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Eurasians in Metal


Re: Eurasians in Metal
February 02, 2008, 02:37:13 PM
...but its stupid to say that you need white skin to create good metal.  To me, if metal was exactly as it was, but totally rooted in the Semetic culture, i'd still be a fanatic.

BM wouldn't be the same if it originated in Semetic culture.

Re: Eurasians in Metal
February 03, 2008, 05:48:25 AM
For many Caucasians, metal is one of the only artforms to exist in contemporary times that speaks to their true  heritage, cultures, and tradions. It speaks to a part of their spirit that has modernity has attempted to neutralize, with much success.

The point of primordial traditions, the perennial philosophy, and the clear-eyed anti-progressivism of Plato and Michel Houllebecq alike is that there is a mathematical order to nature and it consistently rewards behaviors optimized for its design.

Simple, right.

Metal rose out of Indo-European Romanticism, true, and rock music is Celtic folk with syncopation, true. However, metal is also eternal and applies everywhere, just like smart ideas like natural selection, oppression of the stupid, environmental awareness, culture, and so on.

We have tried at the Dark Legions Archive to emphasize the international nationalist aspects of metal, not its internationalist aspects (Pantera). For this reason, we have a world metal map that emphasizes bands from other parts of the world.

Someday, it will be filled out. It's slow going finding competent bands right now, but we think it will pick back up.

Re: Eurasians in Metal
February 03, 2008, 08:02:09 AM
Hey Prozak, the last time I checked the UK had England in it (the one that has done everything), not "Britain".