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Funeral Fog lyrics

Funeral Fog lyrics
December 13, 2005, 11:59:30 AM
Every time this year
This dark fog will appear
Up from the tombs it comes
To take one more life that can be near
In the middle of Transylvania
All natural life has for a long time ago gone
It's thin and so beautiful
But also so dark and mysterious

Once again the priest is messing
May the god bless us all
The fog is here again
That will complete this funeral
From a place empty of life
Only dead trees are growing here
As it comes from afar
Only dead trees are growing here

...Funeral fog
...Funeral fog

...Funeral fog
...Funeral fog

I've wondered, is it supposed to be "Once again the priest is missing"? "Messing" works in a broken English kind of way, but I like "missing" a lot better.

Even if Dead's lyrics weren't perfect in their English and amateurish, every time I read them they send a chill down my spine and I feel I know exactly what it was like to be in Dead's mind. It is a shame he left us before he could do vocals on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, but he didn't much like it here anyways, I guess.

If civilization sticks around long enough, people will be discovering and appreciating his lyrics 50 years from now. Maybe not very many people, and many of those will just think they're inept and stupid, but there will be ones who read the lyrics, and when they're done just sit there staring at the page blankly, understanding, and they will see something of themselves that they've never seen expressed in written form.

Re: Funeral Fog lyrics
December 14, 2005, 04:02:30 AM
I think it's supposed to mean massing.