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Mankind's demise mailorder update

Mankind's demise mailorder update
August 18, 2008, 10:41:50 AM
Full list here: http://www.mankindsdemise.com/mailorder.php
4 for the price of 3, shipping included

August 17th update:

Alliance of the Profane pack (Ruina, Tundra, Operation Winter Mist) CD
Al Namrood - Atba'a Al namrood CD
Apollyon Sun - Sub CD
Arch Enemy - Rise of the tyrant CD
Archons - The consequences of silence CD
Ash Pool  - World turns on its hinge CD
Black Jade - ...of forest and fire... CD
Blodfest - I Kong Skjolds Navn CD
Borknagar - The archaic course CD
Borknagar - The olden domain CD
Cannibal Corpse - Vile CD
Carthaun  - Blutt und Threnen CD
Compilation  - Poilus online CD
Cronian   - Terra   CD
Cryfemal  - Apotheosis occulta CD
Cryptopsy - None so vile CD
Defaillance - Comtemplation misanthropique de l'humanité digiCD
Dismal Euphony - All little devils CD
Emeth - Insidious CD
Emeth - Reticulated CD
Emeth - Telesis CD
Enforsaken - The Forever Endeavor CD
Enoid - Dodssyklus CD
Erhabenheit  - Vom Tempel zum Throne CD
Eyes Of Fire - Ashes To Embers CD
Fates Warning - Still life CD
Fatima Hill - Aion CD
Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup digi2CD
Gloria Morti - Lifestream Corrosion CD
Gris - Il était une foret CD
Iced Earth - Horror show digibookCD
Illnath - Second Skin Of Harlequin CD
Impaled - Mondo medicale CD
King's Evil - Deletion Of Humanoise CD
Lacrimosa - Der morgen danach digiCD
Lacrimosa - Fassade CD
Longing for Dawn  - A treacherous ascension CD
Nevermore - Nevermore CD
Odal  - Zornes Heimat CD
Paradise lost - As I die CD
Sacrificial Blood / Zombie - split CD
Skin Slicer  - Made in Hell CD
Soulless - Forever Defiant CD
Terror Squad - The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin CD
The Forsaken - Arts of Desolation CD
The Illuminati - On Borrowed Time CD
The Wizard - Follow the wizard CD
The Wizard - Smouldering sinners vinyl EP
Towards Darkness  - Solemn CD
Trasher / Sacrificial Blood - split vinyl EP
Turisas - The varangian way CD
Withered Earth - Into The Deepest Wound CD
Wurm - Aux portes de l'agonie CD