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EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

The last recording of Chilean EXCORIATE is now available on tape!
Old school death metal/ Doom that remembers the atmospheres and doomy moments of MORGOTH (“Cursed”), and also the heaviness of CELTIC FROST (“To megatherion”) or very early ASPHYX, with a good dose of old school European death metal and traditional Chilean Death metal.

These four songs are destined to those who long for the atmospheres of death and obscurity.


This tape was released by NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST in mid july 2017,
it comes as a black tape with sticker and pro cover.

Available against 3,20 Euros + postage from this webshop:

EXCORIATE Discography:
- In the Darkest Anguish Demo tape. 2005.
- Death Communion Split tape. 2008.
- Pendulum Demise Demo tape. 2009.
- A Dismal Journey to the Oblivion Split CD. 2015.
- ... Of the Ghastly Stench Demo tape. 2017.

Members of EXCORIATE use or used to play in Demonic rage, The Fallen, Horrifying or Butamacho.

Gab/ Nihilistic Holocaust

The EXCORIATE Tape is now available on Bandcamp :



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The first review of the EXCORIATE Tape was published on VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE Webzine, Ir’s a very good review!

It's always a great pleasure for me to find out about new (more or less) bands that are dedicated and see their idea through, no matter how long it takes, not minding the circumstances. EXCORIATE from Chile fit this category. The band from Puerto Montt in the Southern part of Chile is around for 15 years now, but the discography is very manageable. Just two split releases (a CD and a tape album) and two demo tapes, the first of which became part of a split tape release with DEMONIC RAGE. This newest release, the band's second demo tape, also saw the dark of day before as EXCORIATEs part of the “A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion” CD with their brother band HORRIFYING in 2015 on the Chilean label Apocalyptic Productions. But the four songs were too good not to be released again worldwide. Thus they were put out under the name “...Of The Ghastly Stench” by dedicated French underground label Nihilistic Holocaust. But what makes these four tracks so good that they should be heard by anyone? Well, I guess most of you recurring readers will by now have heard from the nearly legendary reputation of the Chilean extreme Metal underground. EXCORIATE feeds this reputation here in a perfect way. The band is praised as old school Death Metal, but this is just half of the truth. The other half is Doom Metal. And even though this mix is not a new invention, EXCORIATE are a very refreshing band in the genre. Their main influences are those pioneering bands of the times before 1991, when Death Metal was still on its way to rise from the underground. Sometimes I hear moments of old MORGOTH and early PESTILENCE, sometimes it's a lethal dose of old Doom heroes. The instrumental intro piece 'Teofisto' is nearly pure Doom stuff, while the following 'Oh! Peaceful Derketa' should please anyone who might dig a fine mix of INCANTATION and early CELTIC FROST. I can hardly deny that it needed only this song to praise EXCORIATE for what they delivered, but the other two songs are of the same quality for sure. 'Black Streams On The Ground Of Cruelty' summons the spirit of old MORGOTH and 'Ghostly Stench Of Mortal Remains' is either great old fashioned Death Metal, with a not as high dose of Doom, but hints on the Swedish school of Death Metal instead. So, EXCORIATE should please all those who love their Death mixed with Doom, played the old school way and with loads of passion. As an additional bonus extra, the sound of “...Of The Ghastly Stench“ is authentic, just like it is a very good demo recording from that era I already wrote about. Honestly, if this tape would have been released back then, it would have a cult status today for sure! And I wish it will have it in 25 years, it is worth that status 100%. Especially if you take into concern that “...Of The Ghastly Stench” comes along like a professional release with a printed cover, black tapes and an extra sticker. I just raise all of my thumbs for EXCORIATE and leave it up to you not to miss this great band. Visit: nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr and listen at: nihilisticholocaustrecs.bandcamp.com


Those who want to learn more about the Chilean EXCORIATE can read an interview I did with the band in 2016 :

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