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SACRED REICH re-releases of "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua"

Metal Blade Records will release a three-disc deluxe reissue of SACRED REICH's "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua" on June 15 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and June 18 (rest of Europe). Two CDs will be included in the package (both remastered!) as well as a bonus DVD. The package includes liner notes by bassist/vocalist Phil Rind and Malcom Dome (Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Total Rock Radio) and an extensive booklet with loads of previously unpublished photos.

Disc 1 (CD):

"Ignorance" album:

01. Death Squad
02. Victim of Demise
03. Laid to Rest (instrumental)
04. Ignorance
05. No Believers
06. Violent Solutions
07. Rest in Peace
08. Sacred Reich
09. Administrative Decisions
Bonus material:
10. Rapid Fire (JUDAS PRIEST cover with Rob Halford singing)
11. The Big Picture (MDC Cover)
12. Sweet Leaf (BLACK SABBATH Cover)

Disc 2 (CD):

"Surf Nicaragua" EP:

01. Surf Nicaragua
02. One Nation
03. War Pigs
04. Draining You Of Life
05. Ignorance (live)
06. Death Squad (live)
Bonus material:
07. Draining You Of Life (four-track demo 1986)
08. Ignorance (from "Metal Massacre VIII")
09. No Believers (four-track demo 1986)
10. R.I.P. (four-track demo 1986)
11. Sacred Reich (four-track demo 1986)
12. Sacred Reich ("Metal Massacre" sessions)

Note: All four-track demo songs feature original member Jeff Martinek on lead guitar.

Disc 3 (DVD):

* "Ignorance" Video and Interview
* live show from Dynamo Open Air 1989
* "Just Say Sacred" - short film by Eric Braverman


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