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Master to Tour the US

Master to Tour the US
May 07, 2008, 02:05:33 AM
Oct 17 2008      8:00P  The Sterling                   Allentown, Pennsylvania
Oct 18 2008      8:00P  Rehab                        New York, New York
Oct 19 2008      8:00P  The Church                    Boston, Massachusetts
Oct 23 2008      8:00P  TBA                         San Antonio, Texas
Oct 24 2008      8:00P  The War Legion                       Amarillo, Texas
Oct 26 2008      8:00P  The Knitting Factory           Hollywood, California
Central Illinois Metal MySpace

Son of a bitch.  Looks like I picked to wrong year to graduate from college and leave Boston.  Oh well, I hope the rest of you have fun.  I'm sure this will be awesome, seeing as how Mr. Speckmann seems to still care about the music he's making.

Re: Master to Tour the US
May 09, 2008, 07:29:10 PM
Thank you for posting this, I will undoubtedly be at the Allentown show. CLEAR YOUR FUCKIN' MIND!!