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METALLICA Loves Crowdist Politics

METALLICA Loves Crowdist Politics
January 09, 2009, 03:43:03 AM
Nothing suprising here, but maybe worth a few cringes/laughs.

METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Donated To JOHN EDWARDS'S 2008 Presidential Campaign

According to Fundrace 2008, The Huffington Post's Google Maps mashup of 2008 presidential campaign donations, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich donated $2,300 to John Edwards' 2008 presidential campaign.


In 2007, Why Democracy?, a documentary project using film to start a global conversation about democracy, posted a nine-minute video interview with Lars Ulrich in which he answered ten questions on his views about God, democracy, and systems of government.


When asked whom he would want to be the "President of the World," Ulrich replied, "I want the smartest guy, and the smartest guy is Bill Clinton, so Bill Clinton should be the president of the world, absolutely."