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Last distro news! Old death metal, old brutal death, grindcore...

Last distro news:

-ATAVISM (Gre)/ BIOLOGICAL TERROR (?) Split tape. Gore death, death grind/ Noise
-CAUSTIC CHRIST (Usa) Can't relate Tape. Fast Hc
-DEATH SMELL (Chile)/ BUTCHER ABC (Jap) Split tape. Death metal/ Gore death
-DEIFICATION (Por) A new god has been created MCD. Death metal. (Rerelease of demo from 95)
-DEMISOR (Singapore)/ EXTREME DECAY (Mal) Grindfucker split tape. Grindcore
-DOWNTHROAT (Por) I've got my mothers eyes MCD. Death grind/ Grindcore (Rerelease of demo from 99)
-EXIT HUMANITY (Ger) Undead savior Demo tape. Death metal
-INFESTATION (Mex) The mystic sorrow CD. Old death metal (Rerelease of old recording from the 90's).
-INSURREXION (Chile) La Espada de la Esencia Demo tape. Black death. Special packaging.
-MAGNANIMVS (Chile) Promo rehearsal 2011. CDr. Death metal
-PAGANFIRE (Philippines) Dreaded peril Demo CDr. Old school thrash
-PRISTINA 666 (Usa) Khe Sanh MCD. Brutal hardcore/ Grindcore
-SCAPHISM (Usa) Butchered and devoured Demo tape. Death metal. Brutal death
-SLAUGHTERDAY (Ger) Ravenous Tape. Death metal
-THE DEAD GOATS (Pol) Ferox Demo CDr. Swedish death metal
-THE KILL (Australia) The soundtrack to your violence Tape. Grindcore
-THORNAFIRE (Chile) Magnaa Tape. Death metal
-UNHOLY GRAVE (Jap) Soul grind tornade Tape. Grindcore (Rehearsals from 2014)

-Fanzine: ARCH VILE (Hungary) #2: Gripe, Corrupt humanity, Boiling point, Foible instinct, Chiens, Sidetracked, Youth violence, Shitnoise bastards, Internal excavation... + Reviews... Grindcore zine. 48 pages. 1/3 A4. In english. 2014.

Webshop: http://nihilisticdistro.tictail.com/products/last-news


ALTARS (Australia) Paramnesia CD. Obscure death metal

ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR ORDER (Uk) Demo 2014. Tape. Grindcore

ASPHYXIA (Ireland) Conflagration Demo tape. Old death metal (Rerelease of demo from the 90's)

BLACK ANGEL (Peru) Excelso black arts Demo tape. Black metal

CASTLEUMBRA (Mex) Cthulu Wgah'nagl Fntagn MCD. Digipack. Obscure death

CONCRETE (Bulgaria) Dawn of revival CD. Death metal with early brutal death touches

DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM (Ger) The sacred lie CD. Death metal

DIONYSIAN (Turkey) The only truth is demise Demo tape. Doom/ Stoner

ESPERMORRAGIA (Argentina) Pussy grinder Demo tape. Gore brutal death/ Goregrind

GRAVE MIASMA (Uk) Grave of evoked doom MCD. Black death.

GRAVESTONE (Chile) Forgotten grave Demo tape. Death metal

KADAVERFICKER (Ger) Live at Nrw deathfest 2012. CDr. Grindcore/ Gore death

MORPHOSIS (Ireland) Rise of the bastard deities CD. Death metal/ Brutal satanic death

NECROVOROUS (Gre) Promo 2013. Tape. Death metal/ Death doom.

ROTGUT (Malaysia) Rot fucking gut Demo tape. Grindcore

SHE'S GORE (Thailand) Ximer ezion Demo tape. Brutal death/ Death grind

TORTURE THRONE (Fra) Stench of innocence MCD. Old school death

VENOMOUS BREATH (Bra) Demo 2014. CDr. Old school death influenced by Grave, Autopsy and swedish bands.

Fanzine: HELLFUCKING METAL (Gre) #4: Iron pegasus recs. Diabolical demon director, Manzer, Necrolepsy, Nocturnal vomit, Dark messiah, Obscure burial, Pustulation,  Complete necro, Jim Tsallos, Hierophants descent, Convixion, Balmos... + Reviews, articles... 56 pages. A4. In english. 2014.

Fanzine: SPALENA RAMENA (Cze) #3: Psykoanalyysi, Totalickers, Chiens, Raua turva, Aliusterra, Alkalmatlankodik, Brunner Todesmarsch, Machinarium, Hellsound... + Reviews, live reports... Grind/ Crust/ Hc zine... 36 pages. A5. In english. 2014.

Webshop: http://nihilisticdistro.tictail.com/products/last-news

Last distro news:

ASKALON (Pol) Armageddon Tape. Death metal. Recording from 1997.
BESTIAL DEFORM (Russia) Severed to pieces MCD. Death metal influenced by mid old Morbid Angel.
BULLET (Swe) Speeding in the night Tape. Heavy metal
CARDIAC NECROPSY (Singapore) Morbid scum division CD. Death grind/ Grindcore/ Gore
DEATHSTRIKE (Usa) Fuckin' death Tape. Death metal.
DECOMPOSED (Swe) Devouring CD. Swedish death metal
DIG ME NO GRAVE (Russia) Cosmic Cult CD. Death metal
FLESH THRONE (Usa) Upon the throne of flesh MCD. Cardboard sleeve. Death metal/ Brutal death
FLESH THRONE (Usa)  Onslaught MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death
INIQUITOUS (Usa) Return to deeds of old MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death
REACTORY (Ger) Reactory Demo tape. Thrash metal
SERRANDO CODOS (Spa)/ HOG CALLER (Usa) Split tape. Grindcore gore
SCYTHE (Venezuela) Merciless pain CD. Brutal death/ Death metal like old Cannibal corpse, later Pyrexia
TAILGUNNER (Fin) Year of the voyager Demo tape. Heavy metal/ Doom
TOTAL RECALL (Fin) Blood, sweat and broken knees Tape. Fast old styled Hc
WITCHCURSE (Gre) Still evil Tape. Heavy metal/ Nwobhm

Webshop: http://nihilisticdistro.tictail.com/products/last-news

Last distro news:

-ANAL VOMIT (Peru) Sudamerica brutal Tape. Black death (Rerelease with 2 bonus live tracks)
-ARMED DEATH (Gre) Resurrection of the past Tape. Old styled thrash death
-EVOKED (Ger) Return of the dead Demo tape. Old death metal/ Thrashing death
-EXEQUY (Usa) The Adversary Edict/ Architect of Subjugation CD. Black death
-IMMORTAL SUFFERING (Usa) Images of immortal damnation CD. Old brutal death (Demos from 94, 95 and split from 97)
-MORBOSATAN (Peru) Morbosatan Demo tape. Black death/ thrash
-SARCOFAGO (Bra) Desecration of demos Tape. Black death (Contains 4 demos from 86 & 87)
-THY RITES (Bra) Invoker of the Venomous Unlight CD. Black death


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