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January 26, 2009, 03:42:44 AM
Just a thought:

Malvery - Mortal Entrenchment In Requiem

If you are a person which knows a history of Mayhem and not some teenage goth worshiping suicide, you have already put all histery (a word which is probably liked a lot by this band) which may be implicated by this release aside.
At one mode what we have here are comphrehensive structures and standard tremolos but they sounds somewhat like if they're created to not satisfy simplier melodic expectations, deviating in last notes of a phrase. Second mode is slow, doomish, seemingly chromatic randomness connected by motifs easier to grasp in a way which reminds of Belketre.
Fast paced black metal blast beats often disintegrates into breakbeats in 3/4 of a phrase which gives unpleasant feeling that they still introducing something which never occurs or that the music is one big fill between main riffs. It's a doom metal technique and sounds more apriorate in slower sections. But even there it sounds like drummer chose to jam over it rather than figure out these long riffs or at least crucial places in them.
Vocal sillyness accidentally brought broad spectrum of reminescences like Atilla Csihar, Implaled Nazarene, early Anthrax, early Pink Floyd and grunge/sludge to name a few. Of course such technique is a bit risky and while it sometimes manage to accent certain parts, it often misses, sounds uncompetent in its attempts to achieve harmony with guitar or simply pitiful and stupid.
Important thing that come to mind is that the guitarwork is uncoherent with supposed content of music or theme it wants to represent. It sounds like vocalist came after recording, listened few times and planed where to sing his melodrama either in consonanse or dissonance with phrases and forced what this music is supposed to be about.
Formally it's not typical SDBM, but that being said, it's still too much of unbearable goofines and grotesque not to say fagotry and too many poor choices and confused techniques to enjoy this even if you can forget about idiotic impulse that forged it (and you shouldn't in the first place).