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Metal sales, bargains and discounts

Re: Metal Bargains of the Week
December 18, 2009, 11:22:35 AM
{30% Off Everything in our Webstore!}


Deathmetal.Org approved picks for wintry blasphemy, for more information type band names into the Death Metal and Black Metal Search Engine:

Absu "Mythological Occult Metal" DOUBLE CD $18.00
AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" 12" LP $12.00
Adramelech "Terror Of Thousand Faces" CD $10.00
Anatomy "Twisting Depths Of Horror" MCD $10.00
Ancient "Det Glemte Riket" CD $12.00
Ancient "Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes" CD $12.00
Antaeus "Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan" DIGI CD $13.00
Ares Kingdom "Firestorm Redemption" 12" LP $14.00
Ares Kingdom "Return To Dust" CD $12.00
Arghoslent "Arsenal Of Glory" DIGI CD $12.00
Arghoslent "Galloping Through The Battle Ruins" Cassette $5.00
Averse Sefira "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" CD $12.00
Bethlehem "Dark Metal" CD $10.00
Bethlehem "Reflektionen Aufs Sterben" CD $10.00
Bethlehem "Sardonishcer Untergang Im Zeichen Irreligioser Darbietung" CD $10.00
Black Funeral "Az-I-Dahak" CD $12.00
Black Funeral "Belial Arisen" CD $12.00
Black Funeral "Ordog" CD $12.00
Black Funeral "Waters of Weeping" CD $10.00
Blood Of The Black Owl "Blood Of The Black Owl" CD $10.00
Blood Storm "Alive In The Sirian Death Raid" DVD $10.00
Blood Storm "Pestilence From The Dragonstar" CD $10.00
Bolt Thrower "Realm of Chaos" CD $10.00
Burzum "Daudi Bladrs" 12" LP $18.00
Burzum "Hlidskjalf" 12" LP $18.00
Burzum "Stemmen Fra Tarnet" DIGI CD $12.00
Capricornus "Alone Against All" CD $10.00
Carcass "The Gore Gallery Of Demos" CD $10.00
Carpathian Forest "Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods" CD $12.00
Cauldron Black Ram "Skulduggery" CD $10.00
Celtic Frost "Monotheist" CD $12.00
Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales" CD $12.00
Cianide "Dead & Rotting" CD $10.00
Cianide "Hell's Rebirth" CD $10.00
Coroner "Punishment For Decadence" CD $12.00
Cryptopsy "Blasphemy Made Flesh" CD $12.00
Darkthrone "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" CD $12.00
Darkthrone "Goatlord" DIGI CD $12.00
Darkthrone "Panzerfaust" CD $12.00
Darkthrone "Soulside Journey" CD $12.00
Darkthrone "Soulside Journey" PICTURE DISC 12" LP $18.00
Deathspawned Destroyer "The First Bestial Butchery" CD $10.00
Deathspawned Destroyer "War Blood Massacre" CD $10.00
Demoncy "Joined In Darkness" CD $10.00
Destroyer 666 "Unchain The Wolves" CD $10.00
Destroyer 666 "Violence is the Prince of this World" CD $10.00
Emperor "Emperor/Wrath Of The Tyrant" CD $10.00
Emperor "In The Nightside Eclipse" CD $12.00
Endura "Black Eden" CD $10.00
Esoteric "Epistemological Despondency" DOUBLE CD $15.00
Esoteric "The Pernicious Enigma" DOUBLE CD $15.00
Forest "As A Song In The Harvest Of Grief" CD $12.00
Funeral Moon "Satan's Beauty Obscenity / Grim... Evil..." CD $10.00
Goatlord "Reflections Of The Solstice" CD $12.00
Goatlord "The Last Sodomy Of Mary" CD $12.00
Goatpenis "Inhumanization" CD $13.00
Goatpenis "Semen 1992 Anno Dommini" CD $13.00
Gorgoroth "Antichrist" 12" LP $18.00
Gorgoroth "Pentagram" CD $12.00
Gorgoroth "Under The Sign Of Hell" 12" LP $18.00
Gorguts "...And Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthology" CD $12.00
Gospel Of The Horns "A Call To Arms" CD $10.00
Gospel Of The Horns "Realm Of The Damned" CD $10.00
Grand Belial's Key "Kosherat" CD $13.00
Grand Belial's Key "Mocking The Philanthropist" Cassette $5.00
Graveland "Drunemeton" CD $12.00
Hypocrisy "Penetralia" CD $10.00
Immolation "Harnessing Ruin" DOUBLE CD $13.00
Immolation "Shadows In The Light" CD $12.00
Immolation "Unholy Cult" CD $13.00
Immortal "Battles In The North" CD $10.00
Immortal "Blizzard Beasts" CD $10.00
Immortal "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" CD $10.00
Immortal "Pure Holocaust" CD $10.00
Krieg "Rise Of The Imperial Hordes" 12" LP $16.00
Krieg "Sono Lo Scherno" 12" LP $16.00
Krieg "The Black House" CD $10.00
Krieg "The Church" MCD $7.00
Legion Of Doom "Chariots Of Thunder" 7" EP $5.00
Legion Of Doom "God Is Dead" CD $12.00
Legion Of Doom "Kingdom Of Endless Darkness" CD $12.00
Legion Of Doom "The Desecration" DIGI MCD $9.00
Limbonic Art "Moon In The Scorpio" CD $12.00
Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" CD $12.00
Mayhem "The Dawn Of The Black Hearts" CD $13.00
Misery's Omen "Misery's Omen" CD Dark Metal $10.00
Monstrosity "In Dark Purity" CD $12.00
Mortem / Morbid "Split" CD $12.00
Nazxul "Black Seed" CD $12.00
Nile "Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka" CD $10.00
Obscene Gesture "Living In profanity" CD $10.00
Ohtar "Human Fuel of Death" CD $10.00
Ohtar "Petrified Breath Of Hope" CD $12.00
Opera IX "Sacro Culto" CD $12.00
Order From Chaos "Imperium-The Apocalyptic Visions" CD $13.00
Oxiplegatz "Sidereal Journey" DIGI CD $10.00
Possessed "The Demos 1984-1992" CD $13.00
Profanatica "Profanatitas De Domonatia" CD $12.00
Profanatica "The Enemy Of Virtue" DIGI CD $12.00
Profanatica "The Enemy Of Virtue" DOUBLE 12" LP $16.00
Profanatica "The Enemy Of Virtue" DOUBLE CD $12.00
Rev. Kriss Hades "The Wind Of Orion Pyramids Of War" CD $10.00
Revenge(Canada) "Attack.Blood.Revenge" MCD $7.00
Revenge(Canada) "Infiltration.Downfall.Death" CD $10.00
Revenge(Canada) "Superion.Command.Destroy" MCD $5.00
Revenge(Canada) "Victory.Intolerance.Mastery" CD $10.00
Samain "Indomitus" CD $10.00
Sargatanas "The Enlightenment" CD $10.00
Shub Niggurath "Evilness and Darkness Prevails" CD $10.00
Shub Niggurath "Shub Niggurath" CD $10.00
Shub Niggurath(Mexico) "Horror Creatures" CD $10.00
Shub-Niggurath(Mexico) "The Kinglike Celebration" CD $10.00
Skepticism "Aes" MCD $7.00
Skepticism "Ethere" MCD $7.00
Summoning "Dol Guldur" CD $13.00
Summoning "Lugburz" CD $13.00
Summoning "Nightshade Forests" CD Napalm Records $13.00
Temnozor "Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights" CD $10.00
The Chasm "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire" CD $10.00
The Chasm "Reaching The Veil Of Death" MCD $7.00
The Stone "Heke Pahe Kpbape Beyho" CD $10.00
The Stone "Slovenska KRV" CD $10.00
The Stone "The Fog" CD $12.00
The Stone "Tragom Hromoga Vuka" CD $10.00
The Stone "Zakon Velesa" CD $10.00
Thor's Hammer "Fidelity Shall Triumph" CD $12.00
Thor's Hammer "May The Hammer Smash The Cross" CD $10.00
Thromdarr "North Storm Arrives" CD $10.00
Treblinka "Treblinka" DOUBLE CD $15.00
Vader "Litany" CD $10.00
Vader "Reign Forever World" CD $10.00
Vader "Revelations" CD $10.00
Vader "The Beast" CD $10.00
Varathron "Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire" CD $10.00
Vargleide "When Only Ashes And Scorched Earth Are Left Behind..." CD $10.00
Voivod "Dimension Hatross" CD $12.00
Vomitor "Bleeding The Priest/Roar Of War" CD $10.00
Vulpecula "In Dusk Apparition" CD $12.00
Wejdas "Wejdas" CD $10.00
Xibalba "Ah Dzam Poop Ek" CD $12.00
Xibalba "Ancients" CD $12.00
Zemial "In Monumentum" CD $13.00

Re: Metal Bargains of the Week
January 17, 2010, 02:02:53 AM
Moribund $5 sale:

!!! $5.00 / 5 for $20.00 CD SALE !!!

Sale begins Tuesday January 12th and ends on Monday January 25th!

We are offering the following CDs/ MCDs for $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00!

HOW TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT? (Please read this before ordering as it will answer any questions you may have!)

If paying with paypal or sending in a money order or cash: Do NOT use the webstore, as it will bring you to your paypal account with the normal non- sale price. Please e-mail us at:  orders@moribundcult.com  with your order (include your address and telephone #), and we will give you a total amount and an order # for you to manually send your payment.

If paying (online) with a credit card: Please note: The total at checkout does NOT reflect the sale discount.  Sale price will be manually given when we process your order! Your credit card is NOT charged automatically online - we process credit card charges manually through our terminal here. Please note: after placing your order online you will receive an auto e-mail, this is only an order confirmation and will not reflect the sale! Upon processing/ shipping you will receive a 2nd e-mail (invoice) from us that will reflect the sale discounts and total amount you were charged. You can also telephone in your order by calling: 360.876.4801

If you still have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us! Just because we're Evil does not mean we're not friendly and polite. Unless of course, you're an idiot (and then we'll let you know).

$5.00 / 5 for $20.00

A- Z LIST 1 OF 2

SP018            A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR "Towards the Constellation View" CD         

                        Early nineties styled Doom Metal like Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride.

GOK002         ABADDON INCARNATE "Nadir" CD  Irish Death Metal

CRYO01         ABITABYSS "Requiem du Secteur Primaire" CD   Brutal/death/grind/old school BM!

DG012           ABOMINANT "The Way After" CD  Re-issue of their 3rd ablum. Blood Feast cover!

DG09              ABOMINANT "Upon Black Horizons" CD  Fifth attack by this Old-school band.

FTRR002       ABOMINOG "Manifesting Void" CD  Old school death metal from the 90s!   

EXR019         ABSEMIA "Morbopraxis" CD  Brutal US Gore/Grind Death Metal.

FBP003         ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE "Systematic Termination" CD  Indonesian Death metal.

BFR001         ABYSMAL GATES "Divine Deception" CD         

COL001         ACCURST "Fragments of a Nightmare" CD                                           

                        Accurst is a concept project exploring the nightmares of existence and the horrors of the subconscious.         

WR05             ACHERON "Xomaly" MCD  Lim. to 1,000!

PBR1003       ACRID "Amalgamate" CD  Melodic Dutch Death-Thrash.

VMIS001        ADMORTEM "Ad Extremum Supplicium" CD  Brutal and blasting Death Metal

IS002              ADNAUSEAM "Lives Of Lies, Despise And Demise" CD                     

                        Stenchy bulldozer Grind with Cephalic carnage and Dismembered Fetus members!

GOLD011      ADVENT "The Dawn" CD  Debut album. Avantegarde, progressive Black/ Death

EVM6664      ALTAR THE SKY "Plight Of The Vomit Eagle" CD

POSH038      AMARAN "A World Deprived" CD                                                 

                        Female fronted Heavy Metal similar to The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, or Lost In Misery.

SCP036         ANACHRONAEON "As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies" CD  Progressive dark metal.

BLEED03      ANATOMY "The Witches of Dathomir" CD  Sick Aussie brutal Black Metal.

NV002            ANCALAGON "First Age: Entering Legend" CD  Cult, grim Black Metal from France!

NSR009         ANGMAR "The Razorblade Redemption" CD  Black/Death/Thrash Metal from Finland.

BEY9911       ANTHROPOFAGUS "No Waste of Flesh" CD  Brutal  Death-Grind.     

EXR025         ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD  Mega blasting Polish grinders 2nd release

APH001         APHOTIC "Aphotic" MCD  Debut release.

APH002         APHOTIC "Under Veil of Dark" MCD  Second mini release.

FTE01            APHOTIC "Stillness Grows" CD  First Full length!

                        Great dark / melodic Death Metal strongly influenced by Opeth and early Katatonia.

SR011            ARTERY ERUPTION/MANGLED ATROCITY "Split" CD                       

                        Brutal Death Metal from Central Cali

GEBEER08   ARTISAN "Na Beiste Bho'n Talamh (The Beast Out Of Earth)" CD                 

                        Second album from the UK black metallers.

LEP065          ASTRAL "Filicetum Lunare" CD  Black Metal on Last Episode.

PIL005            ATMAN "Djirli Ika" CD Slower version of later Immortal including female falsettos!   

WAR040        ATOMTRAKT "Schutt & Asche" Digi CD  Debut! Dark, martial, militant & ambient!

SOM058        ATROX "Terrestrials" CD  Abstract / experimental Dark metal.

SOL021         AUTUMN VERSES "Tunes Of Disconsolation" CD  Black Metal from Finland

DG025L         AZURE "King of Stars - Bearer of Dark" CD  2nd release! Swedish Fantasy BM!

OLP014         BARBIE CAR "Schitzaphroid Paramedic" CD

FBP035         BAZZAH "Kingdom of the Dead" CD  Re-issue of "Death is All I See" + 8 bonus tracks

PKR023         THE BEAST "Fixed by the Devil" MCD                             

                        Low fi Dutch Black Metal project featuring Nornagest from ENTHRONED+ Chris Moyen cover art!

