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Advanced Poetry?

Advanced Poetry?
April 11, 2008, 07:59:52 AM
I've been pondering the purpose of vocals in the death and black metal genres lately, and found more questions than answers. Nietzsche describes music as the ultimate representation of the will because it is a direct link between sensual perception and the will of the artist. Modern music attempts to adopt the mantle of a poetic artform by using a lyrical focus from which the listener can construct a visualization of the artist's will. Metal obviously de-emphasizes a central vocal melody, but the best metal often carries with it in-depth lyrics that enhance, or at best narrate, the representation of will found in the song. Do you think that metal thus relies on poetry to construct an image through its music? If it does, then it does not conform to Nietzsche's definition of absolute music, which states that absolute music appeals completely to the senses. I'm not saying that it's lack of acheiving this state degrades the quality of metal at all. On the contrary, many a poem can be inspiring in the most profound ways; however, for a form of art that reaches towards not necessarily classical emulation, but the same will that fueled the movement of classical composers, you would wonder if any artists would forego lyrics or vocals in order to project their will in a completely abstract manner. Thoughts? Corrections? Suggestions?

Re: Advanced Poetry?
April 11, 2008, 10:56:55 AM
Does music relies on lyrics? not really, but expressing a feeling seems easier this way, which seems to (inevitably) lead towards the synthesis (simplification) of music.
Some bands reached a peak of symbolism though sounds that didn't relied on lyrics.
Burzum is a clear exemple, also Graveland, and Summoning... and Strid as well.
Sounds becoming the palette of the artist in order to create a "visual" representation.

Re: Advanced Poetry?
April 12, 2008, 05:09:58 AM
Do you think that metal thus relies on poetry to construct an image through its music?

Modern society
Will have you believe
That poetry is
Any sentimental text --
Divided by random CRs
Laid out by an Emo.

Back in RealityLand(r), we realize that poetry is a method of showing dynamic differences between positive and negative as a space of creative expansion for the reader. Poetry thus shows up in metal songwriting, with its structure that leads to different conclusions instead of loops, and in its lyrics, and in its imagery and the choice of riff shape it uses.

When night falls
she cloaks the world
in impenetrable darkness.
A chill rises
from the soil
and contaminates the air
life has new meaning.

chill = contaminates, impenetrable darkness, FEAR, DEATH
in contrast, life has new meaning

100% implication, but awesome poetry, eat my ass Skinless, Origin and Pantera!

Re: Advanced Poetry?
April 12, 2008, 01:41:07 PM
Haha, thank you for the clarification. Also, nothing overwhelms me with boredom more than the groove-centered metal bands you mentioned at the end of your post. That's a different topic though...