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Re: Frustration
May 09, 2008, 02:10:22 AM
Can you explain how activism is dangerous?


There is action that is derived from supra-individual principles and realizations; these are a suitable basis for implementation and rearrangement even on the level of deathbound nature. Only such action has a real purport and privilege. Our modern world, however, almost only recognizes timebound reality and deems all transcendent realization overcome. Historicism for example, the examination of all things under their temporal aspect only -which is by the way an inferior aspect- considers as a gain that which is only a limitation of higher possibilities; possibilities which have been recognized and hierarchically asserted by all traditional cultures. In this way the modern world reached a point at which it could no longer understand the meaning and deeper value of action.

There is action and there is activism. Healthy actions are to be distinguished from an activism which is only fever, excitement, delirium; an activism which is not, as the vulgar view presumes, a sign of power, but quite devoid of any power. Today almost all activism is of the latter, absurd kind.

Re: Frustration
May 09, 2008, 02:40:11 AM
Can we stop the poser-ish bullshit and just give people answers when they ask for them?