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Averse Sefira in Austin 10/11

Averse Sefira in Austin 10/11
September 19, 2008, 02:01:59 PM

Room 710 presents:

This is the last US show for Averse Sefira in 2008. This will also be the last Texas show for many moons, so to everyone local who asked when the band is playing again- THIS IS IT. Come witness a blistering lineup replete AVRS as the worship-made-weapon, whetted and deadly in anticipation of their tour with Gorgoroth!

Re: Averse Sefira in Austin 10/11
October 12, 2008, 02:44:02 AM
Just got back from this.  Initial thoughts- more will be written after I get some sleep and can type reasonably coherently.

Nodens- Good.  Anthemic black/death metal crossover, with a weakness in that many of the songs fail to differentiate themselves.

Hod- Technically skilled, charismatic performers, dumb as a pile of fucking bricks.  Might have gotten away with it had the vocalist not thrown a temper tantrum on stage- while I give them credit for realizing that they were getting nowhere with the crowd, they should have at least kept their dignity.

AVRS- Excellent set, although unfortunately cut a song short.  Best band of the night both in material and presentation- this band has really grown a lot in the last two years in basically every way, from stage presence to stage sound to technical performance to material provided by the massive "Advent Parallax".  It's surprising how Sanguine is able to maintain a sense of humor without destroying the band's atmosphere.

Vomitorium Angelis
Heirophant Disgorging
Viral Kinesis
Serpent Recoil
A Shower of Idols
Helix in Audience

If you're in TX and missed it- WTF were you thinking?

Re: Averse Sefira in Austin 10/11
October 17, 2008, 10:43:21 PM
Very enlightening and lucid view of Sanguine's guitar playing.  I feel that it has some root in the more full chorded black metallish riffs from Altars of Madness, i.e. the melody in "Suffocation" after the intro, and most of the riffs in "Blasphemy".