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Does Society have only two directions?

Does Society have only two directions?
July 07, 2008, 03:41:30 PM
The first would be toward the discrete, the deconstructivist, the thing-in-itself, the unique, the individual, the material.

The second would be toward the syncretic, the connected, the abstract, the future tense, and the transcendent:

What happens when you have a theist who doesn't believe in an anthropomorphic, morally judgmental God? A transcendental idealist -- those of the philosophy that leads, among other things, to Romanticism (with its embrace of nationalism, struggle, naturalism, etc).


These are those who refuse to make God finite, or humanity finite, or even believe in the individual -- they look at the broader process, and so they synthesize theorems and think in terms of syncretic realities, or adding things together to find inductive patterns.

It seems to me metal comes down on this second side.