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Death Metal Ballet

Death Metal Ballet
December 20, 2005, 10:43:54 PM

Melodic death metal group Arsis, whose latest mini-disc  A Diamond for Disease features music composed specifically for New York City's Ballet Deviare, is set to ring in the new year by performing live with the company this January.

According to Ballet Deviare's press release:

"The visceral fusion of two seemingly total opposites. A maelstrom of a marriage between the beauty and grace of ballet, and the force and brutality of metal. Bringing high art and extreme music together... Ballet Deviare and special guests Arsis present /SEVEN/, January 6-8 at 59E59 Theaters in New York City.

Works will be performed to the music of Arsis (Jim Malone will be playing the 13 minute version of "A Diamond for Disease" live), Opeth, My Dying Bride, JaKa featuring Elektrokill, Craig Andersonic and Mara's Torment.

Reserve your seats now by visiting http://www.balletdeviare.org and for more information.