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Wisdom of School Shooters

Wisdom of School Shooters
October 31, 2008, 11:14:09 AM
Bloviation removed, here's the kernel:

what the fuck is the point if onlu some people see what I am saying, there will always be ones who dont, ones that are to dumb or naive or ignorrant or just plain retarded. If I cant pound it into every single persons head then it is pointless. fuck mercy fuck justic fuck morals fuck civilized fuck rules fuck laws... DIE manmade words...people think they apply to everything when they dont/cant. theres no such thing as True Good or True Evil, its all relative to the observer. its just all nature, chemistry, and math. deal with it. but since dealing with it seems impossible for mankind, since we have to slap warning labels on nature, then... you die. burn, melt, evaporate, decay, just go the fuck away!

you see, anything and everything that happens in our world is just that, a HAPPENING. anything else is relative to the observer, but yet we try to have a "universal law" or "code" of what is good and bad and that just isnt fucking correct. we shouldn't be allowed to do that. we arent GODS. just because we are at the top of the food chain with our technology doesnt mean we can be "judges" of nature. sure we can think what we can think what we want, but you can "think" and "believe" you can judge people and nature all you want, but you are still wrong! why should your morals apply to everyone else. "morale" is just another word. and thats it. I think we are all a waste of natural resources and should be killed off, and since humans have the ability to choose... and I'm human... I think I will choose to kill and damage as much as nature allows me to so take that.

we eventually made it to bed at about 5AM. got up at 10, went to safeway got some donouts and then I took Vodka home. the bottle of Tequilla is almost full and is in car, right by my spare tire and right by the bottle of irish cream. heh heh. I'll have to find a spot for those. and by the way, this nazi report is boosting my love of killing even more. like the early Nazi government, my brain is like a sponge, sucking up everything that sounds cool and leaving out all that is worthless, thats how Nazism was formed and thats how I will be too!


Interesting. I think relativity is misunderstood:

"Everything you understand is relative"

also conveys

"Your worth is relative to your understanding of everything you understand"

But other than that, nothing to add from me.

Re: Wisdom of School Shooters
October 31, 2008, 01:27:57 PM
As a Buddhist would say knowledge is nothing without understanding. I believe many of these school shooters begin to gain commendable insight into the world but their futile actions show that while they have knowledge they never seem to be able to justify the actual act of the school shooting. I remember the Finnish school shooting (not the most recent but the one before) where he stated (if memory holds true) that humans are beyond saving and since there is a lack of inherent value in the universe there is nothing wrong with me destroying people for no reason other then I can.