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Our Cultures

Re: Our Cultures
December 15, 2007, 09:45:36 PM
I was born in C.anada but my heritage is Finnish.  I've never really put much thought into these things until recently, but I realize that my whole life, while being Canadian, I have always known that I am Finnish as well.  Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with my girlfriend at the time about "racism" (for lack of a better term).  She said how she is a mix of many different backgrounds and therefore doesn't really associate herself with, nor does she share a kindred spirit with any culture.  It struck me as sad how one would not feel a connection with ones history and it gelled for me at that moment how multiculturalism has the power to destroy culture (something which ANUS has spoken of for many years).  I just never truly realized how many people in North America have no culture.  Since I'd felt it from youth, I assumed everyone else did as well.  So, my background has given me more to draw from throughout my life, even though I've been completely aware of this for a brief period of time.

As for how it has affected my appreciation of music, I would say that I have always felt drawn to the darker and more evil sounds in music, be it metal or classical or anything else.  Finnish bands such as Beherit and Belial created some true epics that capture these sounds.  The climate and darkness of the nation perhaps lead to this vibe in the music and it may be that, even though I'm somewhat removed from the nation itself, the appreciation of it still resides in my genes.


Re: Our Cultures
December 16, 2007, 06:47:47 AM
I am of Norwegian and Swedish decent.  My mother's maiden name is Thorson, that should explain enough.

btw, I hate all blue-gumming, spear-chucking, mooncrickets.

Re: Our Cultures
December 16, 2007, 06:50:54 AM
I am simple being who enjoys simple music. Oh do not mistake this for a mind that enjoys this pop disease, but rather, music that is SIMPLY effecive.

You may mean "efficient."

True complexity has a simple root, like the laws of gravity, and translates into many interesting ways.


Re: Our Cultures
December 16, 2007, 02:20:05 PM
I'm mostly German; the biggest impact that had on me was probably my grandmother playing Schumann for me as a child on piano, which sent me on a search for more classical music.

btw, I hate all blue-gumming, spear-chucking, mooncrickets.


Re: Our Cultures
December 16, 2007, 07:11:56 PM
That is what I should have said to begin with! Thanks for the correction!


Re: Our Cultures
December 16, 2007, 10:28:20 PM
It struck me as sad how one would not feel a connection with ones history and it gelled for me at that moment how multiculturalism has the power to destroy culture (something which ANUS has spoken of for many years).  I just never truly realized how many people in North America have no culture.

Indeed. When I first realized this I began to see how in North America, the media and the educational system are purposely trying to eliminate all cultural ties amongst Europeans, I blamed Semites for it and surmised they were attempting to subvert European nationalism to prevent yet another pesky Holocaust. Now I just don't know, as blaming J.ews for everything seems a bit simple minded to me anymore.

Can anyone explain why the media and society is so interested in eroding all sense of ethnic and cultural unity between Europeans in North America?

The politically correct rationale would argue with tired "melting pot" clichés that America is a nation built from many cultures, and that the "American Dream" in itself is a country with non-ethnic ties, but this falls in the face of logic when its also clear the media does everything it can to unify and build up the cultures of other ethnicities here.


Re: Our Cultures
December 17, 2007, 06:09:01 AM
I don't think it's an attack just on those of European descent. I think it's affecting all cultures. It seems like it is to take away the relationships and power held by people when they are united under an ancestral identity. It's much easier to keep people in their place and profit off of them when the only thing uniting them is the concept of money. Big business can't profit off of a self-sufficient ethnic group, what they need is a mass of consumers with no strong ties, no sense of identity, and the willingness to buy useless shit to fill that void. I'm not going to go as far as a conspiracy theorist and call this some grand plan. More than likely it's just the way things end up when you have a growth based economy and a mob ruled democracy.

