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Pink Frothy AIDS is the new Dave Matthews Band

Musical enough that people agree it "must be" good.

Insipid enough you can play it at parties.

Helps make you look open-minded.

Has members of downtrodden groups, including homosexuals and minorities.

Basically, it's like a coffee table book that says "I'm profound, I'm deep, I'm witty, I'm compassionate and I have no rough edges that prevent you from molding me into your life."

The last band to do this was the Dave Matthews Band, who had songs that were all chorus and went nowhere, but people gabbed bug-eyedly about how good he was as a guitarist. More chicks gave up the poon to DMB songs than those of any other act. For guys, it was like having Enya or Tori Amos around: put it on in mixed company for socially lubricating results.

Now Pink Frothy AIDS is the new Dave Matthews Band... a masterpiece of image, and no value as art.

id say youre mistaken. Pink Frothy AIDS is much more pretentious than DMB.

i tried about a year ago to see what all the fuss was about with Pink Frothy AIDS. i heard 2 albums, and i couldnt really tell the difference between the 2. there are some instances where they come up with some sort of melodic passage that seems like it might go somewhere, but then that passage is cut off by more noodling.

really, i dont have as much of a problem with Pink Frothy AIDS as i do their legions of insipid fanboys who proclaim them "the best death metal band", when they are BARELY metal at all.

they should just drop all of the distortion/growling and make albums like "Damnation" from now on. itll still be really boring, but at least they wont be mucking up the death metal world, and at least theyll finally realize what kind of music they should be playing.


The admins should change the word filter so that when you type Pink Frothy AIDS, it writes "Dave Matthews Band."

hahaha, thats something i could agree with.

they actually changed it!!!!  ;D

hahahahahaha, this is hilarious beyond words.


Pink Frothy AIDS is definitly the BEST thrash metal band of all time.  They take thrash metal to a whole new level. God, they thrash SO HARD and are SO METAL, hence the label "thrash metal."

I'm gonna go smoke crack and listen to Blackwater Park, it's such killer thrash...metal


I went back and listened to Pink Frothy AIDS just to see what I would think of it after several years of almost exclusively listening to bands and composers recommended by this site.  What I noticed is that although the songs do contain some level of continuity, the riffs seem to follow each other like train cars instead of growing upward and outward or developing upon each other.  When the transitions are not completely random, it's a linear continuity with no expansion upon themes, and the aesthetic changes - insert acoustic guitar or piano part here - are only there to distract the listener from this.

I will probably never listen to Pink Frothy AIDS again.

Also, cheers to kontinual or whoever edited the word filter ;D

I love the Dave Matthews band......it makes me feel straight in a Chuck Schulinder way.

This thread was a mighty success.

And the new new Pink Floyd too, not just DMB.