BEER007      BEEF CONSPIRACY "Hung Drawn and Quarter-Poundered" MCD

                        9 sick and brutal tracks of  ferocious dual-vocal death British bovine-grind!

DCD6             BELLUM / RHUNE "Vinland Rising" CD Grim Heathen BM / Epic Pagan BM

MMP02          BELZEC "The Art of Holocaust" CD Kille Pro-Genocide BM     

BATTLE070204  BERSERK "Live from the Woods" CD  Celtiberian Pagan Metal.

HO12              BESTIAL MOCKERY/ INQUISITOR "Bestial Satanic Sacrifice" CD  Rare demos!

ISO1509         BLACKDEATH "Saturn Sector" CD  Debut.

OMEGA01     BLACKDEATH "Vortex" CD  Militant masterpiece of cold Black Metal intolerance !


                        From Finsternis Productions, Not to be confused with BLACKDEATH, ex-DRAUGWATH, from Russia.

AM007           BLACK DEMENTIA "Hyperborean Call" MCD                                       

                        Fast-paced BM with a soprano voice, displaying though a deeper textual approach to Luciferian doctrines.


                        Cult Czech Black Metal with Avenger members, on Breath Of Night. Lim edition!

NSP030         BLODARV "Linaria Amlech" CD A farewell to Linaria, incl. songs and videos.

Knight001      BLODULV  "II" Digi CD  Over 40 min of minimalistic Black Metal. Re-issue Digi.

RSR0187       BLOODTHORN "Genocide" CD  New Album!                             

                        Norwegian Death Metallers  finally return with their heaviest & most extreme attack!!!

MTW005        BLUE HOLOCAUST "Twitch of the Death Nerve" CD  Giallo inspired Grind!

UG018            BOUND AND GAGGED "Fornicate The Gutted" CD  Bulldozer Grind on United Guttural.

DARK17        BRAVE "Searching For The Sun" CD

                        Female fronted Rock/Metal in the vein of The Gathering, lacuna Coil etc.


LDFR008       BURIAL "Enlightened With Pain" CD  Ultra violent, guttural annihilating Death Metal.

OZ012            BURIED DREAMS "Perceptions" CD w/ slip case  Gothenburg style Death Metal.

MR1015         BURIED GOD "Dark Revelation" CD  German Black Thrash with Death Metal strength

SDP99104    BURNING INSIDE "The Eve Of The Entities" CD

                        Technical and brutal Death Metal with ACHERON guitar virtuoso Michael Estes!

RSR0143       CABAL "Midian" CD  Ex-NECROPHAGIA! late 1980's Death/Thrash like Slayer.     

MB014           CALES "Savage Blood" CD Ex-ROOT guitarist Petr Blackie Hosek's new band. Fourth studio album of Epic/Pagan Metal!

PBR1              CALLENISH CIRCLE "Escape" MCD  Rare early mini album. now on Metal Blade.

CAMPO01     CAMPO DE MAYO "Campo de Mayo" CD  Collection of limited EPs put to CD!

KP007            CARNAL DIAFRAGMA "Preparation Of The Patients For Examination" CD

                        26 tracks of extreme Czech Grind / Death Metal.

EMF007         C.A.R.N.E. "The Taste of Latex" CD  Distasteful grind/death/gore from Colombia!

SEED005      CARPTICON "Master Morality" CD Debut! Nors BM w/Guest appearance of  Tyr!

SC052            CENTURIAN "Non Plus Ultra" CD  Power Metal on Italian Scarlet records.     

CCE001A      CENTURION "14 Words" CD  US Speed Metal.

KP008            CEREBRAL TURBULENCY "Impenetrable" CD  Extreme Czech Grind.                     

KP010            CEREBRAL TURBULENCY "Germ of Erorr" MCD  Extreme Czech Grind.     

COG072        CHAKAL "Demon King" CD  New Album from Old School South A. Thrashers!!!

MIM7329A     CHALICE "Chronicles Of Dysphoria" T-shirt Girlie/Large/X-Large                   

MIM7329B     CHALICE "Chronicles Of Dysphoria" Long Sleeve Medium/Large/X-Large   

MIM7329C     CHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" T-Shirt Girlie/Large/X-Large

MIM7329D     CHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" Long-Sleeve Large/X-Large

LDRF016       COMPOS MENTIS "Fragments of a Withered Dream" CD  Lost Disciple records.

DEMOCD04  CONSCIOUS "In Masses May We Conquer" MCD  Fast, brutal US BM from Boise, ID!

W3.71274      CONTEMPT "The Secret Around Us" CD

FERLY036     CONTRA IGNEM FATUUM "Detritus" MCD Cold BM from Great Britain!

DOOM001     CORONATION "Ready To Feast" MCD  Classic US 90's DM from this German band.

UG020            CORPSEFUCKING ART/GORETRADE "Split" CD  US/Colombia Gore Grind split.

SOM059        THE CREST "Letters From Fire" CD  Comparable to Gathering / Lacuna Coil.

                        atmospheric Metal / Gothic / Rock with clean female vocals and catchy melodies.

SOM106        THE CREST "Vain City Cronicles" Digi CD  New Album!

                        Limited edition 'tin' type digipak ,Featuring THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's vocalist Nell.

TE044            CRISIS "Like Sheep Led to the Slaughter" CD  New CD!  Sludgy Crust.

CRYO02         CRYPTIK HOWLING "Vitium Intus" CD Melodic Black Metal from Canada!

FBP014         C.S.S.O. "Collection" CD  All the demo's, EP's + unreleased. Insane Gore Grind!

BM.C66641   CURSE / SYKDOM "In Life & In Death / Verden og Fanden" Split CD Black / Viking / Epic Metal from Norway + Iceland!

GOAT004      DAEMONLORD / SATANIZER "9 Bullets in the Face of christ"  Split CD                   

                        Nine black metal songs without any obligation more than Satan, War, Death and Destruction!

SOM122        DAGOBA "What Hell is About" CD  New Album. Combination of DM and industrial!

DFL4725       DARKEN "Darken" MCD  Melodic/ Technical Black Metal! Features Toby Knapp

BMP008         DARK FAITH "Storm of Hatred and Anger" CD                                       

                        Black Metal in the vein of old Satyricon, Blasphemy.

DG294           DARK FAITH "Terrains Vagues" CD                                                       

                        Florida Death Metal band's debut.  With members of Crimson Massacre and Paths Of Possession.

PEST006       DARK LEGIONS "Sat=E4nic Destr=F6yer" CD Satanic Thrash from Holland!

BMP010         DARK PSYCHOSIS "Obsessed By Shadows" CD                                             

                        The  Blackned Thrash Side-solo BM project from XAPHAN of SUMMON!

WLR033         DARK SANCTUARY "Exaudi Vocem Mean - Part I" CD New fifth album!                   

                        A conceptual album divided in two parts.

SOM055        DARKSIDE "Cognitive Dissonance" CD  Symphonic, technical Austrian Black Death.

AP007            DARK STORM "Hell Satan Blasphemy" CD  Fast, uncompromising and purely satanic Czech Black Metal

CM8185         DARK TRANQUILITY "Live Damage"   DVD

ICARUS13     DAWNBRINGER "Catharsis Instinct" CD  Melodic Death with the Gothenberg sound.

TW001-2        DAWNBRINGER "Sacrament" MCD Creative black Metal with thrash influence!

W3.71255      DAWN OF DREAMS "Darklight Awakening" CD

SOM056        DAWN OF RELIC "Lovecraftian Dark" CD  Finnish Goth- Doom Thrash Metal.

HELLS009     DEAD CONSPIRACY "Gore Drenched Legacy" CD  Underground 80's DM demos!

UG026            DEAD FOR DAYS "Creating Murderous Domain" CD

OR080            DEAD INFECTION "Corpses Of The Universe" MCD  20+ min of crushing grind gore!

TEP003          DEAD INSIDE "S/T" CD  Black 'N' Roll featuring members of Paragon Impure, and Gotmoor!


EPR021         DEAF AND DUMB/ IMPERIAL FOETICIDE "Split" CD  Brutal Czech Grind.

IBCD001        DEATHCRUSH "Mutilating the christian Faith" CD  Blasphemy from Brazil!!!

BTOD0217    DEATH DIES "The Sound Of Demons" CD  Italian Black Metal with EVOL members.

BFD011         DEBAUCHERY "Dead Scream Symphony" MCD  Satanic Black Metal.

OR041            DECAY "Mutilating... Gutting" CD  Stenchy finnish Gore-Grind with Gargle vocals.

HB04              DECAYED "Ten Years Of Steel" Digi CD  Live album + 4 unreleased studio trax Lim.

FR042            DECAYED "Hexagram" CD  Black Metal From Portugal!         

NCM02           DECIEVERION "Decieverion" CD

                        Debut, US melodic Black Metal with Cazz of Crucifier, Grand Belial's Key on drums.

CDN001         DECAYED REMAINES "One Mans Fate" CD  Canadian Death Metal.

THCR018       DECEASED "As the Weird Travel On" CD                                 

                        Wide variety of tempos, melodies and influences infecting their rabid death!!

IFPM009        DECEIVER "Deceiver" MCD  Thrash/Death Metal.


                        Rabid murder grind meets twisted experimental techno goregrind.

SOM074        DEFILED "Divination" CD  Brutal death gore!!! On Season of Mist records.   

DCLXVI04     DEFINITION SANE "Psychodelirium"  CD                                   

                        DS purvey a technical brand of Blackened Death Metal. Featuring ex-Lucifugum Drummer.

D0105            DEFORMITY "Superior" CD  Brutal Death Metal from Belgium on Displeased Rec

EPR042         DEMIMONDE "Mutant Star" CD  Brutal Czech Death Metal.

SRP18           DEMON CHILD "Shadow Cult" CD                                               

                        Extreme Atmospheric Black Metal from Finland on Sound Riot Prod.  Mastered at Finnvox.

SMP001         DEMONIC CHORALS "Powers Of Immortal Hatred" CD  New Album!           

                        Eight fast tracks with a special 'live' multimedia track. Pure High-speed Demonic Brutal Black Metal!

BGPS002      DEMON REALM  "A Legend of Power" CD  Hateful depressive oldschool BM.

IBDC002        DESASTER "Angelwhore" CD New Album! Everyone who's missing the good old days of black metal may discover its original charm on this record!

REG044         DEVASTATOR "Nuclear Proliferation" CD  2nd Album! Thrash Destructive Metal!

BM.C66643   DEVATHORN "Diadema" CD                                                                               

                        Greek Black Metal featuring former DODSFERD session guitarist!

AV047            DEVIATED DAMAEN "Propedeutika Ad Costritionem" CD  BM opera on Avant-Garde

SP07              DEW OF NOTHING "Doubleweird" CD  Melodic Death Metal.             

SP013            DEW OF NOTHING "The Hatehunger" MCD  .Melodic Death Metal.

AV054            DIABLERIE "Seraphyde" Digi CD  Finnish modern Gothic/Black Metal on Avant-Garde.

CDN002         DIABOLICAL "Deserts Of Desolation" MCD  Debut release. Now on WWIII.

W3.71270      DIABOLICAL "A Thousand Deaths" CD The Swedish modern DM  Machine returns.

ICARUS08     DIABOLICAL "Dominus Infernal" CD  Old school South American Black Metal.         

LEP049          DIES ATER "Through Weird Woods" CD  Black Metal on Last Episode.

AR008            DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS "Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum" CD

                        Industrialized Black/Death metal from the Netherlands. Limited Edition 500!!

EPR040         DISFIGURED CORPSE "Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core" CD  Intense Death/Grind.

ISO1537         DIECOLD "Rest in Hell" CD  Old school BM performed by (hun) Dusk members!


                        Gig from Belgium, Gig from France, Live Video Clips, Home Video Clips and more!

POSH051      DIVINE RAPTURE "The Burning Passion" CD  US Death with harmony and brutality.

BM.C66625  DOOMINHATRED / RINGWRAITH "6 Tears of. / Tales from Middle." CD

                        High-caliber Nordic BM meets keyboard-oriented Tolkien BM attack in the vein of SUMMONING!

PRO010         DRAWN "Plan Be" MCD  Experimental Norse Dark Metal w/ In The Woods members.

AWP005        DREAR / GREAT AMERICAN DESERT "Split" CD  Blackened Doom Metal

COG057        DROWNED "Back From Hell" CD  Demo's, unreleased, covers etc.   

BM.C66614   DRUNKARD "Hellish Metal Dominate" CD

UG027            DYSCRASIA "Septical Stomach-Pumped Remnants" CD

SOM079        E- FORCE "Evil Forces" CD  Eric F.,  ex-Vio-Vod's new band=3Dtotal thrash.

MIM7331        ELEGEION "Through The Eyes Of Regret" CD  Oz  gloom Metal like 3rd+ The Mortal.

                        Aussie  gloom Metal like 3rd+ The Mortal.

DARK24        ELEGEION "The Last Moment" CD  New Album!

                        A number of delicate doomy deviations, incorporating male death growls & angelic female vocals!

GOLD014      EMANCER "Invisible" CD  3rd Album. Experimental Norse Black Metal.

LEP045          EMINENZ "The Blackest Dimension" CD  Dark German Black Metal.

NMB002         EMK "Existence is Futile" CD   New Album!                                           

                        The most hated band in Chicago. Grim, atmospheric BM!.EXEKUTION MASSAKRE  KOMMANDO!

BMP005         EMPTY "A Source Of Hollow Essence" CD  BM in the vein of early Emperor.

AKR015         ENSEPULCHRED "The Night our Rituals Blackened the Stars" CD New album!     

                        Autumnal reaping black metal of the most obscure form...

W3.71246      ENTER MY SILENCE "Remote Controlled Scythe" CD  Melodic Finnish Death Metal.

LDRF009       ENTER SELF "Awaken In Agony" CD  Fast and Brutal New York Death blasting Metal.

W371265       ENTETY "Cadaveric Necrogrind" CD  Brutal Gore grind on WWIII Prod.

ILIAD038        THE ENTITY "Salt" MCD  Norwegian melancholic, somber dark rock with Goth edge.

