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Morbid Angel question.

Re: Morbid Angel question.
March 19, 2009, 05:54:04 AM
Flowing, like a stream of manure from a cow's ass? You're putting words into my mouth and distracting from the real issue in my post. Nowhere did I say that I didn't like Blessed, I just used it as an example, not that it's any concern of yours what I like and what I don't. Nice attempted appeal to authority by the way, "IF U DONT LIKE _______, ULL BE BURNED BY THE METAL INQUISITION!!!!!". Next time you should try a bit harder to point out its brilliance, which shouldn't be hard if it's so obvious.

You seriously must be trolling at this point. You say the album flows like a stream of manure, then you say that you don't dislike the album? If it's brilliance is obvious, why do I need to point it out? I don't think we're seeing the album differently, we just have different criterias on what we think is good.

I personally love the different breaks in the album. The album unfolds like a story. It never becomes mundane. There is always conflict, yet structure in what the album is saying. The album starts off slowly, then builds with Fall from Grace, then continues on with Brainstorm, followed by the organic solo in Rebel Lands, which sounds like spirits rising from the earth as David Vincent screams for his forefathers to rise once again, continuing along with the doomy Doomsday Celebration, back to the attack with Day of Suffering, which leads to the heart of the album, with Blessed are the Sick. Just read the lyrics to that song. They are brilliant, and is where you truly understand the meaning of this album.

When Vincent says, "Blessed are we, to taste this life of sin", he is explaining how fortunate, or, "blessed" they are to have released themselves from the holy chains of religion and obedience and have truly embraced what freedom and living truly is. Isn't this what life in this world is about? To remove one's guilt of what they find pleasure in, and to seek it out for themselves? This is what this album is screaming for, it's what it MUST have. This is an incredibly powerful idea.

Both Thy Kingdom Come and Unholy Blasphemies keep things powerful, which leads to probably my favorite song on the album, Abominations. The lyrics to this song in particular are so creative and image provoking, that it always gets me, even after many many listens. If one pays attention during the middle chorus of that song, and listens to how the squealing guitar sounds and the main riff play off eachother, and even moreso with the last guitar solo, they will notice the dueling guitar sounds playing off eachother, much like the figures on the booksleeve, which mirror eachother. Desolate ways, of course, is simply beauty and isolation amongst all the chaos, which leads to the finally assault with The Ancient ones, which ends the confict and leads the album to it's end. And In Remembrance sounds like the sadness and end of the journey.

It may seem a bit dramatic to break it down like this, but for me, this album really feels like I've gone somewhere. It isn't just random songs constructed together, like later Morbid Angel albums do.

I could not have described this work of art better!

I do however NOT agree, with anyone on this board, that Domination is a commercial album. Comparing it to Pantera is just rediculous and people here should know why.

Re: Morbid Angel question.
April 03, 2009, 04:51:48 AM
This album was just too groove influenced and slow to be on the same level their other releases were. The music was very lagging and fundamentally degenerated on this album.