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Metal music listeners more intelligent?

We must distinguish between a male and female type of metal listener. The male kind discriminates, promotes the best metal and laughs at or ignores the rest.

The female kind has no means of discrimination, and listens to everything as long as it fits a scheme that has been provided by others. Example: br00tal, true, underground, etc.

I know more then enough men who are not capable of what you claim them to be of, to me this sounds like an extreme over generalization based on immediate observation. Because effectively you are saying men can detect quality, women are not.

Because effectively you are saying men can detect quality, women are not.

He said male and female type.

Yes I see what he meant now.

Results from a BBC experiment that tests musical skill suggest that many people who have not had formal training still have musical ability.

And talent is not influenced by age, sex or occupation either. The test indicated people from all walks of life underestimate their music potential.


"In addition to that, there doesn't seem to be a very good correlation between people who make money from music and their musicality. There might be people out there who are utterly musical, but don't do anything with that skill or haven't fully developed it."


Re: Metal music listeners more intelligent?
September 24, 2013, 09:59:04 AM
Intelligent kids don't have a lot of friends because they don't care for being popular in school, so they too don't hang out as a "cool" kid, he have a lot time without a thing to do. They pass the day in computer.

They listen a lot of music, different than the others music, they want a music that isn't for popular persons, only for sad persons, so he find punk rock, later, heavy metal, later, he find the underground metal/punk.

Now, listening to it, he discover how boring his life is, so he start do new things, he learn play guitar, he meet other metalheads, he start skateboarding, he is happy, he find a totally new world.

And now I'm here today.

I think that is that happen, but I too think that isn't metal that makes the kid more intelligent, but himself had born intelligent, metal only free him of the normal life mediocrity.

Re: Metal music listeners more intelligent?
September 24, 2013, 11:42:22 AM
That sounds about right grecocastro. I think it is important to have some music out there just for loners (not necessarily metal) because occasionally a smart person just needs a little motivation and encouragement that he can't get from his social group or family or what have you. (Not that I am particularly smart but) I only started playing guitar and skateboarding because I saw that there were other loners out there who turned their seclusion into freedom and lived more fully for that. Doesn't matter what kind of music it is (punk and hardcore for me) so long as it inspires you to get up and start doing stuff that you want to do without concern for judgment from a social group, which is always restricting (for better or worse).

Fortunately I moved away from the self-pity or impotent bitching of punk and found something more substantial in death metal but it is still a situation in which the product of people's expression is judged by a group of peers (and rightly so, just with more logical and objective judgments).

And you are right that metal does not make one more intelligent. I suspect that a person has to have some innate inclination first to absorb some expression as outstanding as metal. Because - let's face it - some people are just not cut out for metal, neither the playing nor listening.

Re: Metal music listeners more intelligent?
September 25, 2013, 11:47:23 AM
And really takes some knowledge to understand the art, for example, these new "death metal/grindcore" bands think that the lyrics are about death, evil, carnage and maybe satanism, They think that the lyrics are only for sell, "It's only make 'evil' music and get a lot of money". These guys just want seen "evil and revolutionary".

Re: Metal music listeners more intelligent?
September 27, 2013, 10:06:05 AM
It is good for you to think that lyrics about death, violence, rape, Satan, and evil are stupid because those are notsubjects that a healthy brain focuses on. But, you should also see that many people are absorbed in the mind-state that denies the existence of those scary things. For a person like that, who doesn't believe in death (Christian) or evil (relativist) or Satan (atheist), it is good for them to be reminded that those things are very real and make up a part of the universe that cannot be removed.

Re: Metal music listeners more intelligent?
October 02, 2013, 03:29:03 AM
Is this true of more underground music in general?

I mean if you are the sort to search for music not because it is popular, but because it truly inspires you, then perhaps you are probably a more intelligent person. Any idiot can turn on a radio. It takes a special kind of person to stumble into a deathmetal forum...

Re: Metal music listeners more intelligent?
October 04, 2013, 02:56:01 PM
It probably does show a higher-than-average intelligence to seek out underground music. An intelligent person is less easily entertained than someone who would listen to pop music. Therefore, underground music. Most intelligent people I know seek stimulation where someone else would seek amusement/entertainment, so often enough, they find more sensually challenging media like jazz, orchestral music, or even death metal. But like was said, that takes a... "special" kind of person.

No implication that intelligent people don't like entertainment. Humility aside, I'm one of the smarter people in my social group but I like to play arcade games from the '90s. Any dummy can be entertained by that.