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Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Dies

Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Dies
March 08, 2008, 04:58:46 PM
Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, according to Stephen Chenault, CEO of Troll Lord Games.

Gygax designed the original D&D game with Dave Arneson in 1974, and went on to create the Dangerous Journeys and Lejendary Adventure RPGs, as well as a number of board games. He also wrote several fantasy novels.

"I don't think I've really grokked it yet," said Mike Mearls, the lead developer of the upcoming 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. "He was like the cool uncle that every gamer had. He shaped an entire generation of gamers."

Gygax was not directly involved with Dungeons & Dragons after 1985, and his relationship with his former company, TSR Inc., was not friendly at first. The company sued him over his competing game Dangerous Journeys, and in a 2004 interview with GameSpy he stated that he was "pleased to say" that he thought the cost of the suit and settlement drove TSR to sell the rights to the game.

While reportedly unimpressed with the current edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game, he created adventures and settings that could be used with it, which were published by Troll Lord Games.

Gygax went well beyond the role of game developer and became an icon to gamers, appearing as himself in episodes of Futurama and Code Monkeys and participating in discussions on roleplaying-related message boards.

Gygax had been in poor health for some time, according to his wife Gail. Chenault says he will publish more information, including funeral arrangements, on the Troll Lord message board as it becomes available.


(I'm assuming that it's pretty widely known that the game and its underlying concepts had a hand in the development of metal.)  

Re: Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Dies
March 10, 2008, 03:05:42 PM
I'm assuming that it's pretty widely known that the game and its underlying concepts had a hand in the development of metal.  

Indeed.  D&D, once I began to truly understand it and take it seriously, made great contributions to my understanding of metal.  It provided me with a basic, but important, introduction to concepts such as heroism, pre-Chrisitian beliefs and morality,  the development of individual potential, and so on.   Obviously these ideas were simplified but the game encouraged, and still encourages me, to further explore them.  That may sound ridiculous but, hey, you have to do something to cast off the bullshit beliefs of the modern world.

I won't pretend that Gygax's death really means anything to me, seeing as how I only started playing right when version 3.0 came out and I know next to nothing about him, but the man definitely made an important contribution to the world. Oh well.  I'm sure he's taken his throne on the outer Ethereral Plane next to Ehlonna, Obad-Hai, and Moradin.  

Additionally, I would encourage all ANUSians to play at least a few D&D sessions.  It's one of the better passtimes anyone can take up, and it is a pretty awesome game.  And remember: Varg and the guys in Immortal used to play D&D before they started playing music. May the spirit of Gygax watch over your ability score rolls. Horlemmar Mernar.

Re: Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Dies
March 10, 2008, 10:20:19 PM
Didn't Antii Boman take the name Demilich from D&D?

Re: Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Dies
March 13, 2008, 02:58:26 AM
Demilich in D&D.

Burzum's first two records has album art inspired by D&D. More specifically The Temple of Elemental Evil