TE053             EPOCH OF UNLIGHT "The Continuum Hypothesis" CD Melodic BM!

FIRE016         THE ETERNAL "The Sombre Light of Isolation" CD  Melodic Doom Metal.

FIRE028         THE ETERNAL "Sleep of Reason" CD Austrilian orientated melodic doom.

BWR002        ETERNAL CONSPIRACY "Koran Killer/A Funeral Banquet At Dawn" 2xCD  8.00

                        Brutal Dutch Death / Black Metal in the well produced vein of Dimmu Borgir etc.

TEEG             ETERNAL GREY "Kindless" CD  Dark, technical Death metal.

GOI-02            ETERNAL MOURNING "Delusion & Dementia" CD  Gothic Metal like TRISTANIA   

BAPH114      ETERNAL SILENCE "Between The Unseen" MCD + Rom.

                        Atmospheric Norwegian Black Metal on Baphomet/Red Stream, with bonus Rom Video!

LFR314037   EVEMASTER "Wither" CD  Melodic Death a la Children of Bodom with Viking vibe.

D0062            EVENSONG "Path Of The Angels" CD  Second album. Hungarian Doom.                 

D0071            EVENSONG "Of Man's First Disobedience" CD  Debut. Hungarian Doom.   

D0078            EVENSONG "Mysterium" CD  New CD. Gothic Doom like early My Dying Bride.

SM010           EVILWAR "Unholy March" CD  Unholy Brazilian Black Metal.               

BR013            EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH "The End" CD    Colombian Death Metal. A must-have for flesh eating sickos!

SP022            EZGAROTH "D.C.L.X.V.I: The Order" CD

FERLY043     FALL OF THE GREY-WINGED ONE "Aeons Of Dreams" CD Drone-Noise-Ambient.

ILIAD052        FALL OF THE LEAFE "Volvere" CD  New album! Atmospheric Finnish Dark Metal.

ARCD025      FELDGRAU "Mechanized Misanthropy" CD Features Peter Helmkamp of Revenge / Order From Chaos & Bill Taylor of Angelcorpse / Immolation.

BEER001      FLESHART "Art Brut" MCD  Sick and Brutal Gore-Grind Death Metal from the UK.

UG019            FLESHGRIND "Live In Germany"  MCD  Live MCD. Brutal Death Metal.

UG023            FLESHGRIND "Destined for Defilement" CD

BM.C66636  FOMORII / WIATR "Split" CD  Elite Nordic-influenced BM split CD!                 

                        Two full-length recordings from Heathen / Pagan BM  bands [both] featuring members of GEIMHRE!

PG004            FORGOT "Burning Down" CD Far East Division Black Wolves!  Russian BM!!!

GOK011         FOR RUIN "December" Digi CD  Melodic Black / Death Metal on Sentinel Ireland.

TE050            FRANTIC BLEEP "The Sense Apparatus" CD  Debut Album! dynamic/experimental

NFTR008       FROM THE DEPTHS "Elysium" CD  US Black Death.

ISO1531         FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Dead and Forever Gone" CD Third Album!           

                        A completely acoustic album! Darkness got another gloomy and joyless shape!

LEP073          FUNEBRIS "Triumph Of Everlasting Fire" CD  Black Metal on Last Episode.

MYS002         FUNERARIUM "Noces Chimiques" CD Atmo. french BM with industrial influences!

UCR0471       FUNERARIUM "Valley of Darkness" CD  2005 Demo tape put to CD.           

SHR024         GARDENS OF GEHENNA "Mortem Saluta" CD  Debut album. Black Death.

CM8068         THE GATHERING "In Motion" DVD

ASPR005      GHASTLY / FLAME "A Morbid Split" CD  Great horror black/thrash & black/thrash

IR005              GOATPENIS "Semen 1992 - Anno Domini" CD  Unreleased Demo Brazilian DM     

PT044             GODDESS OF DESIRE "Conquerors Divine" CD  New CD, the Black Metal Manowar!

WLR021         GODKILLER "Deliverance" CD  Anti-christian Black Metal on Avante Garde.

SOL030         GORBALROG "Untergang" CD  German Black Metal.

TSR016          GOREHOG/ VENEREAL DISEASE "Are Coming To Get You" CD  Gore/Death.


LF002             GOREOPSY "Intentional Disfiguration" MCD  Debut MCD                               

LF005             GOREOPSY "Co.-Ed Killer" CD  Brutal Death Metal in the vein of Devourment.

FBP010         GORETRADE "Ritual Of Flesh" CD  Hyper-blast Death Grind. Int. Suffering project.

BHP003         GRAFENSTEIN "Silence Endless" CD  Rough and rugged BM tinged with Thrash!

SILENCE22   GRANULOSUM "The Final Stand" CD  Raw BM in Black Legions style.         

BPR012.2      GRAUEN PESTANZ / MIASMA "Into The Fire Of Isolation" Split CD               

                        USA / Canadian split delivering dark and grim mid-paced Burzumic Black Metal and Dark-ambient.

FIRE020         GRAVE FLOWERS "Incarcerated Sorrows" CD                         

                        Dark & melancholic metal wrapped in sad melodies and emotional guitar solos.

DEATH38      GRAVEWURM / SUICIDAL WINDS "From Conflict to Conquest" Split CD     

                        Rare + cult underground Black Metal split.

EH008            GREAT VAST FOREST "Battletales and Songs of Steel" CD  Brazilian Black Metal.

HELLS016     GRENADE "The Howling Damned" CD  A grenade attack of Aussie Thrashing BM!

POSH037      GRIEF OF EMERALD "Christian Extermination" CD

                        Amazing album! Totally technical Dark + evil Death Metal. Great!!!

SOM034        GRIFFIN "Wasteland Serenades" CD  Ex-BLOODTHORN Guitarist. Heavy Thrash.

SOM063        GRIFFIN "The Sideshow" CD New album from ex- BLOODTHORN Guitarist.

NP013            GRIMFAUG "Blood Upon The Face of Creation" CD  Raw Black Metal.

SSR001         GRIM LANDSCAPE "Satan Leads My Sword" CD New album from French BM act!

D0162            GRIMM "Heksenkringen" CD More Dutch blacking folkish METAL!!!

BMP012         GRIMUACK "Goetica Summa" CD   New Black Metal from Spain!

MR089           GURKKHAS "A Life Of Suffering" CD  Militant French Death metal on Morbid Rec.

SLEAZY018  GUT "The Cumback 2006" CD  New Album!!!                             

                        The Long Awaited New Album from the Sleazy Pimp Godfathers of Goregrind In                                         

                        Spermany..... USA version contains  2 Bonus tracks not on any other version...

CURSED2018  HACKSAW TO THE THROAT "Tear My Eyes Out..." CD  Debut Album!

                        The debut album from California's captivatingly original Death/Grind onslaught!!!                 

HAG001         HAGALAZ/ DARKTHULE "Split" CD  Hellenic Pagan Black Metal split.         

RSR0185       HALLOWMAS "The Road to Hallow's Eve" CD Strong sing-a-longs in the key of death.

W3.71264      HATE THEORY "Hate Theory" CD  Death Metal on WWIII Prod.

CM8188         THE HAUNTED "rEVOLVEr" CD Old At The Gates Gone FAG-tastic!!

DM004           HEADHUNTER D.C. "...And The Sky Turns To Black...(The Dark Age Has Come)" CD

3rd album! 9 mayhemic hymns of blasphemic glory.

BAPH118      HEADMEAT "Destructive Entitlement" MCD                                           

                        Death Metal meets grind, crust, and doom, from these new Belgium headgrinders!

BAPH130      HEADMEAT "Mass Sociogenic Illness" Digi CD                                   

                        Dark death metal with a weird horror feeling, comes in a killer digipack with extra videoclip!!!

REG047         HELCARAXE "Triumph and Revenge" CD  Elements of Black, Viking + Death Metal.

VAR004         HELLGOAT / LEGIONS OF ASTAROTH "Split" CD  Raw BM/ Chaotic BM!!!

BPR013         HELLVETO "Prelude To Dying" CD           Recorded in Autumn/Winter 03. Pagan BM!!       

FERLY041     HELVINTR "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" CD                   

                        Unreleased demo from 1999, the 'Helvintr' recording from 2000, and the 'Journey into Frigid Enclave' disc.

XM033           THE HERETIC "Gospel Songs in E Minor" CD  3rd album! Symphonic Black/Death!

RSR0152       HIDDEN "Spectral Magnitude" CD

                        Progressive and dismal astral Metal. Death, Doom, and Black Metal with blasting speed.

WRAITH003  HILLS OF SEFIROTH "Fly High the Hated Black Flag" CD  Intolerant ancient BM!

WW1              HILLS OF SEFIROTH "The Neglected Ancestry" CD Six Hateful Ancient BM Hymns!

RSR0146       HIMINBJORG "Third" MCD  As the title implies, their third release!

                        Epic Black Viking Metal in the vein of Enslaved! acoustic parts and sung + Grim vox!!!

AWP001        HOARSTONE "Hoarstone" CD  Bleak, miserable Black Metal from England!

REG028         HUGI "Solarliod" CD German Pagan Black Metal.

NAGA005      HYPERBOREAN DESIRE "...V Kruhu Veskerenstva..." CD                                         

                        Raw Black Metal with progressive Death/Thrash influences and obscure melodies +  atmosphere.

MR088           HYPNOS "The Revenge Ride" CD  Second album by the Geman Death act on Morbid.

FOTA001       IAD "Penitentiam Agite" MCD  Chaotic Black Metal from Germany.

ROE020         IMPALER "One Nation Underground" CD  New album from the 80's shock rock legends!

                        The 80's Metal band returns! You hated them then, you'll hate them now.So buy it!!!

SOL023         INANNA UNVEILED "Inanna Unveiled" Digi CD  German Death Metal on Solistitium.

IDR001           IN BATTLE "Soul Metamorphosis" MCD New MCD from Swedish B/D Metalers

UG010            INCESTUOUS "Brass Knukle Abortion" MCD  Brutal US Death Metal.

K88                 IN ETERNA "In the Dark" CDr

F001               INFERNAL "The Infernal Compendium" CD

ARCD022      INFERNAL WAR "Terrorfront" CD  Fast Satanic Black Metal!!

UCR060         INFERNO "Uctivani Temne Zurivosti" CD 4th Full-length from these Czechoslovakian Black Metal maniacs

HAR001         INFERNO REQUIEM "Gloomy Night Stories" CD

10 depressive, hateful Black Metal attacks roaring from the bottom of the 18th level of Chinese hell!

SRP37           INFERNUM  "The Curse" CD

HYMN001      INFESTUM "Infestum" MCD  demo on CD Black Death from Russia!

D0142            INFINITED HATE "Heaven Termination" CD  Second Album!                           

                        Bloody mixture of old school Death and  New Brutal US Death Metal!!!

USC06           INFINITUM OBSCURE "Internal Dark Force" CD Dark Death Metal

USC05           INFINITUM OBSCURE / ANCIENT GODS "Split" CD                             

                        Black Metal in the vein of Satyricon and Dissection

D0109            INTERNAL SUFFERING "Supreme Knowledge Domain + 4" CD  Debut re-issue.

WAP003        IRAE "Hellnation" CD 3rd Full-length. 8 New Songs of Raw, Satanic Black Metal

MR1018         ISRATHOUM "Black Scenery Avatar" MCD Norwegian BM from the Netherlands!

FIRE013         KAMARA "T=E4m=E4kin Viel=E4" MCD  Heavy rock on from the land of 1,000 lakes.

REG037         KAMPF "Nothing But Wrath" MCD                                               

                        Grim war-themed hateful Black Metal featuring Wrath from DODSFERD!

MIM7338        KARI "Pilot" CD + Bonus video track!!

                        Ex- 3rd & The Mortal vocalists' solo project! Euro vocal /electronica for modern The Gathering fans.

BAPH108      KHISANTH "Forseen Storms Of The Apocalypse" CD  US Black Metal on Baphomet.

D0122            KILLAMAN "Killaman" CD  Ex-Murder Corporation. Brutal Swedish DM!       

HELLS002     KORIHOR / ABIGAIL "Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers" Split CD  Limited Live material

CRYO03         KORPIUS "Apocalyptic Vision" MCD 4 solid death metal songs!  DM From Canada!

SCP018         KRUX "Drowned In A Swamp Heart Of Europe" Digi CD

                        Belarusian band who play true lightless black metal of death. nice digipack.

KR01              KRYPTOS "Spiral Ascent" CD

                        9 tracks of smoldering, spine snapping Metal with early thrash influences from India!

ASA017         LABATUT "Yeomanly" CD  Raw Nordic-influenced Black Metal from Brazil!

DSR023         LECHEROUS NOCTURNE "Adoration of the Blade" CD W/NILE guitarist on drums!

LOD002         LEGION OF DOOM "The Desecration" MCD Cult demo reissued as killer DIGIPAK!!!

DSTK7664    LONG VOYAGE BACK "Long Voyage Back" CD  Debut album.

EAR009         LORN "Towards the abyss of disease" CD  Cold Black Metal from Italy.         

MOON035     LUNA AD NOCTUM "Dimness' Profound" CD                           

                        Polish Black Metal on Pagan Records, includes bonus Cdrom track!

FR020            LUNGORTHIN "Morgrom" CD  Atmospheric German Black Metal

DHR031         THE LURKING CORPSES "Lust For Blood" CD                         

                        Dark and sinister Horror Metal with influence from the legends Mercyful Fate and Samhain.

SP019            MAGAN  "Nathicana" MCD Four symphonies of darkness featuring ex-Nasav members.

SP024            MALAS "Conquest" CD  Obscure, thick sounding 90's style Pure Death Metal!

IPR008           MALEFICUM ORGIA "Maleficum Orgia" CD

Old School Black Metal in the vein of Blasphemy, Profanatica, Bestial Summoning from France.

NE014            MANIAC KILLER "Amusing Anecdotes for the Depraved" CD  Latest Album!!!

