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Doom Metal and its presence in BM and Death Metal

Doom Metal and its presence in BM and Death Metal
December 18, 2005, 05:12:12 AM
I listen to Skepticism and it is a great experience everytime I listen to it. Then I got some songs from My Dying Bride and I only liked one song. Then I found some bands that played slow Death Metal and somewhere I read they were called Doom/Death Metal. One of those bands is Abruptum with their first two recordings.

What are doom, doom/death, and doom/black bands that are worth listening?
Also, is the presence of doom in death and black only represented through slow playing or maybe some bands took some other elements from doom? What are other elements of doom beside slow playing (specific topics in lyrics,...)?

Doomy Death:
God Macabre

Doomy Black:
Throne Of Ahaz

Doomy Grind:
Bolt Thrower

Doom metal = an aesthetic, not a genre. Therefore, any type of metal - death, black, heavy, speed - can be "doom metal."

Much like Venom and COF aren't black metal.

Thank you. This is very useful.

Thank you. This is very useful.

Doomish feeling pops up a bit in Burzum, especially in the album Det Som Engang Var, and the song Burzum/Dunkelheit on Filosofem, but you probably already knew this. I can't think of any other truly great black metal that incorporates elements of doom.  The song song Freezing Moon by Mayhem gives a feeling of doom. I use the word doom in its literal sense, not the sense of doom metal. Doom metal with black metal elements would be something like Burning Witch, which is merely OK.


Beneath The Frozen Soil
Novembers Doom
Paradise Lost


I really haven't seen too many "black/doom" bands

hope that helps


Novembers Doom



hope that helps

The above are more like rock bands than anything, which reinforces the idea that "doom" is mostly purely aesthetic.

The best "doom" bands I've heard are:

Eyes of Ligeia

Requesting opinions on:
Arcane Sun
It Is I
Unearthly Trance
Visceral Evisceration
Void of Silence

Despond- I personally do not like much

Mythic-very good (if anyone has a copy of
their 'Mourning in the Winter Solstice' I WANT IT ;D)

Unholy-only heard one song by them but it sounded really good

Visceral Evisceration-I haven't heard much but I personally don't like what I have heard

Void of Silence-I really like them, sound a little like  Esoteric in my opinion


My favourite doom albums:

Evoken - Quietus  ->doomdeath / funeral doom
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans, As the Flower Withers ->doomdeath
Anathema - The Crestfallen, Pentecost III
Paradise Lost - Gothic ->doomdeath
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, Nightfall ->classic doom metal
Disembowelment - Transcendence into the Peripheral ->doom/death

Evoken are growing on me.

I'm not really sure doom metal ever had much to offer. The genre is steeped in self-pity and self-drama. That's sort of what Britney Spears offers, and her music moves more quickly and is more musically schooled. Scientifically, why should I listen to doom metal when there's Britney Spears, all image considerations (that I look like a fag listening to Britney) aside?

Note to admin: None of the bands I listed are derived from the typical "doom" ideology of despair - they're only "doom" to the extent that their music is slow.

Thergothon doesn't?  I haven't heard them, but I had always heard that they were of the "depressive" variety.

Esoteric's "Metamorphagenesis" really has not held up well at all.  The first song is pointless, the second causes me to turn off the CD player when it delves into endless pentatonics, and thus I can't speak for the third.

I haven't heard that Esoteric, I like The Pernicious Enigma and Epistemological Despondency though.

As for Thergothon, whilst some of their music could be described as melancholic, there's a certain ancient feeling of pride in nature too - the same could probably be said for the infinitely superior Skepticism. I'm not going to defend Thergothon particularly passionately if you disagree though, they're almost certainly the weakest in my list.