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Menschheitsdämmerung - Schadenfreude (new album out)

After the 2013 debut EP, Menschheitsdämmerung's first full-length Schadenfreude is now available through No Sleep Till Megiddo Records.

1. Dominus et deus (or, The exalted praeterition of compassion)
2. Jus primae noctis (or, He who incarnadines the pristine)
3. Latifundia fundamenta (or, A behest to the pinions of cornucopia)
4. Casus belli (or, The duplicity of anemic rage and bloodshot visions)
5. Lingua ignis, halitus flammeus (or, The inchoation of manumission and obsequies)
6. Uritur sed non ruit (or, A paean smothered with screams)
7. Manus militaris numquam frangitur (or, The unsubstantiality of law substantiated)
8. Speculum somniorum perfractum (or, The suffusive resurgence of misoneism)

You can listen to the full tracks at http://menschheitsdaemmerung.bandcamp.com/album/schadenfreude

- physical CD + free download code

- physical CD + free download, or digital purchase only