                        Manic Grind Featuring Neil Smith (WHORE,/FORNICATOR, LORD GORE,  FRIGHTMARE)

FIRE0024      MANITOU "The Mad Moon Rising" Digi CD  Finnish Progressive Metal         

VKR17031     MAPLE CROSS "Next Chapter" CD  Melodic Death/Thrash on Firebox records.

RSR0154       MARS ON EARTH "Mars On Earth" MCD  Strange + grim German BM on Red Stream.

REG003         MARTYR "To Confirm When Destruction Comes" MCD  Black Metal.

LA070            MARTYRIUM "Withering in Voluptuous Embrace" CD  Brutal Death/Grind

OR045            MASACRE "Cancer De Nuestros Dias" CD  '89 / '90 demos on CD

BR012            MASTURBATION "Putrified Vaginal Infibulation" CD

Perverted, sick and twisted Porno-Brutal Death Metal from Colombia.

SOM7010V   MAYHEM "European Legions" VHS Video

EPR032         MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM "Inconsistent World" CD  2nd CD of Brutal Death.

PT094             MENHIR "Buchonia" MCD  New Mini release!                             

                        Epic German band performViking/Black with sung + grim vox, key's, acoustics. Great!

LEP043          MEPHISTOPHELES "Songs Of The Desolate Ones" CD  Black Death Metal.           

LEP071          MEPHISTOPHELES "Modern Instinct's Purity" CD                                 

                        Second album of excellent Black/Death Metal ala old Morbid Angel, with a melodic touch!

SEED008      MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION "Aipesis" MCD Massive assault of bestial warlike BM!

SOM060        MERIDIAN "The Seventh Sun" CD  Post- modern Black Metal on Season of Mist.

EH002            MIASTHENIA/SONGE D'ENFER "Visions Of Nocturnal." Split CD   

                        Old style Black Metal from Brazil on Evil Horde Records.

CRS04           MILITIA CHRISTI "Non Timor Domini, Non Timor Malus" CD Esoteric dark gothic

HOLY61         MISANTHROPE "Immortal Misanthrope" CD  French melodic Black metalers new CD.

FIRE032         MISERY INC "Random End" CD New album on Firebox           

                        Heavy metal/power metal based form of melodic death metal meets thrash meets Goth rock.

BRR002         MISERY'S OMEN "Misery's Omen" CD  US Black Metal. Demo+7" on CD

MOON034     MISTERIA "Universe Funeral" CD  New album

LA065            MIXOMATOSIS "Recuento de Cadaveres" CD  Legendary Spanish Gore/Grind band.

TAT060          MONUMENTUM "Ad Nauseam" CD  Long awaited 2nd album!!!

                        Legendary, Epic Black Metal/Gothic experimentation into the world of dark obscure.

FOTF01         THE MOORS "The Moors" CD                                                     

                        Legendary Celtic, pagan, medieval-trance band from Boston, MA. Original and                                           

                         traditional songs which combine Celtic, medieval and modern music in a unique and                                   

                        unforgettable electronic and otherworldly setting, drawing on the trance-inducing and                                   

                        consciousness-altering properties of overtones, featuring primal percussion and haunting winds and vocals.

ARCD021      MORDANT "Momento Mori" CD  Latest Album!

ARMCD002  MORDANT "Suicide Slaughter" MCD                                           

                        Swedish horde unleashing old-school black/death with a touch of early Bathory, Venom  and Treblinka.

BT03               MORGART "Die Schlacht" CD New album.!!

                        New album. Featuring members of SWISS BM act FORSTH

NSR016         MORNINGSTAR "Finnish Metal" CD  Kalevala inspired METAL.

HAUS007      MORTUARY HACKING SESSION "Delightful Carvings" MCD             

                        15 sadistic tracks of gorebleedinggrind and touches of bizarre grooves with weird  instruments.


                        The girls from MHS team up with India's gore masters on this masterpiece of complete fucking sickness!

BLP035          MUCUBELCHING BEATS "The Allstar- project of Mucupurulent and Belching Beet" CD

                        Mucupurulent and Belching Beet team up for 18 covers ranging from ACDC to New  Order to Entombed!

SLEAZY017 MUCUPURULENT "Sicko Baby and More Babes"  CD  W/ bonus demo + 7"

D0087            MURDER CORPORATION "Tagged And Bagged" CD                         

                        Side project by DERANGED. Brutal Swedish Death Metal!

EH666            MURDER RAPE "Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever" CD  Ultra KILLER new CD!

FIRE002         MY SHAMEFUL "Of All The Wrong Things" CD  Depressive Doom Metal on Firebox

IPR001           NAHASH "Nocticula Hecate" CD Re-release of 94' Debut Album! Occult BM!

DHR025         NATASSIEVILA "Iter Lethalis" CD  Fast Raw Black Metal from Italy!

CBS001         NATIVE IN BLACK "At The Mystic Gates Of Eternal Winter" CD  Russian BM.

ARCD024      NATTAS "At Ease with the Beast" CD  New Album.

Old School BM with Thrash inlfuences in the vein of Death SS, or Venom. Includes bonus video clip.

SOL012         NATTVINDENS GRAT "Chaos Without Theory" CD  Viking Black Metal.       

MIPCD013     NAHUAL "Massive Onslaught from Hell" CD  Black Metal from Peru.

BAPH120      N.C.O. (NEPHENZY CHAOS ORDER) "Pure Black Disease" CD

                        Killer technical Swedish Black Metal- like a grim Grief Of Emerald or Thy Infernal!

SOM069        NECROPHAGIA "Divine Art Of Torture" CD  With a change in line up

RSR0178       NECROPHAGIA "Nightmare Scenarios" DVD

SKEP008      NECRPHAGOUS "Disgusted" CD                                               

                        Choppy US Gore/Grind with blasts and frequent change-ups for the Suffocation fan in you!

D0051             NEMBRIONIC "Incomplete" CD  Dutch experimental Death Metal on Displeased.

W3.71171      NEPHASTH "Immortal Unholy Triumph" CD  Brazilian Black/Death on WWIII Prod.   

HB06              NETHERMANCY "Weakening Divinity" CD  Black metal.         

BLP021          NEUROPATHIA/ VAMPIRIC MOTIVES "Split" CD                     

                        Hypnotizing ambient recorded in decaying suburban environments. With Ravenlord of Woods of Infinity.

CURS2019    THE NEW PLAGUE "Shackled and Enslaved" CD Dark, old-school DM w/ bonus!

DG042           NEX "Zero" CD                                                                   

                        Swedish doom constellation featuring Tore Stjerna (aka Necromorbus) and Par                                           

                        Gustavsson (Bergraven) pays tribute to such doom pioneers as Candlemass, My Dying                             

                        Bride, Katatonia, and Anathema.

DARK21        NICODEMUS "The Supernatural Omnibus" CD  Black, Goth & Prog on Dark Symponies!

TE030             NIGHTINGALE "Alive Again" CD  Swedish Melodic Metal band featuring Dan Swano.           

MOON027     NIGHTLY GALE "...And Jesus Wept" CD                                     

                        Mesmerizing, suicidal, avant-garde Doom comparable to early Katatonia, Unholy and My Dying Bride.

D0077            NINNGHIZHIDDA "Demigod" CD  Old German Black Death band back from the grave!

D0107            NINNGHIZHIDDA "Blasphemy" CD New CD from the old German Black Metal  band!

BAPH123      NOMAD "Demonic Verses" CD  Blackened Brutal Death Metal from Poland.

EAR012         NORDHEIM "Nordheim" CDr  Nordic Black Metal limited to 300 hand #'d copies!

NMBR003      NORDIC WINTER "Threnody" CD  Dark, atmospheric, simple and intense black metal.       

WKG004        NORDREICH "Verschlungene Pfade" CD  German Pagan Black Metal.         

MOON047     NORTH "Na Polach Bitew" CD  Crushing Pagan War Metal.!                           

                        Fourth album of Slavonic Heathen Warriors from Poland with lyrics in their native language!

SLAIN006      NORTHERN BREEZE "Sailing To The North" CD Pagan Black Metal from Greece.

REG048         OBJEKT4 "Mindscars" Digi 2xCD  Strange Ambient on Regimental Records.

EXR023         OBLITERATE "Tangled Ways" CD Death/grind from the Czech Republic

DSR020         OBLOMOV "Mighty Cosmic Dances" CD Astral avantgarde BM from Czech Republic.

BAPH113      OBSCENE EULOGY "A Portal Into Fire" MCD  Debut mini CD release.

BAPH119      OBSCENE EULOGY "Defining The Hate" CD  New album.

                        Canadian Black/Death with Mika of Impaled Nazarene on vocals!

CUT021         OBSCURANT "Lifeform: Dead" CD  Debut CD, melodic Death Metal. On Woodcut.

BT05               OBSCURE VORTEX "Obscure Vortex" CD Killer German BM!!

DEATH39      OBSKURE TORTURE "Worship the Beast" MCD  Old school and slow  Doom!

DG038           OCCIDENS "Glorification of the Antichrist" CD Chilean Black/Death Metal

                        Speed, brutality, and a crushing-blackened atmosphere! Features demo "Descending of the Fire Hordes"!

AL003             OFFENSE "Aside" CD  Doom Death with a Gothic Edge.                               

SIN02             OF HUMAN BONDAGE "The Goat Sessions Volume 1" CD  Debut album!!!

LF001             OMNIUM GATHERUM "Rectifying Human Rejection" CD  Manic OZ Tech Death

NP016            ONIRIK "Spectre" CD  New album!

REG019         OPEN GRAVE "The Heavens Cry Black Tears" MCD                           

                        Primitive Black Metal in the Vein of Profanatica.

FR021            ORK "Blessed By Evil" CD  Black Metal from Bulgaria on German Folter records.   

UCR007         ORKUS "Thorns" CD  German raw Black Metal with Swedish Death Metal edge.     

REG039         ORNIAS "Death Bringer" CD  Swedish Black Metal on Regimental     

SOM009        OXIPLEGATZ "Sidereal Journey" CD  3rd majestic and grandiose release!             

                        Epic dark Death Metal masterpiece by Alf from ex-AT THE GATES. This album is perfection!

SM026           PACTUM "Staining  the White Veils of Christianity.. " CD w/ Slip case                     

                        Blasphemic Satanic Brazilian Black Metal heralding the South American tradition!

AH06              PAGAN "The Decade of Blackwings of Hate" CD  3 demo's of old Belarussian BM.

DG11              PAGAN WINTER "The Cult of The Flesh" MCD                           

                        5 new tracks and a cover of Darkthrone "Under a Funeral Moon" from this German Black/War band.

SSR007         PANTHEON "krihapentswor" CD  4th and final album! 4th and final album Astral feel.           


                        New release from the Mexican / Japanese Gore-Grinders !

SDL013         PARAGON IMPURE "To Gaius!" MCD                             

                        Killer Black Metal debute from this young act. Like Clandestine Blaze meets Katharsis.

PRO009         PARAGON OF BEAUTY "The Spring" CD  German Art Black Metal! 

CRUDE001   PATOLOGICUM "Hecatomb Of Aberration" CD

                        Sick old-school dirty Porn-Grind in the Gut style, including gargle vocals supreme!

FAT003          PATOLOGICUM/ GRUESOME MALADY "Split" CD  Brutal Death.     

CA003            PENITENT "Reflections of Past Memories" CD  Lim. Ed. With Poem Booklet!

D0110             PERESHED "Seid" CD  New album. Fast and melodic Norwegian Black/Death Metal.

THCR009       PERPETUAL "Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam" CD  Atmospheric Doom Black.

ESCD028      PERUNWIT "Wszystkie Odcienie Szarosci" CD  With bonus video clip!         

EXOB007      PERVERSERAPH "Savage Messiah" MCD  US Black Metal bands rare debut.

PP018            PESSIMIST "Evolution Unto Evil" CD New Album! More Blasting US Black/Death!

BEH06           PESTIFEROUS "Deep Dark Seasons" CD  Debut Minimalistic BM from Finalnd!!! 

OP2166         PHAZM "Hate At First Seed" CD Rock, mixed with elements of black and death metal.

OLD006         POGROM "Black Metal Complete" CD   A4 tri-fold (silver-on-black printed) sleeve.

                        English lyrics; 7 songs, 32 minutes. Hand-numbered limited-edition import from Old Temple, Poland.       

SOM090        POLTERCHRIST "Engulfed by the Swarm" CD                           

                        Furious, frantic, deathly riffs collide with bizarre rhythms and segues, forming a mass of progressive intensity.

ER11              PRIMATIVE SUPREMACY "Melody and Madness" CD                         

                        Creators of Mourning the Ancient breathe life into an opus of dark ambient that echo of a cold dying world.

D-HELL001  PROFUNDIS "Nokturn" CD                                               

                        Debut album of Black Death Metal hurricane features 6 nocturnal hymns with crushing riffs & arrangements.

                        Compared to "old" DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL but with Slavonic feeling...                                         

AV032            PROMETHEAN "Somber Regards" CD                                       

                        Epic Pagan Folk / Rock. Ex-Black Crucifixion, one of the 1st Finnish Cult BM bands!

CURSED2010  PSYCHOMANCER "(si-ko-man-sur)" CD  US Death Metal.             

EPR041         PSYCHOPATHIA/DECOMPOSED "Meeting The Life/Overcome Fear" Split CD

FEYE002       PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "Fucker" digi CD  Thrash -Death.

RNA043         PUISSANCE "State Collapse" CD  Masterful militant Neoclassical / Industrial.

NE012            PUTRESCENCE "Mangled, Hollowed Out, and Vomit Filled" CD                   

                        Brutal Death/Grind from Canada!

PWP007        PUTRID SCUM "Putrid Scum" CD  19 tracks of Brutal Death Grind from Germany.

SSR010         QUADRIVIUM "Adversus" CD  Cosmic and symphonic Black Metal. Debut album.

VIHA004        RAVEN DARK "Verdandi/Berustet av kriegsdronnet" CD  BM. Two demos on CD.

RSR0162       RAVENOUS "Three On A Meathook" Digi MCD  New CD by ex-Autopsy Sicko's.   

RSR0168       RAVENOUS "Blood Delirium" Digi CD                                       

                        Sick and twisted Death-Horror-Metal with 3/4 of Death Icons AUTOPSY + Kiljoy in the band!