As for my ancestry, to the best of my knowledge I'm somewhat of a Celto-Germanic mutt. My paternal grandfather, and maternal grandmother are both Irish. The other nationalities I've heard of in my family are Dutch, Scottish, Welsh, etc. As far as my phenotype, I have blond hair and blue eyes but most of my family has light brown hair and hazel eyes. As far as the culturally impact, there was always a pride of being Irish instilled by my late grandfather. Beyond that though, I live in America, and thus the main cultural influence on me is American culture. I do admire the founding fathers and what's left of the natural landscape. I feel though, that especially during my generation, and the two before it, people's ancestry is being left behind. Maybe this is making way for an American cultural identity, or maybe my first paragraph is being confirmed. I myself though have been drawn to both Celtic and Germanic culture, and that of the Indo-Europeans as a whole. In high school I took German for two years and I was drawn to the rich history of the language and its beautiful sound (I never understood why most people consider it harsh). It also gave me more appreciation for the English language, which has its roots in German.

As for how this has affected me as a Hessian, it's shown me the need to return to the traditional values of the past. I think many of the problems we face today were shaped by the spread of Judeo-Christianity and later by industrialization. Metal has always spoke against both things. My interest into mythology also manifested itself, drawing me closer to metal which takes influence from pagan religions. As a nihilist, it gave me a starting point to begin to establish more sane, healthy values in place of the foolish illusions I have shed. It is amazing how the wealth of knowledge found in the Vedas, Eddas, Sagas, and Cycles has been ignored and passed off as fairy tales. People have this superiority complex where they see whatever is current or new as being superior to the ways of the past.

The most troubling thing, though, is the realization of how fading these traditions are. They have aged, and much has been lost. This is where I see the need for a revival. My ancestral brethren and I must shed our modern illusions, isolate the values from our past, and rebirth them into the future. Otherwise we'll just continue down this road which started with Jesus and ends with Walmart.

Re: Our Cultures
December 17, 2007, 12:25:30 PM
I'm a Croat, a member of the Slavic nation in the Balkans which has long been a pawn of  the East and the West and their schemes; however, we're proud and tough people who have managed to preserve our culture, language and identity despite numerous attempts of assimilation. We have survived Austrian - Hungarian Empire, Italy, Ottoman Empire and most recently, serbian attepts of domination.

Croats invented a torpedo, pencil and a tie (clothing item) as well, something that most people don't know off. We have the richest culture of all south slavic nations and our country is renowned for its natural beauty (national geographic declared Croatia the most beautiful country in 2006, I think).

However, now that we have peace, we are our worst enemy, our politicians are slaves to the EU, our natural recources are sold more and more every day and the negative trends of the West are rapidly increasing. Perhaps another war is needed to unite us again...

Despite of all this, a sense for our culture is still strong, and after centuries of fighting we are tough and stubborn people as well, Croatia is probably best known for its sport successes, including gold and other medals in almost every sport.

Metal attracted me because of its unwillingness to succumb to trends, metal inspired me to read and learn more and to think with my own head. Our inherent stubborness can be a strength and a weakness, but it's more of the former type, I think:)


Re: Our Cultures
December 17, 2007, 12:29:04 PM
Not to mention Pat Miletich and Mirko CroCop. ;)

Re: Our Cultures
December 18, 2007, 12:53:32 AM

I don't understand...you mean you are half jew right?

No. I'm 100 % Polish.  

Re: Our Cultures
December 18, 2007, 01:53:23 AM
I'm entirely Romanian by ancestry as far as I know; Romanians are the oldest nation in this area. The land here was allways subject of dispute between both western powers and eastern ones. Many tried, never succeding at assimilating us. Unlike other european nations, Romanians are virtually homogenous, both ethnically and lingustically, which is very rare in Europe (Poland might also be an exception). Turks, Hungarians, Russians, all tried, all failed in the end. In my humble oppinion, Western Europe would have been a great pashalâk if we would have failed; unfortunately our effort is never shown. Iancu de Hunedoara, Stephen the Great, Mihai Viteazul and the most known, Vlad Tepes all heavily fought against enemy powers, with astonishing results at what resourses (human and material) they had.

