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MP3 Sharing Is The Right Thing to Do For Metal

MP3 Sharing Is The Right Thing to Do For Metal
November 04, 2008, 06:20:06 PM
Our intent is to give something to people about different musics they never heard before. We want to show people there are a lot of bands and projects they never heard before and our intent is to advertise these original bands and projects. For this reason, we don't want any discussion here. If you wish, we can delete your shared download links.



Our Mission and Stance on Copyrighted MP3s

    * Mission

      Our mission is to spread the best of underground metal and to bury the worst. We call this musical natural selection.
    * Natural Selection

      We upload music so you can pick only the best to buy. This starves bad musicians and bad labels, letting only the strong survive, which in turn strengthens metal music and the metal subculture.

    * Stance on Copyright

      It is not our goal to help the piracy of mainstream music. In underground metal, where 1000 CDs sold is a big seller, the biggest thread is listeners not getting to hear the music they might want to buy. We do not tolerate mainstream uploads and we do not support MP3 trading at high rates; our goal is to get listeners a chance to listen to music so they don't buy crap and weaken the genre.


Sharing MP3s exposes people to new things. No matter what the law says, this is a good thing.

I always want artists to be compensated, which is why I buy anything possible that I download and like -- in the sense of "like" that means I'll want to listen to it two months, a year, two years, a decade or two decades from now. Anything I don't buy within six months goes off the mp3 playlist. Exceptions: demos, out-of-print recordings, and impossibly expensive (above $20) recordings. It's more important to me that the artist has a new listener than that I compensate a system that has failed to bring recordings to the listener at a reasonable price.

I know not all people are like this. Sometimes, you act for the good people, because the shitheads do what they're gonna do regardless.

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