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Cryptic Warning - 'SANITY'S ABERRATION'

Cryptic Warning - 'SANITY'S ABERRATION'
July 13, 2005, 07:08:13 AM

1. Thrashterpiece Theater (Instrumental)
2. Internally Reviled http://www.crypticwarning.com/mp3s/InternallyReviled.mp3
3. Charred Earth
4. From Catalyst to Catharsis
5. Counterfeit Corporeality
6. Snakestrike
7. Rite of Initiation
8. Shadows and Steel
9. Chainsaw Sacrifice Ritual
10. Caught Beneath Conscience http://www.crypticwarning.com/mp3s/CaughtBeneathConscience.mp3
11. Man in the Dark (Instrumental)
12. Sanity's Aberration

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2000, Cryptic Warning is an old-school thrash metal band with a love for brutal, technical death metal. At just eighteen and nineteen years of age, the band is committed to preserving the proud legacy of their metal forefathers while pressing onward into new musical territory. Without a care for any trends, they utilize intense, technical riffage and complex song structures to make impressive and hard-hitting music. Cryptic Warning will brutalize all those who dare listen.

2005 marks the release of Cryptic Warning's debut full-length CD 'SANITY'S ABERRATION'. Combining shredding solos, lightning-fast riffs and unrelenting intensity, 'SANITY'S ABERRATION' is the best representation so far of the old-school thrash force that is Cryptic Warning.