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Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories
May 09, 2008, 02:25:33 PM
I am naturally a very skeptical person.  I don’t believe in ‘magic’ apart from material causes, although I am a little hesitant to say I am an atheist, because I believe the universe operates in ways stranger than we as flawed humans can imagine.  Although I don’t positively believe in god or transcendent beings, I leave the possibility open. If these sentient beings do in fact exist, I don’t think they care about our actions here on Earth.  Having said that, I do believe in the greed and power of men, these are natural and believable phenomena.  The LaVeyian Church of Satan as practiced by Boyd Rice believes that these are high and paramount principles of which we should be learned from, embrace, and from the mastery of these principles a person can achieve a sense of heaven on Earth, though power accumulation, indulgence, and a sense of looking out for the proverbial number one.  I have recently heard some impressive conspiracy theories that have predisposed me to think differently about the rulers of the Earth and power structures in general.  I do not necessarily believe that these theories are based in truth, but I know that what we all believe (not Hessians, but humans) about the power structures of Earth, like the universe, is somewhat of a farce, for the world, like the universe operates in ways stranger than we can imagine.  Having said all of this I would like to also state that these theories have political implications that some people will outright be opposed to and dismiss as amoral, wrong, or simply off base.  This is fine.  The main reason that I bring these issues up is to instill a sense of wonder and excitement about unseen processes, since I have been thinking about these issues I find myself fascinated with some of issues they present.  

The theory involves the existence of a place in California called the Bohemian Club.  At this club members of the government past and present, business moguls, and artists meet.  The club is very exclusive and only men belong to it.  At these meetings there is a ceremony performed called the “Cremation of Care”.  An effigy of a human child is burned at the base of a giant owl statue which represents an ancient deity named Moloch.  This club has existed for over one hundred years and has a rich history.  These rituals are interesting because they have an occult and satanic flavor behind them.  The conspiracy theory proposes that these political figures who posture themselves as ‘Christians’ are actually nothing more than pagan overlords that hearken back to a time before the ‘myth’ of Christianity was invented to subvert and throw the public off of the trail of world leaders and social controllers.  The theory proposes that this myth is guarded by these members of the Bohemian Club and meant to be a fortress of intelligence, because knowledge is power, and if some knowledge is compromised than power is lost.  It is an interesting theory and one that has many connections to ideas that are intertwined with the heavy metal culture; namely mysticism, Satanism, masculinity, and power.  If you are interested, there are many resources on the web to satisfy your curiosity.  I have found some myself but I would rather hold back and see if anyone here finds better or more credible sources to discuss.