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Two New AUTOPSY Tracks + Previously Unreleased Tracks

Autopsy has been "dragged from the grave and vomited out 2 brand new tracks" (according to the press release), their first in nearly 15 years. This will make up the new extremely limited vinyl single release of "Horrific Obsession" in January. "Horrific Obsession" will be limited to only 1000 units and will be available exclusively from peaceville.com on January 26, 2009, with pre-orders available now.

This could be interesting if it isn't just re-packaged ABSCESS (which was further punkified Shitfun-era AUTOPSY).

The two tracks will also be included on a special 2-disc 20th anniversary edition of the classic 1989 debut album, "Severed Survival," coming in March. The release includes a second disc of previously unheard rehearsal and live rarities, including two songs originally intended for "Severed Survival." The package also includes a booklet detailing the early history of the band, as documented by the guys themselves, plus unseen photos. This special 2-disc edition of "Severed Survival" will be available on February 23, 2009.

Now that is pretty exciting.

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I totally look forward to the news in that second quote for sure! Shit, I was stunned to see Mental Funeral on the shelf at FYE(US chainstore) only recently.