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Tom Warrior's new band posts a track on Myspace


Ambient interlude, similar to Totengott.  According to Warrior, "Triptykon will sound as close to Celtic Frost as is humanly possible, and the album I am working on will feature all the material I envisioned for the successor to [Celtic Frost’s] Monotheist. I desire the album to be a darker, heavier, and slightly more experimental development of Monotheist."

“‘Crucifixus’ is but one of many compositions to that end. Triptykon is not defined by just this one song, however, just like Celtic Frost was not defined by ‘Totengott’ alone.”

He should have kept the name Celtic Frost. People fear bands that evolve, but not when it's for the better.


He should have kept the name Celtic Frost.

Maybe he didn't because of copyright issues with Martin Ain? Anyways, I quite like this new track. I wouldn't mind if Tom decides to make an entire album in this style.

I didn't like Monotheist, but I'll keep an ear onto this new band. Maybe Tom will do something quite different with this one.

I quite liked some of the ideas on Monotheist, but it was interspursed with long average doom passages and shacky vocals which ruined the album as a whole for me.

I am actually quite interested in seeing where Tom goes with this new project.... I am hoping it sounds more like the 3'rd wave of black metal.....