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AVERSE SEFIRA Europe and Eurasia tour 2008 with GORGOROTH

AVERSE SEFIRA as main support for Gorgoroth - Europe., 2008


16 - (NO) John Dee Oslo
17 - (NO) Folken Stavanger
18 - (RU) Plan B Moskow
20 - (RU) Orlandia St Petersburg
21 - (FI) Hella Tampere
22 - (FI) Travastia Helsinki
23 - (ES) Nömme Cult Talinn
24 - (LT) Melna Piekdiena Riga
25 - (LI) Mulen Ruzas Vilnius
27 - (CZ) Exit Chmelnice Praha
28 - (SL) Bogallo Zagreb
30 - (SL) Media park Ljubljana
31 - (SR) SKC Beograd


01 - (RO) Cluj Napoca
02 - (RO) Buccaresti
04 - (BU) Black Box Sofia
06 - (GR) Mylos Liebe Thessaloniki
07 - (GR) Gagarin 205 Athens
09 - (IT) Circolo Degli Roma
11 - (FR) Espace Julien Marseille
12 - (ES) Salamandra Barcelona
13 - (ES) Ritmo & Kompass Madrid
14 - (ES) El Tren Granada
15 - (PT) Teattro Corroios Lisboa
16 - (ES) A Vigo
18 - (ES) Tunk Irun
19 - (FR) Camji Niort
21 - (IE) Buton factory Dublin
22 - (IE) An Cuiscin Cork
23 - (IE) The Limelight Belfast
25 - (UK) Ivory Black Glasgow
26 - (UK) Rock city Nottingham
27 - (UK) TJ's Live music Newport
28 - (UK) Rio's Leeds
29 - (UK) Thr Asylum Birmingham

Statement from the band: "We are pleased to join Gorgoroth in their crusade of terror and infamy. This will be our largest incursion on the European continent and it is a great opportunity to bring chaos and perdition to so many regions."


no stops in my country makes me sad, i've been looking forward to their inevitable european tours for a long time. great news for them though

Does Gaahl provide his own Vaseline, or is that demanded of the supporting acts?


Which one of the two Gorgoroths will they be touring with?

seems likely it is the one with the apparent right to the name, which is the "Gaahl and friends" line up. Either way, that should be a good tour.

This is indeed the Kentucky Fried Gorgoroth. I might go to one of these for the AS performance; will be interesting to see if there is much of a walk-out after the support bands have finished up.

Well, if nothing else the  European folks may be exposed to some Black Metal worth listening to again for a change. Still put-off by all that gay-gorgoroth business, but it's an excellent opportunity for AS to spread their music in the live arena!   

Finally! I pestered the band back in '04/05 to come to Europe but it was outwith their power at the time. This is the first time in a long time that I'm actually looking forward to a metal gig!

Does Gaahl provide his own Vaseline, or is that demanded of the supporting acts?

Actually, if we believe the rumors, he uses duck fat.