirt business going on the side.  I designed some Texas logos that I think will be some big sellers… at least I am hoping.

I have also been working on this different version of my book and it’s actually close to being finished.  Some of the stories I shared on this list are still in the book.  But, this version is concentrating on just the DFW Metal scene memories.  I separated all of my Aerosmith, life and fan stories from this version.  So this is a book strictly for metalheads now.  It will not be the complete history of the DFW Metal scene.  It is more of a tribute and about memories of some of those musicians and bands that have been a part of it over the years.  I have many of this areas past and! present metal bands contributing stories.  Besides the other bands that are contributing stories.  I now have our former A&R Rep (Rachel Matthews) that signed us to Capitol contributing.  Also, Rigor Mortis manager Charlie Brown has agreed to be a part of it.  So that will be cool to hear it from their business side of things.  I plan to have it finished by October and I plan to just print my own copies to sell at first until I find the right publisher.

I also have been talking with John Perez of Rotting Corpse/Solitude Aeturnus fame.  He is of course contributing stories for the book.  But, he wants to release the first edition of the book along with a new CD that he is preparing to release on his label (Brainticket) around the same time.  He is releasing a CD of previously unsigned old Texas bands… mainly bands before 1985.  So it would be released as a limited editing package deal with the book and CD.

I also got the see the reunion of Texas thrash legends Rotting Corpse last week.  Man, it felt like an old-school show and brought back a lot of memories.  www.rottingcorpse.net

In other news… Gammacide, another legendary Texas thrash band is also talking about doing some reunion shows soon to go along with the soon to be released CD.  www.gammacide.com

Now for some possible big news that some of you have waited to hear forever.  Casey recently announced that he has been talking to Mike and Harden about doing some possible Rigor Mortis shows around October.  The shows would be for sure in Dallas and Ft. Worth and they are also talking about doing some other shows around Texas… if there is enough interest.  This is not a serious or permanent reunion.  Just a chance to do some shows and have some fun and see what happens from there.

Before any of you ask me if I will be part of this reunion… I will let you know right now.  I have talked to both Casey and Mike about it and we all have agreed that if the shows do happen… that I will get up and sings some songs from the first album sometime during the show.  This would only be at the Dallas show and maybe the show in Ft. Worth too.  I wouldn’t be going on any small tour with them around Texas if they decide to do that.

Like I said… this isn’t an official reunion.  So this makes the most sense for me to just make a guest appearance or two and have some fun for old-time sake.  I think that is how they feel about it too.  I haven’t been onstage with Rigor Mortis in 17 years.  I will be happy just to get up there with them again and I am thankful we are still alive to be able to do it… even if it’s just one or two more times.

Of course this is all just a possibility and talk right now.  But, we should know soon if and when it will happen.  I am going to give some myspace links for you all to check out.  You should join up and add us as friends and join the groups if you want to be updated on the progress.

The Official Rigor Mortis Fan Group.  Casey just started this group and you will be able to keep up with the possible Rigor shows etc here.


My personal page...


The Rigor Mortis myspace page that I started…


Casey Orr’s personal myspace page…


Mitra’s myspace page… Harden’s new band.


The Hellions fan group that Casey started for updates on their shows…


My Dallas/Ft. Worth Metal group


My Texas Metal group…


My t-shirt myspace page for when and if I can ever get it going…


Gammacide Myspace page


Rotting Corpse myspace page…


Re: Rigor Mortis
June 13, 2005, 07:04:42 PM
I fucking agree with you on that,they kick major ass!
blazing thrash with total control.
the guitarist is fast as hell and technical as well good band by all standards!!!!

demons anyone??