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Destruction Festival 2

Destruction Festival 2
October 30, 2008, 02:32:12 PM
Concert Review

After getting lost several times in the sordid catacombs of northern New Jersey, we arrived at Hartley's tavern in North Arlington, the chosen venue of the Destruction festival 2. Apparently it's the second one. The scenery of North Arlington in proximity of the taven was some of the crappiest architecture I've ever seen. A strip mall would have been refreshing in the cramped, congested streets of this town.

The bar was replete with what seemed to be genuine metal listeners, with the common baggy dark funeral shirt wearing stoner type notably absent from the gathering. Most of the females in attendance appeared as though they had spent their birthday money at hot topic preparing for the occasion and one woman, maybe 30 years of age, was wearing corpsepaint, which annoyed the hell out of me. I bet she thinks euronymous was a total bad ass. Cloothing with Beherit logos seems very posh amongst the New Jersey metal crowd.

Anyway the schedule went something like this:
March into the Sea
Witch Tomb
Prosanctus Inferi
Father Befouled
Full Blown Aids
Legions of Astaroth

We arrived during one of the first two acts, I'm not quite sure which because out of the first six bands only Father Befouled had anything individuating in their music, sounding simmilar to Mayhem's Wolf's Lair Abyss; phrenetic pulsating black metal that caught the attention of many. Prosanctus Inferi was also good but with no vocalist the performance seemed incomplete.

Seth Putnam and Full Blown Aids came on after an extended break in sets and managed to revive the event with their grinding punk music which seemingly undermined the banality of black metal imitation prevailing that night. Seth Putnam in his brazen malice was singular amongst the intentionally reserved and pseudo-morbid personalities taking the stage prior. A few anal cunt songs were featured in their set.

Legions of Astaroth put pig heads on small brass altars and burned incense.

Engorge have a solid and convicing blackened death metal sound that they execute well. They do however seem to take themselves far too seriously considering the content of their lyrics (song titled "kingdom of blackened sexual misanthropy"). If this is an attempt at satire, I'd say thier missing it.

Profanatica came on stage around 1am and despite only playing for 20 minutes and Paul Ledney's vocals being audible for half that,  were certainly the most profound act of the night. Ledney took the stage in sweat pants with long white socks on and a generic hoodie, a subtle mockery it would seem. Their echoless and frontal guitar sound tore away the fashion that black metal has become, providing content for an expression that is aestheticized and almost stupid. (Legions of Astaroth seemed Stupid) They managed to play five songs before the cops arrived and shut the bar down.