BAPH122      RAVENS BANE "Misery Preserved" CD                                     

                        Obscure and deep ritual chamber ambient from Demoncy member!

AV 063           RAVENTHRONE "Endless conflict theorem" CD  Austrian majestic BM on Avantgarde

BLP042          REEK OF SHITS "Bloody Obstetric Technology" CD  Brutal Gore-Grind from Czech.

IND001           REQUIEM AETERNAM "Eternally Dying" CD  Atmospheric Black from S. America.

FBP033         RESUSCITATOR "Warrior's Death" CD

SHR028         RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION "A Sun Revolution" CD  Death Metal.

PRG23014    RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Principia Sardonica" CD  Apocalyptic Doom                     

EDP002         RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Risus Ex Mortuus" CD  Latest Release Apocalyptic Doom!

MORT009      RITUAL DAY/FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Split" CD  Melodic, acoustic Black-Metal

SMR009         ROBED IN EXILE "The Rape Of Purity" CDr (limited 300)  Raw BM. 3 demo+ Reh.

MIM7330        ROK "Burning Metal" CD  Second beer swillin' VENOM inspired Metal attack!

MHP001         ROSSOMAHAAR "Imperium Tenebrarum" CD  Russian Black/ Death Metal!

CDN007         ROTTING "The Forgotten" CD  New release by the brutal Canadian Death Metallers

SW001           ROTTING HEAD "Backwardness" CD  Old school European Death Metal.     

BEY0329       RUNES ORDER "The hopeless days" CD  Cold apokalyptic dark                   

BATTLE01     RUNES OF DIANCEHT "Eternal Call Of Darkness" CD  Grim Ukrainian Black Metal.

BEH03           SACRADIS "Darkness of our Souls" CD Raw BM from Italy!

MB21              SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM "Ira Melanor/Dark Hymns of War" CD     

AVL002          SACRIST "Symphonies Of Ancient Empires" CD  Atmospheric Dark Black Metal.

TX1048          SADISM "A Dwelling Of Gods" CD

BEY0535       SADIST "Above The Light" CD Re-issue w/ Bonus Tracks  Classic Tech-Death/Thrash.

BEY0737       SADIST "Sadist" CD  New album from the Italian Thrashers!

IR003              SADISTIC GRIMNESS "Vicious Torture" CD

                        60 minutes of Blackened Death Metal influenced by Nifelheim and Grotesque.

FR032            SALACIOUS GODS "Piene" CD  Raw Fast Black Metal from the Netherlands

ESCD021      SALTUS "Imperium Slonca" CD Seven songs pure Nordic BM!!!

FR025            SAMMATH "Verwoesting Devestation" CD  Grim, chaotic Dutch Satanic Black/Death.

GIM017          SAPHIER "Trollskogen" CD  Killer, high-calibre debut-album of Pure Norse Metal!!!

FIRE037         SARALEE "Darkness Between" CD  Gothic Metal         

HPP002         SATOR MARTE "Termonuklearn Evoluce" CD Teutonic and annihilating Black Metal!

W3.71279      SCARVE "Luminiferous" CD  Second CD of French Death Metal on Listenable/WWIII.

POSH048      SCARVE "Irradiant" CD  New album. Lim. Ed. with 2 video and 2 live bonus tracks!

FIRE017         SCENT OF FLESH "Valor of Hatred" CD  Brutal Death Metal on Firebox Records.

FIRE031         SCENT OF FLESH "Become Malignity" MCD Four Killer tracks plus one video!

CW001           SCORCHED EARTH "Devils In Iron" CD

Second album by the Seattle Black-Thrashers in the Abigail meets At War Thrash 80's Style!

CURSED2005  SEA OF TRANQUILLITY/PAX MORTIS "Split" CD                 

CURSED2007  SEA OF TRANQUILLITY "The Omegan Ruins" CD  Melodic US Death Metal.

DYN010         SEAR "Begin the Celebrations of Sin" CD                                             

                        Balances brutal death metal, subtle chunks of melody and blasphemous dark atmospheres.

TDG003         SEELENGREIF "Jenseits Der Schatten" MCD

                        Depressive German Black Metal with acoustic interludes.


Cult French Black Metal. Contains both the demo Acte I and the EP Acte II. Remastered.

LA081             SEMEN "An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses Fetid Stench" CD

Mexican godz of porno gore grind! Extreme, filthy & sick!

FBP024         SEPSISM "Purulent Decomposition" CD  Brutal US Death Metal. Debut album re-issue.

FBP012         SEPSISM "To Prevail In Disgust" CD  Angry, violent US Death Metal.

DSR012         SERIAL BUTCHER "Genocide Landscape" CD

MB013           SEROTONAL "The Futility Of Trying To Avoid The Unavoidable" MCD

New band from Ex-ANATHEMA vocalist Darren White. Debut album of atmospheric Doom Metal.

W3.71248      SEVERANCE "What Lies Ahead" CD  Brutal US Death Metal on Repulse/WWIII.

COG079        SEXTRASH "Rape from Hell" CD  Back after nine years, classic Brazilian DM!!

FIRE023         SHADOW CUT "Pictures Of Death" CD                                       

                        Black Death Metal featuring IMPALED NAZARENE member!

AV076            SHADE EMPIRE "Sinthetic" CD

SRP20           SHADOW SEASON "The Frozen" MCD

GOTH005      SHADOWSREIGN "Bloodcity" Digi CD  Gothic Horror Metal!

FIRE025         SHAMRAIN "Someplace Else" CD   Melancholic Rock             

                        Dreamlike, atmospheric vibes and gothic rock Featuring front man of Finnish Goth metallers Entwine.

FIRE036         SHAMRAIN "Deeper Into the Night" MCD Dreamlike, atmospheric melancholic rock.

BMP009         SHEMHAMPHORASH "Dementia" CD  Speed Black Metal from Spain.

LEP044          SHINING OF KLIFFOTH "Suicide King" MCD  Black/Death on Last Episode.

LEP055          SHINING OF KLIFFOTH "Twilight Of Sehemeah" CD  Black Death.     

EXR024         SHREDDED CORPSE "Exhumed and Molested Re-issue + Demo's" CD      Only 1 copy

FR002            SICKNESS "Verbrannte Erde" CD  German Black/Death on Folter Prod.

BUP05           SIGILLUM DIABOLI "S/T" CD Cold & raw BM in the traditional nordic vein!               

UG021            SIKFUK "Gore Delicious" CD  Sick, twisted guttural psycho-grind on United Guttural.

SK5482          SKITZO "Vomitorium" DVD

TE021             SLEEPLESS "Winds Blow Higher" CD  progressive, goth, black and jazz on The End.


                        Split CD from Heathen French Black Metalers

ROE032         SOMNUS "Through Creations End" CD

BR01              SONS OF CHAOS "Redwork" CD  US Death Metal on Bloodsoaked Records.

VWR012        SONS OF SATAN "In Times of Fire" CD   Swedish War metal!

                        Krushing WAR metal from the infamous members of  the well-known Swedish band Bestial Mockery!!

BEY0331       SOSTRAH TINNITUS "Les debris d=E9 l'=E9t=E9" CD

BEY0532       SOSTRAH TINNITUS "L'odore del ramo spezzato" CD

CUT023         SOTAJUMALA "Panssarikolonna" MCD  Florida Style Death Metal on Woodcut.

SOM057        SOUL DEMISE "In Vain" CD

BAPH117      SOUL FORSAKEN "Tales of the Macabre" CD

KDM010        SOULLESS "Agony's Lament" CD

INV011           SPEARHEAD "Deathless Stell Command" CD Combining 90's DM with nordic BM!

BTOD0623    SPELL FOREST "Lucifer Rex" CD  Evil Brazilian Black Metal full length!       

VMR001         SPIRIT DISEASE "Redemption Denied" MCD  Thrash/Death Metal similar to Imp. Naz.

DHR032         SPIRITUAL DECAY "Closer To The Grave" CD                                     

                        Female fronted brutal old school styled death metal band. Raw, Fierce, and Primitive.

BEY0224       SPITE EXTREME WING "Magnificat" CD                         

                        Full recorded history of this blasting yet melodic Italian Black Metal band.

BEH02           SPITE EXTREME WING "Non Dvcor, Dvco" CD    Speedy Italian BM             

BEH07           SPITE EXTREME WING "Kosmokrator (Magnificat II) " CD                             

                        Old songs from 1995 to 2000, which, for different reasons, have never been recorded before.

UG014            SPLATTERED CADAVER "Merciless Butchery" CD

TE032            STAR OF ASH "iter.viator" CD

NAGA006      STINY PLAMENU "Odpadni Galerie" CD Fast and raw SEWERY Black Metal!\

SDL019         STORM LEGION "The Eye of the Prophet" CD

JK0567          STUTTHOF "Towards Thy Astral Path" CD

TE042             SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE "Temporary Psychotic State" MCD

NB201            SUFFER "When Darkness Falls" CD

GID001           SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Oriental Hell Rhythmics" CD Re-issue w/ bonus tracks!

BAPH115      SVARTPEST "Ved Den Dravelige Inngang Til Helvete" CD

SOM030        SYRINX "Crystal Cliffs" CD  Technical Heavy Metal on Season Of Mist.         

SP006            TALES OF DARK "Fragile Monuments"  CD Melodic Doom-Death! Grim & clean vox!

SOM046        TACTILE GEMMA "Tactile Gemma" CD

H210               TANG DYNASTY "1999" CD

WRATH022  TEARSTAINED "Final Thoughts" CD  3rd CD in the suicide trilogy. Black Masses cover!

WRATH038  TEARSTAINED "Homicidal Tendencies" CD New Album.                     

                        Heavy / Black Metal with strong MERCYFUL FATE/KING D (Falsetto Vocals) influences!                             

DMP013        TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM "Antico Misticismo" CD Pure cold & hateful BM!

SP025            TERROR THRONE "Death is the Cleanser" CD  Raw Black / Death Metal!   

VR1001          TESTIFY "01" CD

VR1015          TESTIFY "Crack the Mind" CD

VR1018          TESTIFY "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" CD

NYKTA13       TETRAKTYS "Voreion Sellas" CD  Esoteric Ritual Art on Nykta Productions.

BEY0534       THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE "Remixed - 23 Miles Back .... " CD

WAR035        THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE "New Era Viral Order" CD

MHP032         THERM.EYE.FLAME "To Evolution?!" CD  Killer Modernized BM!

NEPH002      THEUDHO "Treachery" CD

TE056             THINE EYES BLEED "In The Wake of Seperation" CD

SCR001         THORNAFIRE "Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus" CD

ER27              THOTH "From the Abyss of Dungeons of Darkness" CD  Featuring Darken! 

SOL029         THROMDAR "NorthStorm Arrives" CD

BTOD0320    THRONED "...There Where the Moon Rises" MCD

BTOD0422    THY WINTER KINGDOM "Opus II - InnerSpectrum" CD  Second Album!         

                        Black Metal on Black Tears Of Death label.

RNA1403       TIME REQUIEM "The Inner Circle Of Reality" CD

                        Neo-classical metal in the vein of Stratovarius

SM042           TIWAZ "The Rune of Victory" MCD                                               

                        Pagan Viking Black Metal, with ex-members of Great Vast Forest

AKR019         TORCH OF WAR "The Principle of Cosmic Instability" CD

                        Raw, Furious German Black Metal

FIRE006         TOTAL DEVASTATION "Roadmap of Pain" CD  Modern Finnish Death Metal.         

FIRE018         TOTAL DEVASTATION "Reclusion" CD  New album!

OR040            TOTAL RUSAK "Exploding The Cranial" CD

BLP036          TU CARNE "...Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor!" CD

EXR026         TU CARNE/EL MUERMO "Split" MCD

UCP005         TUGEND "Optimism Is For The Weak" CD                                 

                        Dark Ambient mixed with Militaristic Industrial and some controversial ideology. This will

                        satisfy varied tastes, from Arcana to Puissance to Arditi. Ultima Comparatio Productions Release.

SOL026         TUNRIDA "Hierarchy" CD  Satanic Black Metal from Finland.                           

DC012           TUNRIDA "Era 2001" CDr (limited 300)  New album on lim. Ed. CDr. Finnish BM.

BEY0533       TVMVLVS SERAPHIM "Fortress Ermetica" CD

DARK19        TWELFTH OF NEVER "Things that were" CD

D0073            TYRANT "Legend" CD

NSP033         ULVHEDNER / GALDRER "Ferdasyn / Trolldomsanger" CD Melodic BM Split!

Fdoom006     UMBRA NIHIL "Gnoia" CD

CDBA003      UNGODLY "Hate Celebration" MCD Old School Death Metal from Brazil       

ISO1517         UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "The Demos" CD

NMB001         UNHOLY TRINITY "Omnimalevolence" CD   Ritualistic, intense and effective BM!     

UNW01          UNTERWALD "Nos Ancient Rituals" CD Supreme Heathen Black Metal!

RAPH125      URSHURARK "Pandemonium Theory" Digi CD Latest Album.

                        Hailing from Italy, Black,and Death mix in orchestral pieces that sound like they are  straight out of a horror flick 

URUK01         URUK HAI "The Battle" CD Tolkien inspired Battle Metal

Dark26           USER NE "Atropa Natura" CD   Third album. Unique, progressive metal w/ female vox!

HA005            UTUK XUL "The Goat of the Black Possession" CD

HA009            UTUK XUL / MEPHIZTOPHEL "Ancient Aethyrs Of The Southern Abyss" CD

                        Split between these two South American black metal hordes. Limited to 666 hand #'d copies!

DCLXVI11     UVALL "Obsidian Torment" CD Debut full-length album. skillfully grim attack!

BLR076          VARATHRON "Crowsreign" CD   New Album! Old-School BM  from Russia.

FR039            VARDAN "Hidden in a Tomb" CD Underground Satanic Black Metal from Italy!

CA004            VEILED ALLUSIONS "Visions Of The World" CD

SILENCE29  VELIMOR "Ancestry" CD   Killer Pagan Black Metal from Russia!