About 45% of our population are still traditional peasents, which are very conservative when it comes to assimilating new cultures; cities aren't really big, at least for a nation of this size (2 million, 700.000, 300.000, etc.).

Romanians were heavily interested in flight, and made crucial developments in this sector:
- Traian Vuia made the first flight with the plane's own means, not prepelled like the Wright Brothers did.
- First jet plane, Henri Coanda (also discoverred the Coanda effect)
- First plane made of metal (Aurel Vlaicu)

Insuline was also discovered by a Romanian - Nicolae Paulescu. This was long contested, but now it is acknowledged.
The pen - invented by Petrache Poenaru
The match - Ioan I. Irimie
First modern electroscope - Dragomir Hurmuzescu (Henri Becquerel will discover radioactivity with it!)
True discoverer of cybernetics - Stefan Odobleja,

As a nation, we are divided into Romania (proper) and the Republic of Moldavia; southern Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina are now incorporated into Ukraine, because of the idiot Stalin.

Romanians are more individualistic and child-like in personalities than other nations, esspecialy the ones surrounding us. We have diminutives for about anything here.

While we lack metal, we don't lack folklore, and classical music; many of our instrumentalists took the way of Germany in the communist period.

Re: Our Cultures
December 18, 2007, 01:14:41 PM
I am of Greek - Egyptian blood, but originally Greek as i understand it. I am the product of the Christianization of Egypt, and the reason it is not 100% Muslim.

My familly is deeply religous, but even as a youngster my "distorted" logic found its way outside of all that despite being a minority in the country. Intelligent Death Metal secured my beliefs, and also thanks to Islam which helped me realise how insanely passive religous individuals are, and the paradox of God.

Re: Our Cultures
December 18, 2007, 06:53:14 PM
Can anyone explain why the media and society is so interested in eroding all sense of ethnic and cultural unity between Europeans in North America?

I don't think that there is a conscious desire to destroy ties between Europeans (or any other ethnic group), it's just that this is a consequence of the modern desire to pretend that everyone is equal and deserves equal opportunities, which leads to misguided altruism.  Since everyone is equal, you must accept them as they are, invite them into your nation and your very surroundings.  The only way to truly be accepting is to be humble and without pride in your own history.  If you don't do this, you are regarded as being anything from misguided to a hatemonger, so there are some pragmatic aspects to this as well!  

However, when so many different peoples are gathered together, it becomes difficult for a nation to really regard itself as having any ties to anywhere.  This zeitgeist is pervasive, affecting the population.  People begin to feel that ties via shared culture are no longer important and they lose touch.  However, a strong nation must have culture, so the only recourse is to then rationalize and say that this is the NEW culture that IS multicultural, even though that seems illogical.

Also, while I doubt that Jews are behind any of it, the reality of the holocaust likely contributes to this desire to be accepting.  First world nations uniformly do not want to see this happen again and over react by trying to eliminate culture (albeit unintentionally) to prevent cultural hatred.

Re: Our Cultures
December 18, 2007, 07:14:29 PM
I think it's a more basic modern desire: selfishness.

We like to pretend we exist in a vacuum, so whatever we want to do matters. We know there are more important things to consider, but most people don't understand that. We fear them and so we withdraw. Voila! No culture.

I don't believe any of the conspiracy theory shit. Society is breaking down because we're being selfish, and that makes us like the idea that society does not need to be organized around an organic state made of those of the same genetics, language, culture and values.

Religion, politics, philosophy, culture... aren't these all just values systems? We need to share a values system to actually be a civilization, but selfishness suggests otherwise.

That's the disease. It's not a conspiracy. It's not deliberate. It's still totally destructive.

Re: Our Cultures
December 20, 2007, 10:14:57 AM
HAHH And Italy made it better!  ;)