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Transcendental Art & 'Modern' Art

Re: Transcendental Art & 'Modern' Art
July 09, 2008, 05:28:07 PM
The quality of the first picture in the thread seems evident to me, adequete explanation was given in the OP.  I think the difficulty most people have with evaluating visual art is that it is even more intuitive than music, and so cannot easily be rationally 'explained'.  For this reason it is far easy to be fooled by the fact that many inferior visual artists are masters of aesthetic, virtually all Renaissance painting demonstrates this tendency. 

@Satan is my Stewardess

The first painting uses simple technique, and so is not difficult to imitate.  This does not detract from its quality however, what I said about being blinded by aesthetic is relevant here.  This could also be remembered when evaluating most classical and romantic music, though that is another argument.

I'd take precisely the opposite position; visual art is easily made directly representational, so it's meaning is often unpacked easily.  Gifted visual artists bring subtlety to the table and are able to layer meanings within works.  The mere fact that we can unpack a meaning we like from a work doesn't make it good, especially when such an obvious meaning is encoded so obviously.  Again, this is just like any other ethnic gee gaw at Ten Thousand Villages, so why praise it?

What I meant was that a genuine symbol cannot be done justice by a rational explanation, because it is necessary that an unlimted symbol will have limitations placed upon it by such an explanation.  The symbolism of the first painting may appear obvious at first, but its depth of beauty is great.  This is the mark of any truly traditional form, in that it can apply to all people, regardless of their intelligence.  That is why it is universal. 

Re: Transcendental Art & 'Modern' Art
July 11, 2008, 08:56:51 PM
All that piece of art (and all art done by anyone) represents is the person who created that.

When one creates something, I think all there is, is themselves in it. I think many people attempt ideas and opinions outside of themselves, but it's not as accurate as if the person or people they are attempting to represent, did it themselves. At best, it's a symbolic gesture.