BM.C66616   VELONNIC SIN "Ritual" CD Raw, Nordic-influenced BlackMetal!

FIRE035         VELVETCUT "Thirteen" CD  Atmospheric Rock

GOAT007      VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum" MCD  French Black Metal. Debut.

LEP058          VILKATES "Apocalyptic Millenium" CD

D0166             VINTERRICKET "...Und Die Nacht Kam Schworen Sehrittos"  CD Debut Re-issue!

D0165             VINTERRIKET "Lichtschleier" CD 5th album! Remastered w/ bonus videoclip!

RSR0140       VIOLATION "Moonlight's Child" CD

BOP001         VOKODLOK "Mass Murder Genesis" CD  Atmospheric BM from Romania. 

THUN02         VOLFENKREUZ "Vulfhymnen" CD

IBDC004        V=D6RGUS "V=F6rgusized" CD Loud Hard and Fast Swedish Assault! Limited  to 999!

PRG32023    VORKUTA "Into the Chasms of Lunacy" CD Cold BM from Hungary!RDP001         VUKODLAK "Blackest Autumn" MCD

INV010           VULPECULA "In Dusk Apparition" CD  Dark, ambient Occult Metal.   

DHR015         WARKULT "Perseverance Of Aggression" CD  oldschool US Black Death Metal.

REG046         WARLUST/ PESTIS "The Final War / Plagueridden" Split MCD                     

                        Fast and Blasting Black Metal split on Regimental!

FIRE007         WASARA "Kaiken Kauniin Loppu" CD  Melodic Finnish Metal on Firebox.

KWR1             WHISPERING GALLERY "Poems of a Forgotten Dream" MCD  Dutch Doom/Death.

FIRE015         WITHERING "Gospell of Madness" CD

RR24              WTN "Rotting in Pestilence" CD New Album!! Great Gore-grind from Singapore!!!

DCD8             WULFHERE "Wer Rastet, Der Roste" CD           

RSR0160       WURDULAK/GORELORD "Creature Feature Volume II" MCD             

                        Wurdulak feature Necrophagia/Mayhem members =3D Black Metal. Gorelord =3D stenchy  Death/Black.

BAPH139      YCOSAHATERON "La Nuit" CD                                                   

                        Industrial armageddon includes ATTIA from MAYHEM , KILLJOY + ABORYM members!

IS003              YEAST INFECTION "Just Aint Right" CD  Filthy Porn-Grind like MS. Lim to 500!

UCR004         ZARATHUSTRA "Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy" MCD

CA002            ZARATUSTRA "It Was A Night" CD

RDP002         V/A "ALLFATHER/ NEBRON/ HORDES OF THE./ GNOSTIC" 4 way split CD       

SOM088        V/A "APOCALYPSE: Live 66 Chapitre Premier"  CD

KZ003             V/A "As Night Devours the Sun" Comp CD                                             

                        Features one track from Leviathan, Draugar, Summon, Azrael, Xasthur, Typhus, Inquisition + more!!!

KZ002             V/A "AS THE SUN BURNS" Comp CD

ROPE666      V/A "CARNIVORE TRIBUTE" If You Can't Eat It or Fuck It...Then Kill It! CD

ENR01           V/A "DEATH KNELL" Comp CD


GOK001         V/A IN UNISON Double CD                                               

                        2 disc set collection of Irish extreme metal bands featuring PRIMORDIAL, CRUACHAN,

                        ABADDON INCARNATE,  GEASA,  ARCANE SUN, MOONFOG, INHUMATE + 12  more!

ISO1533         V/A  JUDAS ISCARIOT  tribute"To the Triumph of Evil" CD                   

                        14 bands: Xasthur, Leviathan, Krieg, Nachtmystium, Merrimack, Frostmoon Eclipse...

GAS010         V/A "Legions Compilation: Opening of the Southern Gate" 2xCD                     

                        Featuring SADISTIK EXEKUTION, DESTROYER 666, FUCK I'M DEAD + more!

SOUL001       V/A "Orchestrated Chaos" Comp CD  Death Metal.

PSDL9039    V/A "Panggilan Pulau Puaka II" Comp CD

ROE003         V/A "Roots II" Comp CD  Root of Evil Records.               

HP01              V/A "Seattle Metal Fest Vol. 2 2003 Compilation" 2xCD                       

                        Northwest Comp featuring Drawn & Quartered, Serpens Aeon, Forced Entry, In Memorium, Blackgoat, Severed Saviour, Beltfed Weapon, Myiasis,Aggression                                     Core, Scortched Earth, Exhumed + more.

FTRR001       V/A "Smashing Rainbows" CD                                                     

                        21 tracks by ARGHOSLENT, INFANTRY, EVIL INCARNATE and many more.

LOW006        V/A "Sweets For My Sweet- Chaper 1" Comp CD

IMP003           V/A "Three Ways To The Gore" 3 way split CD                           

                        Featuring DISGORGED FOETUS, CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE, and VIVISECTION!

LA067             V/A "Tribute to Gut" Comp CD

A- Z LIST 2 OF 2

NPR082         ABIGOR "In Memory" MCD  Covers + rare unreleased tracks. 

Posh030        ABORTED "Engineering the Dead" CD  Brutal, technical Death Metal on Listenable.

POSH059      ABORTED "The Haematobic" MCD  Total gore-drenched technical Death Metal.     

DEAD19        ACHERON "Anti-god, Anti-christ" CD

XM030           ADRAMELECH "Terror of Thousand Faces" CD 3rd album                             

                        Finnish masters of nordic DM! This album delivers 10 doses of fast, heavy and aggressive Death!!!

IPR006           AIGRO MUCIFELAM "Lost Sounds Depraved" CD  Harsh and  relentless French BM.

MMM004        AKERBELTZ "A Wave Of Darknesss" CD  Limited to 900 copies!! Brazilian Black.

MOSH277      AKERCOCKE "Choronzon" CD Black/death metal from England on Earache Records.

WRATH014  ALASTOR "Hellward" CD  Christ crushing new album!   

                        Lusitanian Black Thrash with DECAYED members!! Limited to 666 hand #'d copies!

INV005           ALLFATHER "Weapon of Ascension" CD  Canadian War Metal


UR006            ALLFATHER ODINN "Allfather Odinn" CD  Odinistic BM on Unholy Rec.

FBP034         AMMIT "Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno" CD  Demos + Unreleased studio session.     

FBP054         AMMIT "Hammer of Darkness" CD  Embracing the essence of black/death. 

                        Latest album, going deeper underground, with more primitive songwriting and harsher production!

DG032         AMOEBIC DYSENTERY "Hospice Orgy" CD  29 tracks of gore grind mayhem!

SP015            ANCIENT GODS "Mystic Lands" MCD  Melodic Black Death Metal from Chicago.   

USC05           ANCIENT GODS/INFINITUM OBSCURE "Split" CD                               

ONYX001       AND THEN YOU DIE "Abuse Park" CD  Industrial mood / trance  music.

DMP009        ANIMUS MORTIS "Thresholds of Insanity" CD  Cold, desolated Black Metal!

SUN013         APOKALYPTIC RAIDS "The Third Storm" CD      Headbanging Extreme from Brazil!

ILIAD037        APOCRYPHAL VOICE "The Sickening" MCD  Finnish avant garde Black Metal.

FMP020         APOLLYON "Diaboli Gratia" MCD

D0145             ARCANA "Le Serpent Rouge" CD  New album!!                                   

                        As  you have never heard them before. With melodies from the orient and beautiful sounds of instruments.

MMM006        ARGAR "Cwm Annwn" CD  Raw Spanish Black Metal on Millennium Metal.

SOL050         ARGAR "Grim March To Black Eternity" CD  New Album! Killer BM from Spain!

DARK11        ARISE FROM THORNS "Before An Audience Of Stars" CD                             

                        Orchestral, progressive, acoustic Gothic Metal act on Dark Symphonies.

KULT005       ARKONA "Bogowie Zapomnienia" CD   Demo from 1994 with slip case

KZ001             ARUM "Inhuman Echoes from the Shadows" CD Raw Brazilian Black Metal!!

                        Epic Norse Doom Metal with Gothic touches and female vox! Think UNHOLY!                     

TDG001         ASH POOL "World Turns On Its Hinges" CD  Thrashy USBM. 

MHP013         ASHEN LIGHT "Pesni Mertvih" CD  Third album of Russian Black Metal                     

FERLY026     ASHES "Funeral Forest" CD Re-issue.                                       

                        Official re-issue of their blazing demos. Necro Black Metal with an Ambient-like atmosphere

FERLY027     ASHES "Hymn to a Grey Sky" CD                                                 

                        Raw but atmospheric BM from Devon, with Pagan / sylvian sensibilities.

SOM021        ATROX "Contentum" CD  Great atmospheric debut for 3rd & The Mortal fans!           

BAPH116      AVE SATHANAS "Religion of Pity" CD  Black Metal on Baphomet records. 

NEIN001        AVSOLUTIZED "Den Svarta Vandans Genealogi" CD  Extreme BM from Japan.

BP006            BALTAK "Kral Na Dva Svetoj" CD  Extensive book with maps/ history of Macedonia!

BW001           BANNERWAR "To Honour Fatherland" CD  Extreme Hellenic Black Metal terrorists.

FBP059         BARBATOS  "Let's Fucking Die!" CD

ASPR004      BATTALION "Into Harms Way" CD Debut  from Australia's  technical war metal elite

CM8374         BEHEMOTH "The Apostasy" CD  New album!

DEAD05        BELIAL "Gods of the Pit II" MCD Re-Issue

NPR8002       BELPHEGOR "Necrodaemon - Terrorsathan" CD

DIFFD1002     BELTANE "The Fire Of Becoming" CD                                     

                        Killer Australian Gothic-Darkwave dedicated to dionysian blood!!

UER013         BERSERK "Cries of Blood and Hate" CD  Third Full length studio album!     

DGP003         BESTIAL HOLOCAUST "Final Extermination" CD                                 

                        Bone breaking Black/ Death/ Thrashing madness.

BR03              BEYOND FATAL "Sanctuary In Misery" CD  US Death Metal on bloodsoaked rec.

PRG26029    BLACK CRUCIFIXION "Promethean Gift" CD W/ Slip Case                                                     

                        Long out of print 1992 Mini album re-released with 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks!

ISO1512         BLACKDEATH "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD  Apocalyptic Black Metal from Russia influenced by Darkthrone and old Mayhem. Misanthropy and hate put to music with raw grim cold-blessed sound. True black in the best form.

BEH011         BLACK FUNERAL "Waters Of Weeping" CD

BT04               BLACK JADE "...Of Forest and Fire..." CD

POP012         BLACK OMEN "Sinphony" CD  Symphonic Black Metal from Turkey!

EXOB009      BLACK PENTICOST "Funeral Winds In Paradise" CD  US Black Metal.       

SLAIN002      BLACKTHRU "Is Tamsos..." MCD One BM from Lithuania! True Occult BM ART!

WW4              BLODULV "S/T" CD  Old school BM complete with 2-4 drum beat Re-issue w/ bonus!

RAXE27         BLOOD CULT "We Who Walk Behind the Rows" CD BM from the bowels of Illinois!

RR41              BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD  Latest album!

DEAD62        BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" CD     

SLEAZY015  BLOOD STORM "Sirian Storm" CD  Killer 80s influenced Black/Death!         

HOH010         BLOODHAMMER "The Passion of the Devil" CD Savage Finnish blackened hellfury!

SP021            BLOODREAPING "Ignis Penumbra" CD  Obscure and evil savage Death Metal.

FMPCD007   BLUTKLINGE "Reflection Of A Bleak Mind" CD Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal from Germany.

BP008            BUIO OMEGA "Pandemonium Unleashed" CD   

                        Raw Black Metal like Burzum and early Mayhem!

ARCD003      BULLET "Speeding in the Night" MCD  Retro- Thrash on Agonia Records.

RNA030         CARNAL FORGE "Who's Gonna Burn" CD  Re-issue of long out of print debut album

SR010            CEMETERY "Detriment Image" CD  Brutal Death Metal on Sevared Records.

PRO001         CHAINSAW "The Announcement" CD Satanic BM from Santiago Chili!!

LUX001          THE CHASM "Reaching the Veil of Death" MCD Sick DM mini!                                   

                        Ancient Metal of Death. These warriors seek to widen the boundaries of Death Metal and succeed.

HS003            CHELMNO "Under Our Cemetery" CD BM  w/TenebraeInPerpetuum/Beatrik drummer!

AKR010         CHEMIKILLER "Evil Speak" CD  Old school sounding Black Fucking Thrash!

SDL007         COLDNESS "Poisoned Gift" CD Killer Anti-Humanistic Portugese BM

                        Solo CD from Nocturnus Horrendus /CORPUS CHRISTII; GENOCIDE KOMMANDO!!

SP009-06      COMATOSE VIGIL "Narcosis" MCD  Monolithic funeral doom.

BR001            CORPSE "Mortal Terror" CD  Brutal old style Death Metal from Bulgaria.

LUST03          CORPUS CHRISTII / THESYRE "F.O.R.D."   New Split album with unreleased tracks!

HMR001         CORTEGE FUNEBRE / INTO DAGORLAD "Split" CD  Grim French Black Metal.

SOM083        COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN "Deciphering the Soul" CD  Brutal and technical DM

Echo007        CREST OF DARKNESS "Evil Knows Evil"  CD                                     

                        Technical experimental melodic Black/Death. Killer production!

SM028           CRUX CAELIFERA "Ad Lucifer Aeternam Gloriam" CD  Satanic Brazilian BM.

DHR023         CRYPTIC "Once Holy Realm"  CD  US Black/Death. In the vain of old Morgoth.

PC069            CUNTSCRAPE "Thrush Bang Mania" CD  20 tracks of porn-obsessed Grindcore!

LEP004          DAMNATION "Reborn" CD  Debut album.

                        Fast & Evil Polish Death metal with BEHEMOTH & HELL-BORN members!!!           

FPR009         DARKEST GROOVE "Pain and Suffering Shall be Known" CD  BM for Genocide!

