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Holy Shit, a Chance to "Do Something"

Holy Shit, a Chance to "Do Something"
November 22, 2008, 08:33:13 AM
We've got a requests list in Audiofile chock full of things that haven't been uploaded.

You can help fix that.

A. If you have the CD, rip it and upload.
B. If you have the MP3s, package according to the FAQ and upload.
C. If you don't have the MP3s or the CD,
    i. Go to Google.
    ii. Type in "band name" "album name" blogspot ( example )
    iii. Find a download. Download, unzip/rar, and repackage according to the FAQ
   iv. Upload.

See how easy it is? Even an hour a week can make metal stronger. \m/

Re: Holy Shit, a Chance to "Do Something"
November 23, 2008, 08:36:05 AM
Also, another effective way searching via Google and other search engines is to do as follows:

Type into google: "<artist and/or album> site:loadingvault.com", which will then give you results from both rapidshare.com and megaupload.com, without being too specific or vague.