CM8358         DARK FORTRESS "Eidolon" CD New Album! Now on Century Media!

DH011            DARKTHULE "Beyond the Endless Horizons" CD  Hellenic Black Metal!       

BKR011         DAWNBRINGER "In Sickness and in Dreams" CD BM and Classic Heavy Thrash!

NEP017         DAWNFALL "Drei Raume" CD                                                     

                        German demented genius. A clever work of torturous necro & avant garde at the same time.

D0188           DEAD HEAD "Kill Division" CD  Remastered with 9 live bonus tracks!           

CUT026         DEATHBOUND "To Cure The Sane With Insanity" CD  Debut release. Brutal Grind.

BEER006      DEFEATED SANITY "Prelude to the Tragedy" CD                     

                        Brand New full length album of mind-exploding death metal!

ARMA02        DEMONIC SLAUGHTER "Dignity Of Terror" CD                       

                        Fast and aggressive Black Metal with raw but powerful sound in the old-school way.                                   

                        Outstanding vocal work! VON cover and artworks in the vein of Chris Moyen. Limited to 999 hand #'d copies.

ILIAD042        DER GERWELT "Human Breed" CD  A Spiteful vision of grim Black Metal.

SCP007         DEVIL-MAY-CARE "Awe" CD

                        Symphonic Russian Black Metal with grim male vox, classical and medieval elements.

NPR073         DISMAL EUPHONY "Lady Ablaze" MCD  Special EP release!!           

IPR007           DODSFERD "Denying With Arrogance Your Pathetic Existence" CD

                        Misanthropic Black Metal from Greece. CD contains tracks from the Ganzmord split CD  + 1 live bonus track and Burzum cover.

GOI06             DRAGON LORD "Dive" CD  Euro Fantasy / Power Metal.

DEAD54        DRAUGAR "Weathering the Curse" CD

NSP022         DRAUGSANG "Seil Pa Skyggans Hav" MCD   Grim as fuck!   

                        Norwegian BM at it's finest once again! Killer 3 song MCD sure to bring you back to the glory days!!!

DH009            DRAUGURZ "A Yell from the Past" CD  Sick Dismal Black Metal!

DEAD88        DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Merciless Hammer of Lucifer" Enhcd 2xCD w/ "Crusaders of Blasphemy" CD lim. Ed. 3,000

SLEAZY013  DRIPPING "Bring the Suffering" CD New Jersey's most extreme!!!                 

                        Demo and Unreleased Studio Discography , Contains Previous band CADAVERMENT Demos Recordings !!!

COG051        DROWNED "Bonegrinder" CD  Debut. Brazilian Death Metal.                                     

COG066        DROWNED "Butchery Age" CD  New album of Brutal yet melodic Brazilian DM.

                        Brutal and melodic Brazilian Death Metal with a strong Thrash edge on Cogumelo records.

WW2              DUSK "The Darksoul's Scream" CD Burzumic vocals w/ sheer sonic tormented strings!

ROE004         DWOLE "A Requiem of Euphoric Nihilism" CD  Darkwave/Industrial

SP010-06      EA "Ea Taesse" CD Debut that mixes epic  riffs, melodic solos & horror elements! 

PC023            EMPYREAN "Quietus" CD  Symphonic Metal from Brisbane. Debut. 

DHR016         ENGORGE  "Dead...Fuck...Blackness" CD  Brutal NY Black Death Metal.     

W3.71160      ENGRAVE "The Rebirth Remasters" CD  US Death Metal.       

D0120            ENTHRAL "Subterranean Movement" CD  Norse atmospheric Black Metal.   

SDP03106    EQUINOX "Journey Into Oblivion" CD

                        Classic Florida Death/Black Metal in the vein of the early masters such as      Possessed,                         

                        Necrovore. With ex ACHERON & INCUBUS members, Recorded at the Morrisound!

DNA009         ERESHKIGAL "Tragedies of Death... The Afterlife" CD Old school BM from Mexico!

NYKTA16       ESCHATON "Causa Fortior" CD  Pure black holocaust from Hellas!

SIN01             ETERNAL "Satanic Templars of the Dark Age" CD  Debut album. Brutal French DM!

MYS001         THE ETERNAL BLADE "The Eternal Blade" CD

DCLXVI02     EVERWINTER "Final Victory" MCD  Nordic influenced US Black Metal.         

SM027           EVILWAR "Evilwar" CD  Second unholy Brazilian BM attack!

PT069            EWIGES REICH  "Thron aus Eis " CD  New CD!  Fast blasting German Black Metal!

SHR027         FAERGHAIL "Horizons Fall" CD  Pagan Black Metal.

BEH001         FEARBRINGER "Simula Et Dissimula" CD  Includes three live bonus tracks!

DEAD78        FEAR OF ETERNITY "Ancient Symbolism" CD

DEAD84        FEAR OF ETERNITY "Funeral Mass" CD

DEAD67        FEAR OF ETERNITY "Towards the Castle" CD

HA013            FENRIA "De =E5t D=F6den Vigda" CD  Cold necro BM from the unholy Sundsvall Sweden!       

BEER003      FETUS EATERS/BRAINCHOKE "Vomitcore / Microchipped and Mind..." Split CD

                        Fetus Eaters=3DSludgy & silly gargle Grind for those who remember Lawnmower Deth! Brainchoke=3DRaw Grind.

WFP002        FIEND "Black Abhorrent Metal" CD  Hateful Black Metal from Germany!         

SLAIN004      FIMBUL "Ramnens Ferd" CD Atmospheric Dark Metal Symphonies. Lim Ed. 1000

GM007           FIRSTBORN EVIL "Rebirth of Evil" CD  Lusitanian Black Metal.

OLY0215        FLESHGRIND "Seeds Of Abysmal Torment" CD  Brutal Death Metal.

SM025           FOLKLORD "Resistance" CD w/ Slip case Melodic Pagan Black Metal from Brazil.

NPR077         FORLORN "Ad Caelestis Res" CD  Grim Norse Viking Black Metal.

CA008            FROZEN TEARS "Uncreated World" CD  Dark Bulgarian melodic BM with acoustics.

NE008            FUCK... I'M DEAD / ENGORGED "Split" CD                                           

                        8 Songs of FUCK... I'M DEAD 5 songs from ENGORGED!!!

SOM121        FURIA "Kheros" Digi CD Very heavy thrash with plenty of black/death elements.       

                        era Bathory! Epic, trodding majestic Metal on Skaldic Art productions!

LEP064          GARDENS OF GEHENNA "Dead Body Music" CD  New album. Black Death.

TE035             THE GATHERING "Souvenirs" CD  New album on The End records. Doomgothpop.

VR1016          GIRLS UNDER GLASS "Nightmares" CD

FBP064         GOAT SEMEN "En Vivo En Lima Hell" CD

XM015           GODUS "Hell Fuck Demon Sound" CD  Raw, mystic & extreme BM!!

                        Members of WORMED and N=DCLL side-project! Killer cover of Darkthrone's "Triumphant Gleam"!

BM.C66629  GOSFORTH "Hornlust" CD Orthodox Black Metal!!!

BM.C66644   GRAB "Plague" CD Misanthropic necro (Nordic-influenced) Hellenic BM featuring vocals by Wrath (DODSFERD)!

NSP032         GRAVFERD "Demonized" CD  Demos from 97-2000. Pure Northern Black Metal!

TE054            GREEN CARNATION "The Quiet Offspring" CD  New album!

                        Spacious, melodic prog-metal tunes that are epic and beautiful.

AV087            GREY "The First Shade of" CD  Debut Album! Gloomy obscure BM from France

DEAD101      GRIMBANE "Let The Empires Fall" CD

SOL048         GRIM FUNERAL / SPECTRE "Split" CD Raw Sick Iberian Black Metal

RR44              GRUESOME STUFF RELISH "Horror Rises From The Tomb" CD  New album!!

DEAD87        HACAVITZ "Katun" CD

DHR022         HARVIST "Lightning Storm in the Veins" CD                               

                        DUSK side-project. This release also features their unreleased 'Turmoil of the Seed' promo from 2002.

IR007              HEMNUR "Satanic Hellride" CD  The best Old school Necro Black'n Roll !!! 

                        Debut album from FEDIABLO of Necrophagia, Grimfist, Gorelord!     

BDR002         THE HERETIC "The Book Of Fate" MCD  Atmospheric Black Metal.               

HOH005         HOATH "Codex II: Kether" Digi CD            Finnish War Metal!

UCR008         HOMICIDE "Slaughters Legacy" CD  Melodic German Black Metal on Undercover rec.

POSH053      HORNED GOD "Chaos - Bringer of all Revelations" CD  Debut. Brazilian Death Metal.

NPR176         HURT LOCKER "Fear In A Handful Of Dust" CD Debut album!!!

                        This debut puts the quartet alongside such legends as Slayer and Pantera!

FBP030         INCRIMINATED "Kings Of Misery" CD  Finnish BM Like Cianide or Celtic Frost.     

FBP053         INCRIMINATED "The Promise of Worse to Come" CD                         

                        Old school blackened death metal hymns, with grim coffin sound! Features Satanic Warmaster member!

FMP012         IN DUNGEON "Machinegunnery Of Doom" CD

                        Fast Swedish Black Metal. Only ONE left!

LA045            INFECTED FLESH "Anthropophagical Devourment" CD  Sick Gore/Grind.   

DEAD55        INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" CD

D0130            INFINITED HATE "Revel in Bloodshed" CD Debut!                                 

DCLXVI01     INIMICAL / SECT "The Other Gods / Wrath of the Lost" Split CD         

                        Raw (but not) "primitive" Nordic influenced US Black Metal projects of Catacomb's J. Del Russi.

FOTA001D    INTERITUS "Der Traum Von Menschenleerer Sch=F6nheit" Digi CD Ice-cold melancholy meets grim Black Art.

SOL02            ISTAPP "Koldens Union" CD                                                         

                        Contains the two demos "Ljusets F=F6rfall" and "M=E5 det aldrig t=F6a!" plus 4 bonus songs.

OLY0216        JUNGLE ROT "Dead And Buried" CD  Brutal DM in the vein of Malignancy.

FMP038         KAFAN "Injecting Evil in thy Veins" MCD  Ritualistic,  BM from the Middle East

FMCD004      KAISERREICH "KRRH" CD  Cold Northern Black Metal.

OMCD09       KHORS "The Flame of Eternity's Decline" CD Sympho Black Metal from the Ukraine!

D0059            KUNTAUT KULT "From The Pits" CD  Brutal blasting Death Metal on Displeased

NPR089         LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE "Burning: A Wish" CD  third Album.

                        Morose DOOM/Rock like Anathema, Katatonia & My Dying Bride!

ECR02           LATHSPELL "Versus Ecclesia" CD Cold Northern BM from Finland!

LOD003         LEGION OF DOOM "God is Dead" CD Third full length! Best attack so far!!!

                        Eight years after their previous release, Intense, raging, always grim Hellenic Black Metal elite!!!

TE045             LILITU "The Delores Lesion" CD Third Album. Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal!

EP002            LIVIDITY "Used, Abused, and Left for Dead" CD Brutal Blasting US DM!!       

TE080             LORDI "The Arockalypse" CD + DVD Finnish Hard Rock! Includes bonus DVD!

OR004            LORD VAMPYR "De Vampyrica Philosophia" CD  Sympho Black Metal

ER22              LUFTWAFFE RAID "Empire" CD  Chaotic black metal with a bizarre technical edge.

SOM071        LUNA FIELD "Close to Prime" CD  Grim and bombastic German Black/Death Metal.

WAR044        LUNAR AURORA "Mond" CD  This is a maximum of melancholy Black Metal art!

BLNT028       MACABRE OMEN "The Ancient Returns" CD Epic Black War Metal!

NPR057         MACTATUS "Provenance Of Cruelty" CD

NPR080         MACTATUS "The Complex Bewitchment" CD

KULT002       MALEFICIA  "Songs of the Nightbird" CD  Mid Tempo Misanthropic Black Metal.

BTOD0318    MALIGNANCE  "Regina Umbra Mortis" CD  Debut CD of raw and aggressive BM.

EXR021         MALIGNANT TUMOUR  "Demo/Singles Collection '94- '98 " CD  Brutal grind.

D0148            MANEGARM "The Forest Sessions" MCD  Killer BM goes Epic Acoustic !   

FBP018         MANIAC BUTCHER "Live In Germany" CD  Live and RAW from Germania!

BeBu006        MASOKISMI "Hapeallinen Siveysoppi" CD  Black Grind/Noise.

BM.C66610   MASSEMORD "Obscura Symphonia" CD  Classic style Norse Black Metal 2nd album.

DEAD33        MEATSHITS "Gorenography" CD

DEAD35        MEATSHITS "Sniper At The Fag Parade" CD

DEAD48        MERRIMACK "Obsecration To The Horned" CD Retrospective

SM004           MIASTHENIA "XVI" CD  Grim Brazilian Black Metal with good production.

RSR0157       MIRRORTHRONE "Of Wind And Weaping" CD  Black Metal on Red Stream.

RSR0188       MIRRORTHRONE "Carries of Dust" CD  New Album!               

                        Epic Black / Death. Feels like a mix-between "new" BEHEMOTH / DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE

FMIRZA          MIRZADEH "The Creatures Of Loviatar" CD  Melodic Black Metal.     

OSMCD013  MISANTHROPIC ART "Homicides" CD  Nuclear Black Metal Incantations!

MOON025     MISTERIA "Masquerade of Shadows" CD  Black/Death/Doom from Poland.

SDP03108    MOLESTED SENSES "No Friends Here" CD  Brutal eastern Euro gore-death-grind.

CRS03           MONUMENTUM "Metastasi" CD  Debut CD with rare + unreleased material!!!         

AM005           MOONTOWER "The Wolf's Hunger" MCD  Raw Polish Pagan Black Metal.

MTW001        MORBID SAVOURING "Insensitivicious" CD                               

                        Scummy Finnish Porn-Gore-Grind featuring Shatraug of Sargeist / Horna!!!

DARK22        MORGION "Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth" CD  Dark atmospheric doom

UCR0411       MORRIGAN "Headcult" CD  Epic Black Metal                                         

SDL020         MORTE INCANDESCENTE "Coffin Desecrators" CD New Second album!               

                        Portuguese Morbid Funeral Black Metal!  An overall Bleak Deathstained Atmosphere!!!.

Fdoom003     MY SHAMEFUL " ...Of Dust" CD Slow Depressive Atmospheric Doom Metal !

BKR018         n.i.l. "s/t" CD   Hypnotic, droning Black Metal. LORD IMPERIAL of KRIEG returns!

POSH041      NAIL WITHIN "Nail Within" CD  Killer technical Death metal on Listenable.

EXOB008      NAMTARU "The Plague Of Namtar" MCD  US Black Metal.

LEP035          NEBULAR MOON "Mourning" CD  Out of print German Black Metal. Rare!

FIRE014         NECARE "Ruin" CD  Cult Doom/Death Metal from USA on Firebox.

OR005            NECROART "The Opium Visions" CD New Concept Album!               

                        Eight chapters, the perfect crossing between the sound of Dark Tranquillity, Opeth & My Dying Bride.

SP023            NECROCCULTUS "Encircling the Mysterious Necrorevelation" CD  New Album!

                        Early 90's DM from Mexico! Featuring Eduardo "Slayer" of SHUB-NIGGURATH playing BASS!

SC033            NECRODEATH "Black As Pitch" CD  Killer new CD by this 80's Thrash Legend!!               

SOM101        NECROPHAGIA "Harvest Ritual Volume: 1" Digi CD New Album!                   

                        A corpse producing machine that will not stop reanimating their eye-gouging audio horror!

RSR0191       NECROPHAGIA "Necrotorture / Sickness" DVD

BLR080          NIGHTFALL "LYSSA / Rural Gods & Astonishing Punishments" CD               

                        Elements of mysticism and oriental melodies. With Goerge Kollias (NILE) on drums.

NPR096         NIGHTMARE "Cosmovision" CD  Classic reunion album! Classy Metal meets Power.

AR050            NIGHTMARE "Live Deliverance" 2xCD  Double live CD with the 80's classic's + new.

UCR019         NORDISCHES BLUT "Our Banners Will Rise" CD                     

                        Dark, murky Black metal in very similar ein to early Gehenna (think First Spell).

GOI-01            NORTHWIND "Viento Del Norte" CD  Spanish Power Metal.   

TE051            OATHEAN "Fading Away Into The Grave Of Nothingness" CD Korean Black/Death.

SEED007      OBEISANCE "Unholy Unwholesome & Evil" CD Old school thrashing BM/ DM !

PKR019         OCCULT "Rage to Revenge" A5 Digibook CD Lim. Ed. 1000

LLM01            OCCULT "To be Thrashed by Occult" DVD

DEC05           OCCULTUS "Cosmos" Digi CD  Extreme Colombian Black Metal

REG052         OCTAGON "Death Fetish" CD  USBM on Regimental Records.         

PZU01            OCULTAN "Profanation" CD  Latest Album!!!                             

PZU03            OCULTAN "Regnum Infernalis" CD                                                           

                        Extreme Satanic Black Metal from Brazil, with atmospheric overtones to their grim, warring sound.

NYKTA05       ODELEGGER "The End of Tides"  CD  Raw Grim BM Similar to Ildjarn                     

                        Obscure dark forest Black Metal .BILSKIRNIR side-project!

WFP006        OMITIR "Old Temple Of Depression" CD  60+ minutes of depressive Black / Doom!.

SKULL01       ONIRIK "Songs for the Apocalipse" CD BM with atmospheres and ancient feelings!

HS002            ORCRIST "Black Blood Raised" CD Second album of Italian Black Fuckin Metal!

LAO43            OXIDIZED RAZOR "La Realidad Es Sangrienta" CD  Sick Gore Grind.         

OR039            OXIDIZED RAZOR " ...Carne ... Sangre..." CD  New album!                                          Mexican Raw Grind Gore in the GUT vein.  11 songs including Napalm Death and Necrony covers!!

FT003             OXIPLEGATZ "Worlds And Worlds" CD Epic 2nd album.                                 

ICARUS03     PANDEMIA "Prana Sempiterno" CD  Black Death Metal!

LDRF007       PANDEMIA "Spreading the Message" CD  Brutal US Death Metal.

LDRF015       PANDEMIA "Personal Demon" CD  New album. Brutal US Death Metal.       

BEY0330       PENITENT "Deserted dreams" CD  New album!! Grand Martial Dark Industrial.

SOM062        PENUMBRA "The Last Bewitchment" CD  Gothic Metal on Season Of Mist. 

SOM078        PENUMBRA "Seclusion" CD  New album, Gothic Metal on Season of Mist.   

LDRF006       PESSIMIST "Blood for the Gods" CD  Second album. U.S. blasting Black Death Metal.

BEH10           PESTIFEROUS "Gateway" CD                                                     

                        Second album. Finnish Black Metal in old-school Darkthrone vein. Misanthropic hate!

BHR001         PESTNEBEL "Reich Der Schatten" CD Cold Misanthropic Black Metal from Germany!

IPR008.2        POCCOLUS "Ragana" CD

Black Metal from Lithuania. 1994 demo  re-released on CD  with two bonus live tracks.

WAR042        POGROM "Mort Au Peuple" CD Radikal Intolerant Black Metal from France!

FMP028         PRIMIGENIUM "All Your Tears Will Be Ours" MCD  Brand new release. Grim Black.

MGR007        PROFANATOR "Libido Clerico" CD    New Album!!!                             

                        New Perverse Thrash metal wave feat. Antimo (ex Disgorge)! ala Destruction / Swordmaster

BLACK010      PROPHANITY "Stronger Than Steel" CD  Black Death on Blackened prod. UK.

DARK20        RED KING "Vitreolvm" CD                                                 

                        Mysterious, alchemical and orchestral neoclassical project by Johann from Corvus                           

                        Corax. 4 theatrical, grandiose and mysterious tracks for fans of Agalloch, Mortiis +                         

                        Arcturus clocking in at over 45 minutes!   

SRP15           RUPTURE CHRIST "Molesting The Entrails Of The Disemboweled" CD         

                        Grind/Porn/Death from IL, USA on Sound Riot Production.

BON7             SALTUS "Slavonic Pride" CD  Nordic influenced BM with ancient Pagan atmosphere

GOAT002      SATANIZER "War Cult Domain" CD  Black M etal From Columbia!                 

GOAT004      SATANIZER / DAEMONLORD "9 Bullets in the Face of christ"  Split CD                   

                        Nine black metal songs without any obligation more than Satan, War, Death and Destruction! 

FBP005         SATHANAS/BATHYM "Jaws of Satan" CD  Cult demo's + ep's from early US BM.

BM.C66606   SATHANAS "Black Earth" CD  Old school US Black Metal. 1996 release.     

CM8320         SATYRICON "Now Diabolical" CD  New Album!

Pioneering black metal titans return with a deeper dive into the abyss of blackness.

RSR0186       SEAR BLISS "Decade of Perdiction" DVD

DEAD46        SERPENS AEON "Dawn Of Kouatl" CD

VR1005          SIELWOLF "Metastasen" CD

VR1011          SIELWOLF "Magnum Force" CD

NB001            SIGMA DRACONIS "De Rervum Natura" CD  Grim Black Metal on Masterpiece Dist.         

POSH054      SOILWORK "The Early Chapters" MCD  Unreleased and covers.                   

SOM110        SOLEFALD "Red for Fire" Digi CD Fifth release. from this eclectic Norwegian duo!

DEAD94        SPEKTR "Mescalyne" MCD

PRO015         SPIRIT OF THE FOREST "A Brew Of Lightning And Terror" CD                     

                        Black Metal project from Qu=E9bec with members of MAGISTER DIXIT. A beautifully                           

                        crafted freezing Pagan Black Metal mix between SATYRICON, DARKTHRONE and                                   


WFC002        THE STONE "Tragom Hromoga Vuka" CD Serb./Slav Black Metal.   

D0147             STRIBORG "Embittered Darkness / Isle de Mortis" CD  Recent and  97' recordings.

ARCD019      SUICIDAL WINDS "Wrath of God" CD Intense and extreme Black / Thrash.

DEAD38        SUMMON "And The Blood Runs Black" CD

SDP002         SUN DESCENDS "Kanun-Law" CD + Demo

BEER005      SUPPOSITORY/GROT "Split" CD  Brutal Death-Grind Split.     

SILENCE34  SVARGA "Jav' Vozdymaet" CD Slavonic Pagan Sympho Black Metal!

                        Majestic and sublime atmosphere with some folk influences.  Reminds to "Lunar Poetry".

IPR005           SVARTTHRON "Bearer of the Crimson Flame" CD Ambient BM from Lithuania!

ISO1536         SVARTTHRON "Obscure Telepathy" CD Misanthropic suicidal BM.

DES02           TERROR OF THE TREES "Devil Worship" MCD  US BM in the Bathory/Venom vein.

MHP17           THERM.EYE.FLAME "Spherical" CD  Grim Russian Black Metal with bonus Video!


                        A mix of extreme Dark Metal and shredding guitar playing from Quinta Essentia/Hallows Eve guitarist Thom Mathews.

DG036L         THRONEUM "Decade of Necrostuprumical Madness"  Deluxe slipcase CD w/poster.

                        10 year anniversary CD highlights the best of the band's discography plus rare and unreleased tracks!

DG037           THRONEUM "The Unholy Ones" MCD  Thrash from the Deepest Dungeons of Hell

                        Influenced by thousands of 80's and early 90's Death/Speed/Black/Thrash Unholy Gods                 

                        who stand in opposition to all these happy/hippies pseudo death/black metal shit-heads                             

                        of today!

DEAD23        THY INFERNAL "Satan's Wrath" CD

DEAD26        THY INFERNAL "Warlords Of Hell" CD

UCR001         THY MAJESTY "German Black Metal Art" CD

SM048           TIWAZ "T-Stamped Spear" CD

                        Debut full length! Pagan Viking BM on Somber!

SDL025         TORKA "Old Hatred" CD Necro old school slovenian Black Metal!

NPR084         TRAIL OF TEARS "Profoundemonium" CD  Second album of dark Gothic Metal.

CUT024         UNVEILED "Anti-god Behavior" CD

BUP08L         V.E.G.A. "Cocaine" CD Fast Psychotik & Eerie Musick!                       

                        A wise mixture of Extreme Metal with an "Electronic" touch in their sound.       

SOL049         VULTYR "The Philosophy of the Beast" CD  Killer New Album!             

                        Raw, thrashy, BM featuring member of WYRD/AZAGHAL         

REG048.2      WAR "Dawn Of New Epoch / The War Horde" CD                                 

                        One of Polands oldest Black Metal bands, both demo's on CD.

OME003        WAR "We are... Total War" CD  Cult Swedish Black Metal available once again!

DEAD20        WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" CD

DEAD22        WINDHAM HELL "Reflective Depths Imbibe" CD

AV058            WINDS "Of eternity And Mind" MCD                                             

                        Arcturus, mayhem and Kovenant members. Symphonic, progressive Metal with dark touches.

BEH09           WINTERDEMONS "The Darkest Hour" CD  Debut by this Grim Greek BM band

DEAD56        WINTER OF APOKALYPSE "Solitary Winter Night" CD

OR058            WITCHTRAP "The First Necromancy" CD  Debut from Columbian Black thrashers!

HOD001         WOLFEN SOCIETY "Conquer Divine" MCD

BEH04           WOLFTHORN "Cold Inside" CD

BeBu002        WOUNDS "Chaos Theory" CD  Pure head-banging Grinding Thrash from Finland!

GSR009         WRAITH "Shadows" CD Raw melancholic black metal much in the Burzum vein!

BKR012          ZOROASTER "S/T" MCD Crippling doom metal from Atlanta, GA!

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Re: Metal Bargains of the Week
April 23, 2010, 05:05:27 AM
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Re: Metal Bargains of the Week
October 16, 2010, 05:07:28 AM
Ares Kingdom "Incendiary" CD $5.00
Ares Kingdom "Return To Dust" CD $5.00
Aurora Borealis "Relinquish" CD $7.00
Averse Sefira "Battle's Clarion" CD $5.00
Beherit "Drawing Down The Moon" CD $7.00
Bethlehem "Dark Metal" CD $7.00
Bethlehem "A Sacrificial Offering..." CD $5.00
Bethlehem "Dictius Te Necare" CD $7.00
Black Goat "Black Goat" CD $5.00
Bolt Thrower "Realm of Chaos" CD $7.00
Carcass "The Gore Gallery of Demos" CD $5.00
Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales" CD $6.00
Celtic Frost "To Mega Therion" CD $6.00
Dismember "Demos 88-90" CD $7.00
Graveland "Necromanteion" CD $7.00
Havohej "Dethrone The Son of God" CD $7.00
I Shalt Become "Wanderings" CD $7.00
Incantation "Primordial Domination" CD $5.00
Krieg "The Church" MCD $5.00
Mercilenss "The Awakening" CD $5.00


Re: Metal Bargains of the Week
October 18, 2010, 09:53:02 PM

+100 New items added to the catalog since last update!! BUY 3 CD's and GET 1 FREE!!  Tons of cds $5.00 or less to celebrate the acquiring of Goregiastic Records.  I want to welcome all of the loyal Goregiastic Customers, and promise to give you the same if not better service, I look forward to your business!!  Hundreds of new Cds will be added daily over the next couple weeks, so keep checking back!!!


Re: Metal Bargains of the Week
November 24, 2010, 03:36:19 AM
Red Stream sale:

Dead Infection - Human Slaughter, Til Remains | CD | $ 7.35

Pentacle - Under the Black Cross | CD | $ 5.95

Molested - Blod-draum  | 2CD | $ 9.95

Mictlan - Donde Habitan los Muertos  | CD | $ 4.45

Endura - Black Eden  | CD | $ 6.66

Darkthrone - Live From the Past  | CD | $ 8.96